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Free Energy

And how it will change the world

Abundance of Energy
Very differently to what we have been taught in
school, energy is the most abundant thing in the
universe. In fact it is the only thing in the universe
that is.
The only issue we have is that we dont understand
the mechanics of this energy and thus this energy
seems difficult, if not impossible to access.
Flow of Energy
Most of the energy in the universe flows in a way
which is somewhat random and therefore not
accessible to our current technologies.
We humans and all other living beings or natural
systems always tap into this energy.
We are this energy!
By applying the right understanding of natures laws
we can tap into this flow of energy for technical
Flow of Energy
The vortex and various combination of Vortices is
natures way of moving energy and also of creating
particles and consecutively matter.
History of Energy
Many people have intuitively or accidently tapped in this
energy. Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Edwin Gray,
Stan Meyer and many more

Unfortunately all those brilliant inventors and
inventions have been thoroughly suppressed since
the possibilities to earn big money and thus control
humanity with these technologies are quite limited.
The most famous story of suppression is Teslas
Wardenclyffe tower. It was built to power the world
Funding was cut off immediately after JP Morgan
learned that he couldnt meter the distributed
John Searls SEG
Nikola Tesla/ QEG
Stanley Meyer
Since all attempts to commercialize Free energy have
failed so far I believe the only way to make it accessible
to humankind is to Open Source it and take any greed
aspect out of the equation.
Hundreds of thousands of engineers around the world
are already feverishly working on various devices and
the change is coming inevitably.
Everything we learn we will share in great detail with
everybody else so we can come up with the best
solution for all.
QMoGen Project Bali
After long and careful research over the last 15 years Ive
come to the conclusion that the QMoGen technology is the
easiest and most feasible to replicate.
After first successful construction the plans and full Know-
How will be openly available to everybody.
We will teach anybody who wants to learn how to build and
maintain a QMoGen.
Of course for the less technically inclined we are happy to
also provide the service to build a QMoGen.
QMoGen Project Bali
QMoGen Project Bali
QMoGen installation with
350KW QMoGen in India
QMoGen Project Bali
Local Crowdfunding or donation is the chosen method of
financing the Research and development and construction of
the first Bali QMoGen.
Normal investment creates too much pressure and is very
counterproductive to birth such a technology.
Greed and You-factor usually mess it up rather than
Free Energy must be distributed as freely and cheap as
QMoGen Project Bali