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By Yours Truly:

Heather Hawkins
What Is A Sound ?

Dictionarys Definition
1) vibrations that travel through
the air or another medium and
can be heard when they reach a
person's or animal's ear.
2) sound produced by continuous
and regular vibrations, as
opposed to noise
3) the ideas or impressions
conveyed by words
1) in good condition; not damaged,
injured, or diseased
Anatomy of the Ear
What Does Sound Have To Do With
1.the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or
mental activity.
2.power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical
resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work
3.the property of matter and radiation that is manifest as a
capacity to perform work (such as causing motion or the
interaction of molecules).

Definition of
Sound comes from the vibration of matter,
vibration causes heat/energy within the
matter, sound also travels though matter,
which then transfers the heat/ energy to
other matter.
So why does this physic stuff matter?
By tapping into the right frequency of
sound, we could influence energy within the
body !
The Importance of
So Anyways back to music
David of the Bible is often
known as the first music
therapist (1037 BC).

Here it shows young David
playing his lyre to rid King
Sauls Evil Spirit aka
Music is Medicine
to the Soul!
Breif History of Music Healing
Native American Tribes used verbal
and instrumental sound for healing as
well as various other things such as
ritualistic dance in this painting from
1585 of a tribe from modern day North

Music therapy was even used during the
ancient Egyptian era
Music existed before history! Instruments have been found in Paleolithic
archeology sites especially in Asia, some found were around 40,000
years old.
History of Music Ctd.
Apollo, Greek God of
Music and Medicine
Minerva, Roman Goddess
of Music and Medicine
Thoth, Egyptian God
of Music and Medicine
See a pattern?
In the womb is when we first hear music, our mothers heart beat. Before we can see
or fully feel or taste or smell. The fetus at just 20 weeks has full auditory capability.
Nature sounds are
the earliest form of
music and even our
language is based off
of them.
And the sounds of
nature are incredibly
relaxing and
definitely help with
Music Healing is not a
well hidden secret
Rapunzel Sings Music Healing
The Navi Tribe Chants- Music Healing
shows the
importance of
Levi-O-sa not
Maybe the MAN just wants
us to think its childish
fantasy !!!
What Do Philosophers have to say
about Musical Healing?

can Heal the
Body, Mind,
Modern Day Music Therapy

Music therapy became more
studied after all the success is
had with WWII Vets.
Waters reaction to
Human Intent and Music
And remember we are 70% water
And thats all she wrote folks
Seriously . THE END!!!!!

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