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Trunk shows; privately held fashion shows, where the new collection is presented

before being available in a store.

Pre-season; an extension of the trunk show. The difference lies in the fact that
these shows are mostly held by invitations from the brands. Their focus lies on
sub-collections launched before the main seasons complete collection.
Post-season sales; the equivalent to price discounts held by mass-rangebrands.
In the luxury sectors these events are private and mostly by invitation. They
include the sales of the collection of the previous season.
Personal stylist shopping; is a personal stylist who buys clothes for a client. This
has existed since decades, both in the luxury and in the nonluxury sector, but is
now more and more required by a broader consumer base.
The shopping lunch: This method is rather new and mixes the art of entertaining
and socializing with shopping in a private event. The products presented include
pre-order-only goods and goods that are not yet in the stores.
Outlet shopping villages: Already established in the mass-range brand market,
but rather new in the luxury sector. The contrast here is that the names of the
malls have no connection to the brand names. The luxury brands do not
provide the addresses of those outlet stores in their advertising media.
Smart &




Strong Values &

Chanel optimizes site
pages for mobile
Tiffany & Co.s What
Makes Love True
Burberry lets customers shop from
the runway
Missioni for Target The partnership between
mass retailer Target and Italian label Missoni built
anticipation through creative social media,
television and Web marketing that avoided the
latters luxury status dissolution.
Orient-Express A Journey Like No Other campaign
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
Story-telling and align the brand with quality.
Consumers from all over the world came to see the
namesake brand founder and late creative directors vision
at the museum.
On the heels of the closing Alexander McQueen Savage
Beauty exhibit in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of
Art announced that the exhibit drew in 661,509 visitors.
The Savage Beauty exhibit is the most-visited among the
exhibitions curated by the Mets Costume Institute since its
inception in 1946.
In the three months that the exhibit ran, the museum gained
23,000 new members, which is more than double the same
time last year.
The design, detail and craftsmanship that go into the
making of luxury goods are now being highlighted in
museums around the world.
Venues like a museum can demonstrate the value of a brand
in a more sophisticated, cultural and less marketing-
oriented situation.
In addition, as new markets emerge, brands need to ensure
that the new pool of affluent consumers understand the
brand history and associate the brand with luxury.

the age of digital and Facebook is
becoming one of a brands most
prominent marketing channels
Italian jewelry and accessories
manufacturer Bulgaricontinued the
push of its Mon Jasmin Noir fragrance
with ambassadress Kirsten Dunst by
creating an Enchanted Garden
Facebook app where consumers can
buy branded products.
Apparel designer oscar de la renta is
using facebook to sell exclusive
products available only to fans of the
brand on the social network site. There
is one original item per month.
Burberrys new flagship, the eighth store in Shanghai for
the brand, is located within the Kerry Centre.
The design of the store was based on the brands global
flagship at 121 Regent Street in London
Burberrys three level store is designed to be an event
space, entertainment center and store.
Forty screens and 130 speakers will play brand content,
creating a new version of the labels Burberry Retail
Theatre concept
Events will be held at the Shanghai store and
broadcasted via live-stream to the brands global
Burberry has woven radio-frequency identification
technology into select clothing and accessories to further
incorporate technology into shoppers experience. When
placed in front of a mirror, multimedia content, including
runway footage and product videos, automatically

The Shopping Lunch
Personal Stylist Shopping
PreSeason Sales : By Invitation
Post season Sales : Mostly by Invitation
Trunk Shows : Privately held fashion
Shows for select clientele
Shopping Villages : Resemble small towns
,Instead of housing feature only shops &
restaurants.Prada(Florence) ,Gucci
Media: fashion Magazines
Public Relations: Product placement in movies &
TV series
Events : 1)Events Organized by Brand Itself :
fashion shows & Store openings
2) Sponsored events usually in sports
3) Ceremonies ,cannes film Festival
Websites : Social Networking websites, Blogs,
Company Website, Advertising & promotions
online,E mail marketing
Direct Marketing : Mailings ,catalogues &
Su Misura
Zegna Sport & Z