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Main Image:

The main image shows what appears to be all the

key characters within the film. The main character
of the film is implied as he is in the foreground of
the image, thus portraying him as the most
important. The image is very simplistic which is
conventional of the social realism genre.

Furthermore, this image creates enigma codes for
the audience as the main character, a child,
appears to be the most significant character of all
the characters. The audience might question how a
child is the leader of this group of people.
Colour Palette:

The colour is very minimalistic as there appear to
be three main colours used blue. Red and
white. This coincides with the title of the film, as
the main theme of the film is England. As these
colours are the only colours used, it makes the
poster appear more simplistic, conforming to the
genre of social realism. Moreover, the lack of
colour makes the images of the characters
appear more prominent, thus emphasizing their
Film Title:

The colour and font of
the title are extremely
conventional. In addition,
as the title is so
simplistic, it doesnt
decrease the audiences
focus from the main
image of the characters.

Furthermore, even
though the title is very
simplistic in font and
colour, it still stands out
so the audience are
aware it is the main title.
The white strongly
contrasts with the blue
background and also the
text is very large so takes
up a significant amount
of the poster.

The tagline is very small
and positioned right at
the top of the poster so
the audiences attention
isnt immediately drawn
to it.

The tagline being is very
simplistic so conforms to
the genre of social
realism. In addition, it
appeals to the target
audience and portrays to
the audience what the
film might be about as
the tagline is quite blunt.
Billing Block:

The billing block is so
small it is very difficult to
read. However, this is not
the most important thing
for the audience.
Additionally, it is
unconventionally placed
to the right of the poster.
Actors names ?

Conventionally the actors names would appear
on the film poster to advertise and a-list cast.
However, as this is a British independent film,
the cast is most likely unknown, so they have not
been used as an advertising method.

Therefore, for my film I will definitely have to
consider whether I should use my actors names
as a focal point of the film poster or not. My film
is of the same genre as this film and additionally
the production values would be very similar, so
this is a significant point I need to consider.