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AD-Network Video

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ADNV Scenarios and Solutions

 With the wide array of products from multiple companies, we have a

Solution for most any Scenario:
 911 Call Center
 Central Station Video Alarm Verification
 Corporate and College Campus
 Airport Terminal and Surrounding Systems

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Scenario : 911 Call Center

 Video of the occurrence can be distributed.

 Among operators and video wall
 Ability to share video with local responders, Police and EMT.
 Can transmit to PDA internal cameras from the site
 Access to Stored and Live video.
 Allow real time viewing as well as research on same and
associated cameras

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Scenario : 911 Call Center

 Using NetVu Mobile:

 Local responders are able to view live video from their PDA’s,
giving them a choice of cameras and the ability to move onsite
pan-tilt-zoom cameras to any area of interest.

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Scenario : Central Station Video Alarm
 Abilities to tie directly to Central Stations
 Can receive email notification of alarms
 Can offer Live view and Multiplex images
 D-Tec Secondary Fire and Smoke Notification
 Can receive email notification of alarm, as well as trigger from primary

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Scenario : Corporate and College Campus

 As part of building management we can use PowerScript to integrate

to HVAC and other systems.
 Ability to use concentrated video at command center environments.
 Share video with RVRC (Remote Vehicle Remote Control) via NetVu
Console Mobile. Allows for remote camera access with PTZ control.

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Scenario : Corporate and College Campus
Remote Video Management
 Remote CCTV Viewing Solution allowing users to view and control 20 sites with up to
99 cameras available per site
 Ideal for installing extra control positions that duplicate the local control functionality of
the DVR
 Users can expand the control of their network without incurring the significant
associated cost
 Seamless integration with NetVu Connected DVR’s, Video Servers and cameras
 Includes Dedicated Micros Enhanced User Interface features, including: On-screen
maps, Video Timeline, ePTZ, Point & Go and Absolute Positioning*

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Example Installation
All Systems are
controlled from
NetVu Console via

Servers 1 and 2 on
System 1 are
connected directly
to NetVu Console
using coax cable,
enabling non-latent
viewing of cameras
and domes.

System 2 is a High
Definition CCTV
System comprising
Megapixel Cameras
and a DV-IP HD.

System 2 can be
viewed in High
Definition locally
thru the attached HD
monitor and images
can be streamed for
viewing on the
NetVu Console over
the main IP Network

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Scenario: Airport Terminal and Surrounding Systems

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Hangar and Perimeter

Supplemental Perimeter:
Property and Analytics for:
Asset Protection Trip Wire
Direction of

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DTec and FireVu
Inherent Problems
Due to the size and usage of some facilities these present challenges to
effective fire detection.

Restriction Problem

Height Stratification

Volume Dilution

Airflow Unpredictability

Environment Interference

Video Smoke Detection is not effected by the Science of Fire!

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Conventional Area Of Detection


Smoke Cools & Reaches Thermal Barrier

VSD Area Of Detection

Smoke Falls Smoke Falls
Smoke Rises

Fire Starts
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What is Video Smoke Detection?
• Camera Based Smoke and
Flame Detection
• Standard CCTV Cameras
– Hardwired to a fully functional server
• Feature rich!
– Fully configurable volt free contacts to FACP
– Camera Supervision - Trouble
• Detecting for the particular motion patterns of Smoke &
– Advanced Algorithm
– Background Rejection Algorithms

• Decision clearly identified

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FireVu Architecture

Analog Cameras


Optional or Existing
Surveillance Multiplexer

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Hangar: Advantages of VSD
Detection at Source
 Circumvents the problems of stratification, thermal barriers and airflow
 Fast response
Visual Verification
 Not just a fire alarm light or horn; but a clear video image. Imagine the Risk
Management capabilities
Software Based
 Constantly updated without hardware change
 Constant monitoring of all devices
 Can be programmed for complex environments
Ability to “Look” in
 Cameras can be placed at a safe and convenient position for installation and
 Can be combined as a surveillance camera system
 Use of Existing cameras

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Understanding Your Options
 VSD has been used historically for:
 Troubleshooting critical and challenging environments
 Architectural Design
 Unique Operation Activities
 A support tool for existing conventional technologies
 When visual verification is required

 When do I use VSD?

 When conventional performance thresholds have been met
 When operating in VSD natural environment
 Power, Hangars, Tunnels, Atria
 When a higher level of service is required
 Video enables unrivalled scene size-up for first

 If you can use traditional.. use it!

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Camera Choice & Placement

 Customer preference – DM/ICE cameras

 Minimum performance requirements
 480TVL
 Housing requirements
 Weatherproof, External, Internal, Hardened
 Video Smoke design follows similar design principles as
 Perspective and customer need
 Uniform coverage
 Camera placement

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What does AnalyticsCapable Mean?
 AnalyticsCapable products can be upgraded to run a range of
Dedicated Micros video analytics solutions including HyperSense
camera license plate capture
 Developed within the AD Group development team, our analytics
technology can be seamlessly embedded within a range of
Dedicated Micros world leading NetVu Connected DVRs – including
SD Range*, DV-IP Server, HighVu Excel, DV-IP RT, and the IP
version of our HyperSense License Plate Capture Cameras
 Integrate the HyperSense camera with the other cameras on the
system and view them via a local monitor or remotely from NetVu
IP Video Servers
 Distributed Video over IP (DV-IP)
 Available to certified partners
 Common hardware and software (no license per camera license fees)
 Configurations scalable to customer requirements from DV-IP Server to
 Seamless integration of analog and network technologies
 Compatible with other NetVu Connected products (single user interface)

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IP Video Servers
Maximum Reliability With Solid State Memory
 Embedded Real-Time Operating System
is stored on solid state memory for
maximum reliability
 Operating System is separate from video
Video Storage

 eCOS Real-time OS
 No virus protection required
 No updates required
 Not sensitive to power failures

Solid State Memory

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Perimeter Access and Parking

Analytics for:
License Plate
Counting and

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Perimeter Access and Parking

HyperSense Technology:
 Regardless of the lighting conditions,
HyperSense Technology delivers consistent
 The license plate remains clearly visible while
all other ambient light, including headlight
glare, is completely removed from the scene
 This clarity speeds up plate finding and
improves accuracy

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Perimeter Access and Parking
IP HyperSense Solution

IP HyperSense Camera is connected to

Local Monitor
the DVR via Ethernet (which could also
provide the power to the camera). The
analog cameras are connected via

Analog Cameras
The processing of the license plate
data is conducted within the camera via
the included software license

Video of all cameras can be shown

either locally on the monitor or remotely
via NetVu ObserVer.
DV-IP RT License plate data can be overlaid as
text on the screen or held as a
database event.
IP HyperSense Camera
Performing License Plate



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Perimeter Access and Parking

HyperSense Technology: Day

Overview Camera License Plate Capture Camera

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Perimeter Access and Parking

HyperSense Technology: Night

Overview License Plate Capture Camera

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Concourse and Retail

Concourse: Retail:
Mega Pixel and IP Viewing and
Wide Angle “Fish Storage
Eye” Analytics

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Megapixel Camera Support
 Recording and local playback
 Electronic PTZ (for live and recorded
 360 Degree Immersive Lens Support
(seamless embedded dewarp)

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CamVu 2000
 Maximum resolution of 1600x1200 – over 6 times the resolution of
analog cameras (2 mega pixel)
 Reduced bandwidth and storage cost with MPEG-4 encoding
 High resolution images can be recorded by NetVu Connected DV-IP
Server, DV-IP HD, DV-IP RT and HighVu Excel products
 Support via NetVu ObserVer viewer software allows up to 800%
 Pre-Alarm recording via internal memory or expandable via SD Card
 Power over Ethernet option
 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) support allows the CamVu 2000 to be paired
with a Pan/Tilt housing
 TransCoding - maximizes data transmission over available
bandwidth for efficient remote viewing
 Composite video output for local focusing of lens without PC
 Offering up to six times the resolution of analog cameras, the
CamVu 2000 is ideal for situations where high quality images are
required. The camera’s high resolution technology is based on
Dedicated Micros award winning NetVu
 Connected architecture, allowing seamless operation with a wide
range of video servers and other devices as well as simplified
 The unique Dedicated Micros software codec technology allows the
CamVu 2000 to transmit simultaneous MPEG-4 and JPEG images to
the associated video server for image capture

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Embedded Console
 Each video server is a virtual matrix
 Video can be recorded or displayed from any other NetVu Connected product
 Build virtual matrix with over 1,500 video sources

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Seamless integration of IP and Analog technology

 Seamless management of analog, network, and megapixel

IP cameras
 Single display for all technologies
 Retains current investment and allows a migration
 Deep integration with NetVu Connected network cameras
 Seamless, Browser-based Configuration
 Support third party IP camera protocols (PSIA standard

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Integrated Camera Recorder (ICR)

Fail-safe Built-in Central storage

CamVu ICR and viewing
local storage Enterprise Server

Legacy IP or
Analog Camera ICR Module

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ICR: Cameras that have internal storage

 New cameras that have powerful video server

 High quality local archives

 No bandwidth required for storage

 TransCoding of video for bandwidth conservation

 Redundancy when network fails

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Tiered Storage Architecture

VMS and Video Wall

AoE Storage,
POE Switch and power
supply unit with
optional battery

24 hrs 7 days 90 days storage

D1 in Camera D1 in ATA over Ethernet and event archive
(AoE) Storage
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Powerful Hardware Decoders
 Each DM decoder provides up to 48 D1 full frame rate streams on two 1080i
HDMi displays
 Other solutions require expensive BARCO type hardware or an array of PCs
Maximum number of streams at 30 FPS 4CIF
MPEG4 H.264

PC Technology 10-15 5-6

DM Decoders 48 16

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Decoder Capabilities
 Limited display capabilities on PC based systems
Sample Maximum recorded FPS with Motion Detection
320x240 640x480 1.3 MP

Record only 850 500 130

Record/Display 300 180 65

NVR: Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz Dual Core

 DM uses a dual bus architecture that optimizes recording and

simultaneous display
320x240 640x480 1.3 MP

DV-IP Record/Display 1920 480 130


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Scalable Video Management Systems

 NetVu Console
 Embedded Console on HDMi Displays
 NetVu Connected VMS
 Multi-level Mapping provides Situational Awareness
 Initiator for EMS
 Video Wall Control of multiple HD displays without BARCO
 Health check over S.N.M.P.
 LDAP “password management”

© Copyright AD Group
 Single-site Viewing : Allows viewing of any number of cameras from a particular
site on an unlimited number of monitors in single or quad display.
 Multi-site viewing: Allows viewing of any number of cameras from any site on an
unlimited number of monitors in single or quad display.
 Mutliview display: Allows the operator to view up to 4 separate views on any one
 Associated Cameras: Allows up to 4 cameras to be ‘linked’. If any one of the four is
selected the remaining three can move to set positions to ensure complete coverage of
an area.
 Observed Events: Allows operators to monitor & record events without the need for
an alarm to be tripped (i.e. a suspicious person in a shopping mall).
 Monitor Switch on alarm: The Pick-A-Point system can be configured to allow any
monitor to automatically switch to a specific image on an alarm being tripped.
 Action on Alarm: The system can provide a range of actions in the event of an
alarm including; the switching of any associated camera to any monitor, send a camera
to a preset position, close an associated relay and send an email message

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Portals for government agency access
 Most agencies want to have access to security systems
especially at schools and other state facilities

 New systems can create a single address as a portal to

the entire system requiring no software

 Maps provide simple interface

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Emergency Messaging and Media Display
 Exciting new capability to create Media and Emergency Messaging
solutions, for little or no extra cost
 Maximum return on investment from NetVu Connected architecture
 Even revenue generation opportunities through media sales
 Rules and Geo data based architecture fulfils the needs of any
defined Disaster Management plan, created using industry standard
web authoring tools
 Works seamlessly delivering rich media content across all NetVu
Connected Static or Mobile Devices, even over minimal resilient links

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Viewing and Storage
 On Site Viewing : Can have access to store cameras only thru password
 On Site Video Review: Allows viewing of stored video per Authorization.
You can restrict access by camera and by ability recorded to transportable
 Public View Monitor: Choose what camera or multiplexed image will be
displayed at entry Monitors.
 Easy to Use: Programming: Live and Stored Video usage follows DM’s
ease of use, color coding follows as in all other products.

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AD-Network Video

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