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Tender system

Tender system is adopted to procure materials

in a the most competitive rates and to
eliminate undue favour to any supplier.
The prime objective is to avoid nepotism and
give opportunity to all vendors
The major disadvantage of tender is that
administrative lead time for order placing will
be longer compared to other systems.
Types of tender
Single tender
Limited tender
Open tender
Global tender
Single only one supplier. For ordering
proprietory items
Limited tender for procuring urgent indents.
Tenders invited from only registered firms.Help
to avoid unreliable firms.
.Open tender high value indents. Tender
notification will be given to all registered and
known suppliers and organl. Tender bulletin.
Tender notification will be given in news
papers also

Repeat order instead of inviting fresh tender
enquiry again purchase can be done from the
existing vendor through repeat order.
Global tender using for large value indents
of imported items. Notification done thrugh
high commissions/ embassies,websites etcs

Procurement through abinitio negotiation
Limited international bidding
Inter national competitive bidding
Tender process
Receipt and acceptence of quotations
Quotations received by post should be collected
by the receiving officer and the same put in
the tender box kept fixed in the store officers
room and kept under lock and key.
In case the tendering firm fail to observe
instructions the tender is being returned to
the tenderer along with a forwarding letter
stating the reasons of return
Opening of tender
Tender box shall be opened at the fixed date and
time by a committee consisting of stores
officer, asst. stores officer, and two other
admtve. representatives.
Each tender shall be serially numbered and
The price quoted by the firm should be circled
and intialled with date by the opening officer.
Guidelines for tender opening
No amendments permitted
No late quotations
Rejection of all tenders and inviting fresh
tenders are exception rather than a rule
Reinvitation is allowed in certain
Evaluation of tenders
. Preaparation of comparitive statement
Factors to compare:-
1. Name of the bidder
2. product and model
3. Price per unit
4. Quantity offered
5. Delivery period and terms of delivery
6. Status of bidder
7. Capacity of bidderpast
8. performance of bidder
9. Payment , warranty, guarantyetc

Ranking statement is prepared from the data
base evaluation.sometimes a technical
committee help for scruitiny and ranking.
Negotiation for price .
Deision making
Contract award
Placement of supply order