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Maria Telma A.J


A Study on Systematic Investment Plan in
comparison with lump sum plan in
large-cap stocks with respect to Hedge
Systematic investment plan is a smart
financial planning tool that helps the investor
to create wealth, by investing small sum of
money every month, over a period of time.
Lump sum is single payment of money, as
opposed to a series of payments made over
investing the entire sum of money at one go.
Components of Indian Financial system:

The following are the four main components of Indian
Financial system

1. Financial institutions
2. Financial Markets
3. Financial Instruments/Assets/Securities
4. Financial Services.

Financial market is basically segmented into two parts:-
Money market
Capital market

Capital market plays an important role in mobilizing
resources, and diverting them in productive channels. In this
way, it facilitates and promotes the process of economic
growth in the country. Capital market is again segmented into
1. Primary market
2. Secondary market

A market that issues new securities on an exchange is called a
primary market.

The secondary market is the financial market in which
previously issued financial instruments such as stock, bonds
are bought and sold.
One of the leading retail stock broking house.
Offering various financial services

Equity Trading
Currency Trading
Mutual Funds
Online trading
Depository services
Portfolio Management Service

Client Relation Department
Finance Department
Marketing Department
Systems Department
Human Resources Department
Trading Department:
Delivery and Depository Department
Equity Research Department
Pharmaceutical Industry
IT Industry
Banking Industry
Cement Industry
Power Generation Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Telecommunication Industry

Sun pharmaceuticals

Reliance power
Cairn India
Bharati Airtel
Idea Cellular
To study the performance of Large - cap stocks.
To compare SIP and Lump sum plan.
To study the profitability of SIP in Stock market.
To study the advantages of SIP and Lump sum Plan in investment.

Data Source
Secondary data sources collected from websites &
company reports.
Sampling Method: Simple Random Sampling.
Two socks are selected from 7 industries based on
market capitalization.
Opening & closing prices are taken from the period of
June 2013 to June 2014.
Portfolio return is calculated for each stocks.