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Technology of enclosing or
protecting products for
distribution, storage, sale,
and use.
Used bottling unit line.
Empty bottles started from
the warehouse to have
sorting by officers, process
of bottles washer, filling
process tea, until the last
sorting before the product
stored in the warehouse.
(Bottling Line)
Sorting Bottle
Sorting in Warehouse IA
Production in Pos 1A & 1B
Bottle Washer
Ley 1
Ley 2
Hot Water 1 & 2
Fresh Water
Next Sorting
Pos 2 A & 2 B
Empty Bottle Inspection
Pos 2 C, 2 D, & 2 E
Filling Tea
Last Sorting
Table 2.1 Summary of StarTea Packed in Erlenmeyer Flask
Product Name StarTea
Product Composition Star fruit, blend tea, nata de coco, citric acid, CMC,
sugar, water.
Finished Product
Yellow brown Color
Size: 15mm per Cube
Carambola Aroma & Taste
Commercially Sterile
Storage Ambient temperature, far from sunlight.
Process Treatment Sorting, washer, next sorting, filling, last sorting .
Packaging Packed in Erlenmeyer flask bottle:
Net Weight: 500 ml
Intended Use Suitable for general public. Ready to serve without
Shelf Life 1 years from the date of production and stored in
ambient temperature:
Labeling Instruction Once opened keep refrigerated.

Plant Layout
The location of StarTea is in Jabotabek region, the
place of the factory is at Delta Mas Central Cikarang,
West Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.
Land space that need to be released in this area is
2900 m2 / 2,9 hectare squares, with 60 meters in
length, and 50 meters in width.
Lands price is Rp 500,000 per m
The location is considered to become our factory place based
on some reasons, which are:

The selected location is still in Jabotabek region, and it becomes the
main consideration.
Located 40km from the Jakarta Central Business District, 55km from
the Tanjung Priok seaport and 65km from the Soekarno Hatta
International Airport.
Have a good access to main road and highway (Jakarta-Cikampek
The plant is located on an industrial district.
Have a good facility and utility such as electricity, phone network,
and water source.
Jalan Warung Ampel is one of the main street in Delta Mas
The condition of this street is not too crowded.
The location is near main hospital at Lippo Cikarang which is Siloam
Hospitals Lippo Cikarang, and Rumah Sakit Harapan.

Factory Location