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Hindustan Chemical Ltd

Case Summary
This case deals with Hindustan Chemical Ltd (HCL).
HCL has about 1600 employees with an average age of 32.
It has different consulting and training program for its junior ,
middle and senior managers respectively.
Program is conducted by different reputed firms.
Top management found that some employees were sleeping
during night shift.
Due to intervention by Trade unions disciplinary action could
be taken by them.
This lead to the belief that top management was weak and
they would be considerate in case of middle managers too.

Due to this the incidence of sleeping at night shift increased.
The alarmed top management asked IAM a management
training institute to include session on how to conduct
Domestic enquiry in their training program to middle
The trainees protested saying that they did not want the
training and it should be the top management who should be
supporting and sustaining the action the middle managers
They felt the top management was not following the
suggestion told by previous middle managers after such
similar training.

Case Analysis

Different training programs for managers at
different level.
IAM was assigned the responsibility.
Growing tendency of employees on night shift
to sleep.
They caught red handed four persons sleeping
on duty.
Trade unions leaders persuaded the top
management to be lenient.
A sign of top management weakness.
Top management issued a circular about
sleeping on duty but manager ignored the
Included How to conduct domestic enquiry
It questioned the integrity of middle level
Top level management lacked the ability to
take firm decisions.

Lack of subordination in middle level

Training was not properly planned.
Alternative Solutions
Identify appropriate training objective
Proper training and counselling
Disciplinary action for communicating the
strength of top management

Best solution
Best Solution
Top management should communicate their
strength by taking disciplinary action and
should clearly define specified acts of
Training objectives should be defined properly

HR Terms
HR Terms
Training - act of increasing the knowledge and skills
for an employee for doing a particular job

Industry Relations - it is the relation of the state with
the employers, workers and their organizations

Domestic Enquiry it is the first step in a disciplinary