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SAE KSRCT Collegiate Club

Tier - I
Rounds Team
No. of Questions/
Time Duration Marks
(Pass allowed)
7 3
30 sec on Direct
15 sec on pass
First Time - 5
Pass - 1
Audio/ Visual
(Pass allowed)
6 2
30 sec on Direct
15 sec on pass
First Time - 5
Pass 1
(No pass)
5 5 50 sec
2 mark for
right answer
Rapid Fire
(No pass)
4 10 120 sec
2 mark for
right answer
(No pass)
3 Total 15 for all teams 10 sec
5 mark for
right answer
General Round
As at the start of 2003, what is the make and
model of the bestselling car of all time?
Audi Q1
What make of car featured in the film "back to
the future"?
Benz Q1
Which car made in india is sold in europe as
Which asian company provides engine to the
caterham racing team?
Jaguar Q1
Dream access trust which is this erstwhile
brand which was reintroduced (with a reveal in
india) this year?
Lamborghini Q1
This brand has entered in to a tie up with amazon
to give the consumers a feel of online buying
(resembles online buying). Identify the brand.
Rolls Royce Q1
Which is the first car to come out with fuel cell
crossover that converts hydrogen to electricity?
Volkswagen Q1
What does RAC stand for?
Audi Q2
Which historical make of car was nicknamed the
tin lizzie?
Benz Q2
Mahindra tied up with vodafone for introducing
the M2M technology in which brand?
Which automobile brands tagline reads love you
Jaguar Q2
Which indian brand is planning to launch
compact SUV code named XA alpha next year?
Lamborghini Q2
Which automobile brand uses Doug as their
Rolls Royce Q2
Which company created the first front wheel
drive car in 1934?
Volkswagen Q2
Who designed the first modern petrol-driven
internal combustion engine for the car?
Audi Q3
This brand of lambhorgini is called as the sister
car of audi R8.
Benz Q3
Identify (name the structure and the place where
it has opened) :-

Which car brand in india had run an audition
campaign in facebook in association with star?
Jaguar Q3
Which indian company has come out with
intermediate commercial vehicle boss?
Lamborghini Q3
Which is the first car company in india to
associate with bose propreitery software for its
Rolls Royce Q3
Who produced the worlds first petrol driven car
in 1885?
Volkswagen Q3
Audio/ Visual Round
Team-1/ Q1

Team-2/ Q1
Team-3/ Q1
Team-4/ Q1
Team-5/ Q1
Team-6/ Q1
Team-1/ Q2
Team-2/ Q2
Team-3/ Q2
Team-4/ Q2
Team-5/ Q2
Team-6/ Q2
Specialization Round
Fuel injection system

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Fuel injection system
As the automobile evolved, the carburetor got more and more
complicated, trying to handle all of the operating requirements. How many
different circuits did a carburetor need to handle some of the tasks?
In a process called closed loop control, oxygen sensors monitor the
amount of oxygen in the exhaust and report to this module, which uses the
information to adjust the air-to-fuel ratio in real-time. What is the name of
the module?
This component is an electronically controlled valve that is capable of
opening and closing many times per second. What is the name of the
The amount of time the fuel injector stays open is called what?
What is the name of the sensor that monitors the pressure of the air in the
intake manifold?
Fuel injection system
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What term describes the ability of a vehicle to travel a curved path?
What term describes the vehicle's ability to absorb road shock from the
passenger compartment?
To control all of the unwanted motions in a moving vehicle, all modern
shock absorbers are what?


What term describes the degree to which a car maintains contact with the
road surface in various types of directional changes and in a straight line?
The MacPherson strut was developed by Earle S. MacPherson in what
What connects the gears to the drive shaft in a manual transmission?
In a manual transmission, how does the collar engage a gear?
What do manual transmissions in modern passenger cars use to eliminate
the need for double-clutching?
What creates the different gear ratios in an automatic transmission?
In most automatic transmissions, which gear produces a 1-1 ratio?
What is located on the top of a backing plate?
What do brake calipers do?
What type of rotor do most motorcycles use?
What is the purpose of all the bends and loops in brake lines?
How many types of brake fluid are available?
Bio fuel
Which was the first automobile designed to run on ethanol?
Which gas can be collected from landfills and used to generate energy?
Which biofuel is produced by the fermentation of corn or sugar cane?
Which country began substituting ethanol-powered vehicles for gasoline-
powered vehicles in the 1980s?
In which year was the first ethanol-powered engine built?
Rapid Fire Round
Team 1
TELCO was established in which year?
In the name Wagon R, 'R' stands for..
In Honda CR V, the CR V stands for
What does 'Vorsprung durch Technik mean?
Ashok leyland was established as Ashok Motors and started with the
assembling process of which cars?
Team 1
The two extra shocks on the TVS Max4 are ____
Which bike has the slogan the no tension bike?
Expand BMW.
4.7 L means..
What kind of crankshaft is used in 2010 Yamahas YZF R1 bike?

Team 2
Expand i-VTEC.

Name the company which m&m recently acquired?
Name the latest car from Hyundai?

Team 2
Name the latest car from Merc?
What is the difference between the new Fiat Linea T-jet and the older one?
Name the latest 110cc bike from M&M?
The radiator tubes are manufactured by using ______
If we know the engine speed, bore, stroke, number of cylinders and m.e.p
in the cylinders, we can calculate
Knowing the IHP and FHP of an engine, we can calculate

Team 3
Which one of the following is not a trade name of tractor in India
The ratio between the power output of an engine and the energy in the fuel
burned to produce that power is called
The air volume in the cylinder with the piston at B.D.C divided by the
clearance volume is called
The power used in overcoming friction in the engine is called
The average pressure during the power stroke minus the average pressure
during the intake, compression and exhaust strokes is called
Team 3
IHP minus FHP equals
Engine torque is highest at
BHP divided by IHP is
The percentage of the energy in the petrol burnt in the engine which is
actually utilized in propelling the car is as little as
In the diesel engine, the compression ratio is as high as
Team 4
The device for smoothing out the power impulses from the engine is called
The amount of air fuel mixture taken in by the engine on the suction stroke
is a measure of the engine's
The size of an engine cylinder is referred to in terms of its
In an operating engine, the hottest part of the piston is the
In normal operation the part of the exhaust valve that gets the hottest is
Team 4
The power developed inside the engine cylinder is called
The ratio of the cylinder volume at BDC and the clearance volume is
As a rule when comparing the front and rear wheel cylinder pistons, it will
be found that the pistons in the front wheel cylinders are
Twisting and untwisting of the crankshaft is called
The rotating effect of the connecting rod on the connecting rod bearing
Jackpot Round
Jackpot Round
Important bearing characteristics include
In the engine there must be relative motion between the piston and the
connecting rod
Two of the three connecting rod bearing loads that increase as engine
speeds increase are
When different forces act at angles on connecting rod bearing, the
combining of these forces produces a
The active material in a charged negative plate is
Jackpot Round
The tree general types of friction bearings are
Petrol and Gasoline is called a hydrocarbon because it consists essentially
Almost all bearing used in automotive engines are
The brake shoes are curved to conform to the inner diameter of the
It is cheaper if we use gaskets of

Jackpot Round
With an increase in temperature the resistance of carbon is
When petrol burns completely, two of the compounds that are formed are
Due to heat of combustion, with increase in temperature the molecules
When air is heated, it
Changing position of an object against an opposing force is called