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Factors that affect employees loyalty

Tips to improve employees loyalty
Employees loyalty biggest challenge for the enterprises

There is a need for enterprises to build strong employees loyalty

The psychological contract between employer and employees

Employees Loyalty is in continuous slide

Permenant Life Job

Employees Loyalty being destroyed by Enterprises

Behavior of Employees nowadays

Companies are arrogant with their employees

Employees are having unfair treatment

Companies selfishly

Searching for better opportunities
Information sharing
Employee input
Fair Workplace policies
Working conditions
Care/Concern about personal conditions
Any employee look for a fair package that
includes a salary and reward system.
Fairly treatment leads to more willingness to
stay in the company.
Information Sharing
Informing employees about any new strategies
and changes in the company in a way that
keeps them informed and engaged .

Employee Input
Fair workplace policies
Avoid Poor or Non-Existent Communication

Working conditions
Working conditions highly affect the
productivity of employees.

Front-line supervision
You should show your employees that you
care a lot about your business, never miss the
chance of being there, always eager to know
their concerns, show them that you care about
Care/concern about personal

Exceptions may be necessary but not

Personal acts of kindness and concern
Recognition for achieving/exceeding results.

Clarity on performance based compensation.

Mutual respect and trust.

Offering of interesting assignments.

e Path
Model --
e Loyalty
The opportunity to learn new skills
Work collaboratively with them
Create relaxing atmosphere
Provide emotional support
Setting clear expectations

2008 survey:
Pleasant and Challenging job
Opportunities for professional development
Paid work tips
Breaks, Relaxations (trips, parties)
Sport Facilities
1) Being Informed about employees needs :
Identify what your employees needs are by
gathering compliments through employee
satisfaction survey in addition to concerns.

2)Help employees see the big picture, that are
contributing and making a difference.
3) Use training to increase confidence/managers
who cut training to save cost dont understand
how service delivery and morale can suffer.

4)Establish mentoring programs : this encourage
seasoned employees to be mentors.
5) Promote team building among employee
groups to create trust and acceptance.
6) Build a supportive environment

7)Dont be afraid to tell the truth but within
boundaries of respect.
8) Address or get rid of bad managers since one
bad manager can pollute multiple layers of an
9)Recognize employee contribution from a
supervisor of at least 2 ranks above an
employee makes a meaningful engaging
difference in an employee morale & loyalty
10) Use technology to manage employee

11)Supervisors appreciate stationary creates
motivation and build employee loyalty , since
not all managers have the time to sit and
compose a thank you letter to their employees.
12)Extend respect to each and everyone who is
part of your organization

13)Acknowledging employee loyalty in several
manners also helps to foster continued
dedication to the company.
14)Find a mission that they believe in

15) Gathering complaints in addition to
concerns, companies can find out if their
engagement efforts make a meaningful, lasting
contribution to employees.
16)Use a scale of agreement or a Likert Scale
17) Employees must feel confident and
improved as if they are part of the front line

Show Respect
Treating with Kindness
Existence of Respect and Dignity
Cancelling the old fashion Fear and
Focus on a Thriving
Enrollment in developing program
Environment of learning and developing skills
Aim for successful of each individual within the
Offer On-Going Training
Training and continuous education
Cross-trained employees
Focusing on empowering employees
Provide Coaching
Tap talent of individuals
Direct employees development
Taking value of their behaviors and skills
Give Feedback
-Mentoring relationships
-Support groups
-Action groups

Money and Decision Making
Enrollment in decision making
Leader Effectiveness in achieving such
Developing people is a strategic process that adds
value to both the employees and the bottom line of the
organization. Highly committed, highly competent people
create financial rewards for the organization;
organizations that develop their people and provide
opportunities for growth are sought-after by high-impact
performers. Great leaders know this simple formula.
They understand it and strive to create an environment
that supports it. And the result is success!