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Strategic Alliances of

Bharti Airtel
Group No 14
Tripurari Pandey
Yogesh Thorat
Upendra Kumar
Vasudha Panda
Vishal Sharma

Strategic Alliance & Types
A strategic alliance is when two or more businesses join
together for a set period of time. The businesses, usually,
are not in direct competition, but have similar products or
services that are directed toward the same target audience.
Involves Technology Transfer, Economic Specialization,
Shared Expenses & Shared Risks.
Joint Venture
Equity Strategic Alliance
Non Equity Strategic Alliance
Global Strategic Alliances
Strategic Alliance:
On an average, each fast growing company today is
involved in atleast 5 different types of Strategic Alliances.

Bharti Airtel Limited

5th largest mobile operator in the world in terms of subscriber
base and has a commercial presence in 19 countries.
3 countries in the Indian Subcontinent.
16 countries in Africa.

Market Leader in India with a 30.07% Market Share (as on
May 2010).
Airtel Strategy
MANTRA : Focus on Core Competencies and
Outsource the rest !
Airtel partnered with leading players in
telecommunication players across the globe.
It has managed to work with the best of domain
specialists globally and emerge as a world class
Partnerships include operational contracts with
marquee vendors and strategic investors ranging
from private equity investors to global telecom

Strategic partnerships/ Shareholders
Technology and Capital

Warburg Pincus a celebrated PE investor held
a stake for a substantial period of time and was
instrumental in providing Airtel support in its
early stages.
Vodafone was a strategic investor in Airtel.
Temasek the Singapore based investor holds a
considerable stake in it.
Was also affiliated with Singapore Telecom.

Outsourcing Deals in

Ericsson was given the mandate to provide,
manage and maintain the equipment as well as
provide quality assurance in Airtels then 13
mobile circles.
IBM was given the mandate to handle the back
office requirements of Airtels presence in India

Business Partners
Outsourcing Deals Vendors Advantages
Outsourcing &
Pricing linked to capacity.
Assured Network Quality.
Ease in Network Planning.
Service Delivery Platforms
SLAs for Quality &

Sharing Passive
Reduced Capex.
Call Centre
Consistent customer
Scalable business
Strategic Alliance with

Possesses a customized version of the Google
search engine.
Enhance broadband services to customers.
The tie-up with Google can only enhance the
Airtel brand and
Provides advertising opportunities in Indian for

Strategic Alliance with
Strikes an alliance with VeriSign to set up
Regional Internet Resolution Site (RIRS) in the
country which will enable users to access .com
and .net Websites without having to wait for a
response from servers located in other countries
such as China or the US.
Enabling faster response time
Another advantage of the RIRS is that it mitigates
the impact of attacks on the Internet.
Strategic Alliance with

Strategic alliance with HCL wherein a Airtel
broadband connection will be offered with
every HCL PC.
Existing Airtel Landline customers buying HCL
PCs will also be given a special price on the
fastest selling models ranging from Rs 19,000 to
Rs 29,000.

Strategic Alliance with
The alliance will combine the strengths of
Airtels network service provider leadership and
Ciscos Internet Protocol (IP) technologies and
expertise to work together to create and sell in a
phased manner a set of unique products and
These include, managed data services hosted
unified communications connected branch
services and Cisco TelePresence. Airtel and
Cisco will appoint a dedicated team to develop
and manage these services to fulfill the
requirements of customers across small, medium
and large enterprises.

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