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All type of activities which are of a financial

nature are termed as financial services

In broad sense it means mobilising and
allocating savings
Also known as financial intermediation
Funds are mobilised from a large number of
savers and make them available to all those
who are in need of it ,particularly corporate
This sector is a key area and is very vital for
industrial developments

Customer oriented


Simultaneous performance

Dominance of human element


Economic growth
Promotion of savings
Capital formation
Provision of liquidity
Financial intermediation
Contribution to GNP
Creation of employment opportunities

Low profitability
Keen competition
Economic liberalisation
Improved communication technology
Customer service
Global impact
Investor awareness
financial engineering is the design,the
development and the implementation of
innovative financial instruments and
processes and the formulation of creative
solutions to the problems in finance
Financial engineering is the lifeblood of any
financial innovation. Growing need for
innovation has assumed immense importance
in recent times
Lack of qualified personnel
Lack of investor awareness
Lack of transparency
Lack of specialisation
Lack of recent data
Lack of effcient risk management system
Financial services cover a wide range of
activities. They can be classified as

Financial services
Traditional Activities
Modern Activities
Dealing in secondary market services
Participating in money market instruments
Underwriting or investment of securities in
new issue market
Involving in leasing,hire purchase,venture
capital etc
Dealing in foreign exchange market activities
Managing the capital issues(post and pre
Making arrangements for the placement of
capital and debt instruments with investment
Arrangement of funds from F.I for clients
Assisting in the process of getting all Govt.
and other clearances
Rendering project advisory services
Planning and assisting for mergers and
Guiding in capital restructuring
Acting trustees to the debenture holders
Managing the portfolio of large public sector
Undertaking risk management services
promoting credit rating agencies
Undertaking capital market services
Guidance and advise the clients for best
Merchant banking
Mutual funds
Venture capital
Custodial services
Hire purchase
credit rating
Industrial promotion through Merchant Banking
Working Capital finance Through Factoring
Equipment Finance through Leasing
Financial Resources through Mutual Funds
Long term risk capital through Venture Capital
Risk Management through Derivatives
Debenture Issue through Credit Rating
Development Finance through Development
Banking Service
Industrial development through Specialised