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Adorable, Celine
Espiritu, Dale
Gallego, Vince
Patricio, Clarisse

Power of Nostalgia
CEW Program
mission: beauty products can actually used to improve
peoples lives
International Flavors and Fragrances
fragrances help to trigger memories
most of our adult tastes and preferences rotted from

Brandwashing Unborn Babies
music that fetuses hear make a powerful and lasting impression and will
influence their music taste in the future
conditional response
study: new born babies reaction to theme song of soap opera watched by
their mothers during their pregnancy with them
example: Major Asian Shopping Mall Chain
o Johnson and Johnsons baby powder, cherry fragrance, music from
the era when the pregnant women were born
o boost sales
o 60% of the women claimed that their babies calm down when entering
the mall
o thus, new generation of consumers are drawn to the mall
Brandwashing Unborn Babies
what pregnant women consume can also influence the babies adult habits
o smokers by the age of 22
o 4 times more likely to be overweight in early childhood
o pregnant womans diet physically transforms fetal brain
thus, affects what baby consumes in the future
o carrot flavored cereal
example: Kopiko
o supplied coffee flavored candies to be given away in maternity wards
o came out with Kopiko coffee
o phenomenal success especially with children
o small dose of kopiko coffee was given to babies to calm down
Childhood preferences shape our adult
preferences and tastes
study: 2,035 surveyed- 53% of adults, 56% of teens use brands from their childhood
advertise to children = attempt in securing lifetime loyal consumers
children who can recognize logos by 18 months, grow up to prefer these brands and
correspond them to their personal qualities
children under 3 yrs represent $20 billion market to advertisers
exposed to 40,000 ads a year
18 month old babies pick up on subtle and obvious cues of brands
o ex: Mcdonalds
taste, smell, familiarity, emotional reward
40% 3 month old babies watch screen media regularly, increases to 90% by two years old
6 month old babies can form mental images of brand logos
and mascots
36 months - can recognize 100 logos
grade 1 - 200 can recite brand names
10 yrs old - between 300 and 400 brands to memory


Mcdonalds wrapper experiment
o 63 preschoolers
o 5 pairs of identical food items (hamburgers, chicken
nuggets, fries, milk, carrots)
o logo free packaging vs mcdo wrapper
o food/drink wrapped in mcdo packaging rated higher

Brandwashing Children
Ads disguised as entertainment
o multimedia games, online quizzes, cellphone apps
o circumvent advertising regulations on junk food
products, spread virally, games are addictive
adult products advertised to consumers as
young as possible
o the younger you are when you use the product, the
more likely you will stick with the product as you
grow older
Adult products advertised towards children
Bonne Bell cosmetics markets products to girls as
young as 7
Nair came out with Nair Pretty targeted towards 10-15
yrs old (for the first time hair removers)
Abercrombie and Fitch padded bikini tops for girls as
young as 8
Tescos Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit for girls under 10
(unleash the sex kitten in you)
Alcopops - kid-friendly candy-like cocktails
Welcome to Adulthood
Marketers have started brandwashing the next generation of male
customers at as young an age as possible.
Gillette sends the Welcome to Adulthood packs to young men ont
their birthday or high school graduation
Stinky Stink introduces body sprays that mimic distinct adolescent
Gas and car manufacturing companies also try to target young
male customers through, commercials, toys, sports, etc.
Starbucks tries to offer new drinks and sizes for tweens who visit
their stores.
Chicken or the Egg
Pester Power
To trigger desire in a child is to trigger desire in the
whole family
Hand-me-down influence
Influencing life long tastes and preferences of their
Oral Gum
1) Fruit Flavored Mint (lemon, apple,
2) Peppermint
3) Spearmint