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Trade union is an organization of employees or workers
who formally join together to promote, protect, maintain
and improve their social, economic, and political power
of its members. Trade union plays a very important in
garment industry in any part of the world especially in
countries like Bangladesh. The pay structure of the
employees of Bangladesh garment industry is very low and
the work condition is also so poor. Trade union works for
employees and ensure that the employees are treated well
and working under good working condition. Trade union
works to ght for the employee!s right
Trade Unions in
Trade union is an organization of employees or workers who
join together to promote, protect, maintain and improve their social,
economic, and political power of its members. "ome characteristics
a trade union are mentioned bellow#
$ Trade union is an association.
$ %ssociation either of employees or employers or independent
$ It is relatively permanent combination of workers.
$ It is association of workers engaged in securing economic benets
for its workers.
$ The character of trade unions has been constantly changing.
$ Its origin and growth has been in&uenced by a number of
RMG sector in
The economy of Bangladesh is largely dependent on
agriculture. 'owever, in recent years, the (eady )*ade
+arments ,(*+- sector has emerged as the biggest
earner of foreign currency. The (*+ sector has
e.perienced an e.ponential growth since the /012s.
The sector contributes signicantly to the +34. It also
provides employment to around 5.6 million
Bangladeshis. %n overwhelming number of workers in
this sector are women. This has a7ected the social
status of
many women coming from low income families.
4rinciples of trade union
8very organization has some principles. 9n the
basis of these principles workers, employees and
organization are conducted. 9n this way trade
union has some principles which principles they
follows. These principles are:
/.;nity is strength
6. 8<ual pay for e<ual work or the same job
=. "ecurity of services
Features of trade union
in Bangladesh
$ >eaders and members of the trade union are not well
$ Trade union plays a great role in the movement of
$ *ost of the trade unions are nancially weak.
$ *a.imum trade unions are interconnecting with
political parties.
$ 87ective, e?cient, honest leaders are absent in trade
$ >eaders of trade unions are self oriented.
$ 3iscriminatory behavior is observed in the trade
Why do workers join a
trade union
$ +etting proper wages
$ To restrain management
$ To secure end of the job
$ To communicate with management
$ (ecognition of work
$ 8stablishment of cordial labor management
Advantage of trade union in
garent industry

To improve the economic lot of employees by

securing for them better wages.

To secure better working conditions for the


To secure bonus for the employees from the

prot of the concern,

To secure welfare of employees through group

schemes which give benet to every employee.

To protect the interests of employees by taking

active participation in the management.

To secure social welfare of the employees.

To secure organizational stability, growth, and

!ro"les for not including trade
union in RMG sector#$!%&
It!s no great achievement for employers in the 84As to describe
their companies as better in comparison to rms operating
outside the zones. Bes, life for workers is generally better in the
84As compared to conditions elsewhere because many
companies outside the zones force their employees to work in
dangerous, medieval conditions that lead to many accidents, a
situation resulting from a virtually universal violation of
Bangladeshi labor legislation. The same is true regarding wages.
Wages in the Dada factory in Savar are 45 per cent higher than
wages in our other factory outside the EPZ,
+iven the absence of trade unions in the 84As, it is
di?cult to obtain reliable information on the abuse
workers su7er. %ccording to the most recent annual
report produced by the ICDT; and several Bangladeshi
non#governmental organizations, the number of cases
of se.ual e.ploitation of female workers remains high.
The ICDT; also laments unsafe working practices and
the high number of cases where overtime work is not
paid. %ccording to the ICDT; and the IT+>WD, these
abuses will only bereduced if independent trade
are rapidly formed in Bangladesh!s 84As.
Trade union is a organization of workers that ghts for
achieving employees rights. In countries like Bangladesh
it has a great role where employees are not treated well and
don!t get enough wages or facilities. Trade union ensure that
employees are having those things that are important to
and live. But in Bangladesh trade union are in&uenced by
political parties. +arment and lather industries which are
established in 84A are taking this opportunity and banded
trade union which is not well for its employees. "o for the
sake of employees trade union must work for employees
rather than in&uenced by other party in a collective
bargaining process.

+overnment should have control over the


Trade union must work without any type of


3ecision must take in a collective bargaining


Illegal lock out and strikes must be prohibited

by imposing strong rules.
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