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Group 5

Group Members
Oindrila Mitra 13202026
Parag Parmar 13202027
Paulomi Mukherjee 13202028
Pragya Panda 13202030
Premasha Kar 13202031
Prerna Agrahari - 13202032
Company overview: TCS
Global Multinational into IT Services.
Operates out of 46 countries and 199 branches across
the world.
Subsidiary of the erstwhile TATA group.
Founded in 1968. Total of 276,198 employees as of
March 2013.
One of the pioneers of IT industry in Manpower
Performance Appraisal Process
Half Yearly review system- H1 and H2.
Technique used: Objective production and
Associates set Goals
Supervisor approves the goals
Skill sets are decided in joint meeting by supervisor and
associate to achieve goals.
Training deadlines are set to achieve required skill levels
Senior Supervisor achieves final plan
Process (Contd)
Associate employee OKs final goals.
Queries are acknowledged and addressed.

Scores are given on half yearly appraisals to achieve
rating bands: A to E
Bands given at the end of H2 evaluation.
A is highest in accordance with relative rating of group
No of people assessed by a Supervisor can rage from 8-
Relative Ranking system
Attributes rated can reach a maximum of 50-60 based
on type of team.
Varies in a team of people
Directly linked to goals set.

Type of Appraisal
Self Appraisal ----- Moves to appraiser for evaluation
Objective of Appraisal
To asses the performance of employees
Data driven process for defining success at work.
Quantifying the success A rated employees
rewarded generously with bonus and hikes of around
Scoring is absolute- but banding is relative to
encourage intra team competitiveness.
Evaluation of attributes based on industry standards
and specifications

Process Involvement
Levels of employees:
Supervisor (Business Consultants)
Senior Supervisor (Business Heads)
HR Executives of concerned departments

Feedback is subjective- areas of improvement are told.

Completely system generated process built on
indigenous software ERP platform.
Importance of the Process
For the Employee:
To understand his performance and place in the team.
What he needs to do more.
Where is it going good for him.
Technical areas of development.

For the Supervisor/Employer:
Who are the key people in the teams.
Whom to make better.
Who is a droppable resource

Where it lacks?
Employees dont focus on what the Supervisor says.
Each factors importance is not taken seriously.
Employee should get to know the overall prospects of
Peer evaluation is missing.
Only concerned about the bands they get, hence no
absolute sense of performing.
30-40 attributes make it cumbersome.
Time is limited and difficult to manage along with
regular business process.
Biases exist among supervisors- should be avoided.

Probable Improvements
Max number of employees capped for each Supervisor
Supervisor should be mandated to provide feedback
HR involvement should be increased to monitor &
channelize proper flow of process.
Desired Attributes
Soft Skills:
Analytical abilities
Team Player
Leadership skills

Improving productivity based on previous cycles
Value addition in terms of $ to the customer.
Person Contacted
Chandan Kar
Associate Consultant
Head of British Petroleum Testing
Process at Bhubaneswar
+91- 9437133488
Email: chandan.kar@tcs.com