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• The term 'suppliers' comprises all

sources for inputs that are needed
in order to provide goods or
• Supplier bargaining power is likely to
be high when:

• There is the possibility of the supplier integrating
forwards in order to obtain higher prices and
margins. This threat is especially high when
• The buying industry has a higher profitability than the
supplying industry,
• Forward integration provides economies of scale for
the supplier,
• The buying industry hinders the supplying industry in
their development (e.g. reluctance to accept new
releases of products),
• The buying industry has low barriers to entry.
• In such situations, the buying industry often faces a
high pressure on margins from their suppliers. The
relationship to powerful suppliers can potentially
reduce strategic options for the organization.



• Notwithstanding the slowdown in the

local economic environment arising
from unprecedented turmoil in global
markets, the strong performance of
Citibank India branch underscores
their strengths built up over 107 years
operating in India.
• During the year they assisted many
corporate customers to raise capital
in the local market and, by using
global product expertise, to access
international capital markets.
• The Citi India franchise continued its track record of
innovation and market-leading transactions during
the year:
• Citi participated in several landmark deals, including
the merger between Reliance Petroleum and
Reliance Industries, the largest in Indian corporate
• Citi arranged the commercial paper issuance by ONGC
Videsh in what was the largest local currency
commercial paper transaction to date.
• Citi launched the country’s first transit credit card, the
Delhi Metro Citibank Card, which won the
"Innovation in Service" OSCARD 2008 award.
• Citi launched the Protect & Grow investment product
which was the first such product in India to combine
the safety of a fixed deposit with the potential for
• In a nationwide survey of customers
conducted by the Economic Times’ Brand
Equity, Citibank India was voted Best
Foreign Bank Brand.
• Citibank India also won the Dun &
Bradstreet and BusinessWorld awards for
Best Foreign Bank in India.
• Euromoney, FinanceAsia and The Asset
publications presented Citi with Best
Investment Bank and Best Foreign
Investment Bank in India awards.
• Citi Research was ranked #1 by Institutional
• Citi India’s Corporate Citizenship
program includes its Global
Community Day, when more than
1,600 employees rolled up their
sleeves to volunteer.
• Citi also celebrated its fifth annual
Citi Microentrepreneur Awards in
Delhi, which honoured 10 self-made
entrepreneurs that have
empowered their communities
through microfinance.
• Deutsche Bank has been voted the
“Best Bank” 2008 by FinanceAsia in
its prestigious and heavily contested
industry awards.
• It is the unflinching trust of its
customers and the commitment of
their employees that made this award
• The award criteria takes into account all
aspects of Private and Business
Clients (PBC), Investment Banking,
Transaction Banking, Private Wealth
• Business World and Federation of Indian
Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) –
Socio Economic Development Foundation
(SEDF) Corporate Social Award 2007 from
Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, then President of India.


• Education
At HSBC "Education is key to every success".
Educational initiatives at HSBC provide
opportunities to underprivileged children to
explore their untapped potential and equip
them with necessary skills and qualifications.
• Life Skills
Life skills programmes supported by HSBC
provides tailor made training to
underprivileged youth. Youth are enabled to
gain access to opportunities for sustainable
livelihoods and financial literacy to help them
lead a productive life.

• Women’s Empowerment
• HSBC have devised financial literacy
programmes, which intervene in the lives of
rural poor women.
• They supports projects that provide
entrepreneurial trainings and information
access to make dignified economic
• Microfinance
HSBC started with a lending programme for
small MFIs
• These institutions provide small loans to groups
of poor people (mostly women) using well-
established micro credit delivery
• They have put in place a microfinance strategy,
with the objective of increasing our presence
in this segment and building around a lending
portfolio, a host of services which can
facilitate capacity building, improve
operational efficiency and bring the best
practices of a transactional banking business
to the microfinance domain.

• Environment
HSBC India supports nature, habitat
and biodiversity conservation, water
harvesting and climate change
• These projects are designed to ensure
that economic development does not
take place at the expense of the
environment and the awareness
component ensures that a large
number of varied audiences are
exposed to environmental messages.

• Standard Chartered has continued to earn

the trust of its customers during the
financial crisis, demonstrated by a double-
digit percentage year-on-year growth in
thenumber of “Priority Banking”
• To further reinforce its market leading
position, it has rolled out a new global
strategy for Priority Banking - introducing
• Barclays has been recognised all over the
world, for its achievements: from
innovative products and exemplary people
to charity work and sustainability

• Best Contribution to ATM Security

Absa, majority owned by Barclays, wins a
Global ATM Security Alliance award for
Best Contribution to ATM Security,
following the launch of its ‘Jitter’ software
which causes a vibration in ATM card
readers, preventing information being
• Acknowledging the efforts of ABN Amro
Bank in furthering the cause of
financial inclusion in India, Dun and
Bradstreet - a leading provider of
global business information,
knowledge and insight- has conferred
the award for "Best Bank in the
Foreign Banks category- Priority
Sector Lending" on the bank.
• Meera Sanyal, Country Executive -
India, ABN Amro Bank accepted the
award at the Dun and Bradstreet
• BNP Paribas received the title of
“Energy Finance House of the Year”,
awarded by Energy Risk, a publication
specialized in various markets such
as, hydrocarbon, gas, and electricity.
• The jury was particularly
impressed by BNP Paribas'
capacity to adapt their financing
offers to an environment where
the market conditions are
constantly evolving.
BNP Paribas group was also named
“Best Energy Finance Bank 2009” by
• The strength of suppliers represents a weak or a
strong force hinges on the amount of
bargaining power they can exert and,
ultimately, on how they can influence the terms
and conditions of transactions in their favour.
• Suppliers would prefer to sell to you at the
highest price possible or provide you with no
more services than necessary.
• If the force is weak, then you may be able to
negotiate a favorable business deal for
• Conversely, if the force is strong, then you are in
a weak position and may have to pay a higher
price or accept a lower level of quality or
Highest Interest Rate in the
 International Bank of Azerbaijan
USD €/£ Term USD €/£


months 16.3% 14.0% 60 months 15.2% 13.2%

36 months 14.5% 11.4% 36 months 13.6% 10.8%

12 months 12.8% 8.7% 12 months 12.0% 8.4%


12 months 11.0% 7.8%

 Rate
36 months 8%

12 months 6.75%

 Rate
60 months 6%

36 months 5.5%

12 months 4.5%
Term 
60 months 5.5%

36 months 5.75%

12 months  4.5%


60 months 7.25%

36 months 7%

12 months 5.5%
Term 
60 months 7%

36 months 6.5%

12 months  5%


36 months 7%

12 months 4.75%
1.Buyer Choice-(People’s trust)
Standard Chartered Bank
 It is a London Based bank. Although the bank is
located in Britain ,still a huge chunk of its revenues
originate from the continents of Asia Africa and
middle East.
 In India, the Standard Chartered Bank introduced its
first branch in Kolkata on 12th of April 1858.
 Citibank is one of the largest banks in the U.S
 Citibank had been founded in the year 1812
Deutsche Bank
 Deutsche Bank started its operations In India in 1994.
Presently, Deutsche Bank operates with staff strength
of more than 500 people
HSBC Bank Ltd
 With a loan-deposit ratio of 90%, HSBC Bank is one of
the five British banks that claim to have more
deposits than loans.
 Such a high loan-deposit ratio of the bank has been
able to retain the trust of its investors and customers,
keeping them assured of its financial strengths.

Change cost/Frequency
• Frequency is the number of occurrences of a
repeating event per unit time.
• The change of customer pertaining to banking is
very low.
• Individual or HNI does not often change their
bank account often.


HSBC 13.75%



• Fortune ranked American Express as the 62nd best
place in the U.S. to work for in the year 2008, which
was the top position among the bank card
companies in the list
Product/Service Importance
 HSBC Bank
• HSBC Bank is well known for having established the
first ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) in India in the
year 1987
• The ABN AMRO Bank has initiated its Microfinance
program in India, which is the largest one
among the same being offered by foreign banks
in the country.

New Market Entrants.

The higher the competition in a particular

sector, The easier it is for any new firm
to enter this sector and also change the
major determinants of the market
environment at any time.
The threat of new entrant will
depend on the following
1) Entry ease of the foreign bank.

2) Geographical factors affecting foreign

banks in india.

3) Incumbent resistance.

4) New entrant strategy.

5) Distribution channel.

Entry Ease of foreign banks.
• After the liberalization and globalization process
that started in Year 1991, the banking industry
in India has seen many foreign banks coming to
q Below are some of the banks currently operating
in India:
1. Citi Bank. 6. HSBC Bank.
2. Standard Chartered Bank 7. Barclays Bank.
3. ABN AMRO Bank. 8. Royal Bank of
4. BNP Paribas. 9.Bank Of Tokyo.
5. Bank of America.

And many others…..

The below condition makes foreign
banks easy to enter in India:
• For any foreign banks to setup their business in
india, the minimum start up capital required is
Rs 3 billion.
• Favourable Economic and political relations
between India and the country of incorporation
of the foreign bank.
• Financial soundness of the foreign bank.
• Ownership pattern of the foreign bank.
• Good International and home country ranking of
the foreign bank.
• Acceptable Rating of the foreign bank by
international rating agencies.
• International presence of the foreign bank.
Incumbent resistance

• The Committee on Financial Sector Assessment
(CFSA) maintained that the foreign banks
shareholding in the subsidiaries should not
exceed more than 74% along with the rules and
regulation applicable to private banks.
• Indian policymakers have decided to adopt a quid
pro quo stance in respect of permitting foreign
banks’ easy entry into the country.
• Foreign banks today continue to be hampered by
legacy issue of restricted branch presence in
the country
Route to market.
qWhy Foreign Banks are entering
• According to the RBI,
• The bank credit is growing at 30% per annum
and retail credit is expected to grow to Rs
575,000 crore by 2010.
• Presently, total number of banking branches
and ATMs in India is about 75,000 and 35,000
• On the other hand, the number of banking
branches is still meagre for our population as
more than 16,000 people are dependent on a
single branch.
• While 60% of our population has access to
banks, only 15% out of this has loan accounts
Expansion of Foreign banks.

• Expansion of retail banking has a lot

of potential as retail assets are just
22% of the total banking assets and
contribution of retail loans to GDP
stands merely at 6% in India vis-à-
vis 15% in China and 24% in

Citi banks expansion.
• Citibank has increased its branch
network from 26 to 31 in June this
year, in it operation spread across
21 cities.
• If they are to have six to seven per
cent market share, they will need a
large distribution network of 125-
200 branches across 75 cities.
HSBC Banks Expansion.
• HSBC India is planning to expand the
scope of its factoring services in
tier-II cities across the country, with
a focus on small and medium

• It’s current focus is on mid-market
segment, which has potential for
big volumes,
Standard chartered bank

• Hiring 2,000 people by the end of

this calendar year.

• Standard Chartered Bank has drawn
up plans to make a determined
entry into providing business
equipment loans to small and
medium enterprises (SMEs) in the
near future.

Deutsche Banks Expansion.
• Deutsche Postbank Home Finance Ltd is
expanding its reach in the Indian
market and has set itself the target of
disbursing housing loans of Rs 1,900
crore during the current financial
• The company had set up 25 branches in
the country,
• Deutsche Bank India has launched two
Web-enabled wealth management
tools `WealthPro' and `InvestPro' to
cater to the needs of the retail
banking clients and will help them to
manage and plan their wealth,

Product and
Product And Technology
 Technology

vAccess channels: Online banking
• Online bill payment- to make online payments for all your
Utility Bills like mobile, landline, electricity,
• Statement on e-mail- A bit for the environment!
Sign up for the Statement on E-mail service and, receive
your Credit Card/Bank Account Statement
to your E-mail Id.
• Citialerts -helps keep track of Savings Account, Credit Card
transactions and Investments activities through regular

• SMS banking
 Citi alert on demand- CitiAlert on Demand is an exclusive
service for Citibank Credit Cards and Banking customers. Just send
an sms 52484 from your registered mobile number and get your
Credit Card or banking account details instantaneously.

 Other online services

• Citibanks e-pay-pay your Citibank Credit Card payments online
from any bank account.
• Online tax payment
• Online EMI payment
• ATM locator- it locates ATM’s all over India.
• Branch locator- it locates the branches .

vAccess channels
Online banking services

• One-bank view: You can track the balances and transactions

of your savings / current / credit card account as well as
your other linked accounts.
• Make payments online: Auto-pay your mobile, electricity &
other utility bills online. Also, make monthly credit card
• Transfer funds: Use the NEFT facility to seamlessly transfer
funds to other bank accounts. You can also set up repetitive
payments instruction for regular transfers.
• Manage your investments: You can view and analyse your
investments with our web-enabled wealth management
tools - db WealthPro & db InvestPro.
• Book Fixed Deposit: Now you can open a fixed deposit and a flexi-
fixed deposit account online.
• Value-added services: View the status of a cheque in
clearing, stop multiple cheque payments, get SMS / email
• Online Security: Our cutting-edge multiple layers of security will
put your fears to rest when you transact online.
• Unlock your password: You can unlock your password by simply
calling their Phone Banking team.
 ATM banking
• Multiple transaction facilities at Deutsche Bank ATMs in India
• Cash Withdrawal
• Balance Enquiry
• Fast Cash
• Mini Statement (last 10 transactions)
• PIN Change

 Prepaid mobile recharge- Recharge your Prepaid Mobile
instantaneously and free of charge, against your Citibank Credit or
Debit Card. This exclusive facility is currently available on Aircel,
Airtel, BPL Mobile, BSNL, Idea, Reliance India Mobile, Tata Indicom,
Virgin Mobile and Vodafone Prepaid connections.

 Online security measures
• Secured log in-All information passed on between Citibank and
your personal computer is "scrambled" and "reassembled"
using 128-bit encryption, the highest level of encryption
commercially available .
• Automatic time out- Once logged into Citibank Online, if there is
no activity for 5 minutes, your secured Citibank Online session
will be automatically terminated to help protect against
unauthorised access
• Automatic lock out- if the Internet Password (IPIN) has been
entered incorrectly six consecutive times, Citibank will lock any
further online access to the accounts
 Mobile banking
• Citi mobile banking-Citi Mobile works on your mobile phone and
is a simple, secure and a fast way to transact 24x7 from the
comfort of your home, office or even from your car!

• Recharge your prepaid mobile card at any Deutsche Bank
• • Funds Transfer to any Deutsche Bank account
• Cash / Cheque Deposit
• Statement Request
• Chequebook Request

• Global ATM Alliance for international travellers: Normally
when you use your card abroad, you have to pay an ATM
access fee and a machine level surcharge.
Our Global ATM Alliance with leading international banks
helps us offer free ATM transactions abroad.

 Phone banking
• Fixed deposits
• Relationship banking

Mobile banking

• Keep track of your banking or credit card account on the

• Apply for a product through your mobile.
• Get instant updates about your credit card or bank account
through our SMS alert service - dbAlerts. This service is
absolutely free of charge. Get alerts about credit card,
banking relationships.

 barclays bank

Online banking

• Account Services: Complete account details like account

balance, monthly statements, funds or cheque status is
available for Savings Current account.
• Funds Transfers & Payments
• Request a cheque book or give stop payment instructions.
• Bill Payments
 E- statements
 Mobile banking
 Online money transfer
 Rewards programme
 Get reward points for every transaction through our Alternate
Banking Channels.

 Fashion and trends
vSpecial offers
 citibank
q Citigourmet pleasures- great offers on fine dining in various
cities. Only for credit card members.
q Citibank ATM/ debit card offers- special discounts at various
outlets such as apparels, jewellery, mobiles, opticals.
q Shopping online.
q Travel guru- get 25% cash back on booking of hotels and
holiday packages with credit card.
q Citiflorist- shop online to buy flowers with debit / credit
card and get special offers.
q Festive Promotion 2009
• People spending a minimum of Rs. 25,000 and making
a minimum of 5 swipes between 16th September and
15th November qualify for a Quiz.
• Quiz to be played via SMS or through
• The first 1000 correct responses to the Quiz will win Rs.
4,999 cash-back.
• Quiz open from November 20th - November 30th, 2009.
q Credit Cards Redemption Offer
Get ready to take-off with your Deutsche Bank Credit
Card*. You can now redeem your accumulated reward
points earned on your credit card for a one-way Jet
Airways ticket.
q Increased Welcome Bonus
• apply for Miles & More Credit Card and activate your card
by December 31, 2009 to bring home an 30% higher
welcome bonus.
q Jet Airways Companion Offer
• where you get one free round-trip ticket for every Jet
 barclays
q Cosmopolitan investing
• For barclays premier customers a variety of international
savings & investment products as well as offshore
banking with international teams dealing with clients
across 60 different countries .
q Premier luxury lounge
• The Premier Lounge, a unique balance of personal as well
as professional space & facilities helps
q Enhancing your lifestyle
• Pleasurable, Relaxing, Luxurious & Exceptional experiences
are what we seek to offer through our lifestyle events, be
it art, music, theatre, cinema or just simply a heady
q NRI banking
• a world class banking experience for customers, who want
to bank in India.
• a range of financial products that are designed to address
specific banking needs.

 citibank
q Citi tap and pay
• Lets you use your mobile phone as your credit card.
• Brought to you in association with Nokia, MasterCard &
Vodafone, Citi Tap and Pay allows you to make payments
on your Credit Card for purchases at the top shopping
outlets in Bengaluru by simply tapping your mobile
phone at the checkout point!
q Unique Internet Password (IPIN)
• Your security is governed by your Unique Secure IPIN
(Internet Password)
• To select your IPIN online, you will have to verify your
personal information and generate an Online
Authorisation Code (OAC) that will be sent to your Mobile
phone/E-mail address. You will then have to reconfirm the
details and select your IPIN

q Virtual keyboard login.
• all you need to do is to use your mouse instead of your
keyboard to enter your password information. "The
Virtual Keyboard is dynamic and the position of
characters change every time".
• The VIRTUAL KEYBOARD protects you from malicious
'Spyware' and 'Trojan Programs' designed to capture your
keystrokes and thus reveal your secret password.
• The VIRTUAL KEYBOARD eliminates this risk and makes your
Citibank Login that much safer and provides for a secure
online banking experience.

q Citibank suvidha.
• Developed in India, it is now being rolled out across the
world a first for a banking product developed in India for
the Indian market.
• Designed especially for salaried individuals with maximum
convenience and unique benefits like utility bill
payments, automatic creation of fixed deposits, direct
credit of salary reimbursements, etc.
• Citibank decided to test launch this scheme, renamed

• Deutsche Bank India Launched Government
Securities Fund in 10/8/2008
• a fixed income fund that will invest in government
securities as it on expectation of softer interest rates.
DWS Gilt Fund, which would invest in an actively
managed portfolio of government securities, joins India's
31 gilt funds that managed about INR 20 billion at the
end of August.
• DBOI launched New Service Delivery Centre in Jaipur
in 09/11/2008
• This state-of-the-art facility, located within Mahindra World
City, houses operational and support teams for Deutsche
Bank for several of the Bank`s divisions, commencing
initially with Investments Banking and Asset

 barclays
q Barclays' Reward Points Program (20th may 2009)
• ElectraCard Services recently launched the electra Loyalty
Management System for Barclays Bank .This new
solution allows Barclays customers to benefit from
various loyalty programs and win rewards across
various channels.
q Drop- down-feature
• Barclays Global Retail and Commercial Bank (GRCB) India
launched the ‘Drop Down Feature’ for its Business Loans
category. Through this feature, customers availing of
Business Loans, who are regular in their repayment of
their EMIs over a 12 month period will benefit from a
lowering of interest rates for the remaining tenor of the
q Yatra barclaypremium card
• YatraBarclaycard Platinum Cardholder are entitled to the
benefits offered by Visa. tie-ups with major
national and
 international carriers give the freedom to take any flight
q Barclays Premier League Barclaycard
  The only card for football fans.
 Get all the excitement of the Barclays Premier League with
 unique football card. You get all the advantages of regular
 cards and also enjoy special football benefits in the form of
newsletter and get up-to-date news on:
• Current EPL table standings and match schedules
• An in-depth analysis on various games, players and
• Transfer rumours, possible transfers and game strategies.
• Injury updates and player rotations.
• Insider gossips about various clubs, players and coaches.

 Guidelines by rbi for foreign banks
• Roadmap for Presence of Foreign Banks in India
 The roadmap is divided into two phases.
 phase 1: march 2005 to march 2009
1. New banks- first time presence
 Foreign banks could either choose to operate through
bank presence or set up 100% wholly owned subsidiary
(WOS), following the 1 mode presence criteria.
2. Existing banks- branch expansion policy
 the no. of branches permitted each year is proposed to
go beyond the existing WTO commitment of 12 each year.
3. Conversion of existing branches to WOS.
 The Reserve Bank may also prescribe market access and
national treatment limitation consistent with WTO as also
other appropriate
 limitations to the operations of WOS, consistent with
international practices and the country’s

 Phase 2: April 2009
 Mergers and acquisitions of any pvt. Sector bank in
 After a review is made to the extent of foreign investment
and foreign banks in India, they may be permitted to enter
into merger and acquisitions with any pvt. Sector bank in
india subject to overall investment limit of 74%.

vNumber And Size Of
vIndustry Size And
vProduct / Service
Standard Chartered
Nariman point
Barclays 90 7825
11 Worli
ABN Amro 5 1782
Nariman Point
Deustche Bank 30 3241

HSBC 13 2005 Fort

Citi Bank 47 7446 Bandra

BNP Paribas 41 4795

Bank Of America 9 347
Bank Of Tokyo 5 294

Royal Bank Of 3 150

Scope for foreign
vForeign banks brought latest
technology and latest banking
practices in India.
vGovernment had came up with a
road map for expansion of foreign
banks in India.
vIn the first phase between March
2005 and March 2009, foreign
banks may establish a presence by
way of setting up a wholly owned
v The second phase would have
commenced form April 2009 after a
review of the experience gained
after due consultation with all the
stake holders in the banking sector.
v Experts say, that before 2009,
public sector banks would like to
join forces
v public sector banks, like it or not,
are unlikely to be taken over by
foreign banks if the policy opens up
in 2009, even though many are
weak and ripe for a strong partner
vMichael J Higgins has said that although
India will continue to attract the
attention of global banking players, it
is less likely that foreign banks will
aggressively pursue penetration or go
for acquisition of an Indian bank in
future due to severe capital
vHiggins said that in the current
scenario, capital became scarce for
foreign banks that had traditionally
been very active in the western
countries. If times were good, these
banks otherwise would have actively
pursued the expansion strategies
across the developing economies like
China and India through organic or
v Post the recent global crises that shattered
the leading banks across the globe, their
acquisitions or strategic investments in
Indian banks in future are ruled out for
the moment,
Common Services
vDebit & Prepaid Cards
vInsurance & Investments

Different Services
v Barclays
 consumer banking :- it includes personal

loans which come with smaller monthly

repayments, credit cards which allow
customers to choose their payment date,
and Hello Money, which provides service to
combines technology with convenience.
v BNP Paribas
Corporate and Institutional
Banking :- it include Asset Management,
Cash Management, Corporate Banking
and Finance, Equity Brokerage and Trade
v Citibank
 For corporate customers there are services, which

comprises of customized banking solutions

according to the needs of its corporate
customers. It include Cash Management, Trade
Services, Loans, Securities and Fund Services,
and Investment Banking services.
 The bank offers specialized services to
international diamond and jewellery merchants it
caters to the needs of diamond and the jewellery
merchants in the Indian Sub-continent
v Standard Chartered
 Bank specializes in the provision of cash management ,
trade, finance treasury and custody services

 Products and Solutions they
Ø Making and receiving international
Ø Global cash management
Ø International risk management
Ø International business traveler
Ø Importing and exporting

v Barclays
 The Latitude Club which is a global commercial

banking scheme from Barclays that assists

corporate customers to identify new business
partners internationally
v BNP Paribas
The bank is assumed as one of the top

corporate banks operating in India,

v Citibank
 The bank have a customer base of 15 million
users catered by its online services division alone.
 The ABN AMRO Bank has initiated its Microfinance
program in India, which is the largest one among
the same being offered by foreign banks in the
country ,it provides micro loans less than USD 200
to its target consumer group of poor women with
rural background.
v Standard Chartered
 The international debit card provides free access
to over 1500 Visa ATM's, a first in the banking
industry, Mileage, an overdraft facility against the
security of a car and Smart Credit, a personal line
of credit for salaried customers.

 Self-service banking with over 150
in-branch and off-branch ATMs and
24-hour phone banking HSBC
Internet Banking is available country