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Case Analysis

Ethnic Consumer Consulting

Consumer Behaviour
Presented By:-
Harsh Vyas- 212011
Kavita Kharayat- 212016
Rajdeep Roy Chowdhury- 212025
Rishab Mehta- 212028
Identify existing cultural values in India
pertaining to fairness creams and hair oils
category, and how these attributes have been
taken into consideration in designing solutions
to influence the consumers
Problem Statement
What are the different Cultural Values prevailing
in India?
How brand differentiate themselves on the basis
of different cultural Values?
Indian Context- Issues
Management of marketing mix elements
Understanding the diversity of cultures
Development of appropriate product lines
Localizing global communication
Understanding the consumer psyche in a
changing environment
Issues in Fairness Creams & Hair Oils
Fairness Creams:
Population had a natural bias towards lighter skin, but
fairness alone would not be the driving force for sales
in near future
Growing fairness cream usage among men
Penetration and consumption remains a challenge
Hair Oils:
In 2010, hair oil category was reaching saturation,
competition from foreign conditioners
Hair oil brands could not charge a price premium
based on traditional attributes

Decision Criteria
Two Categories Hair oil and Facial cream
Industry analysis on list of 32 core Indian values
Self esteem
Respect for work etc..
Five-point Likert scale

Middle and upper socio economic classes
Stratified sampling
Developed perpetual map of available brands
Coefficient of variation
Variation as a percentage of the mean
Analysis of advertisement & communication

Consumer Attitude & Culture Difference

Fair & Lovely
Brand Synergy with Cultural Values

Solution - Fair & Lovely

Culture Value - Self esteem, Confidence, Individualism
Segmentation - Middle class in rural and urban
Target - Women
Positioning - Fair skin get you noticed and achieve success
Product - Multivitamin, Ayurvedic, Antimarks, Menzactive
Price - 9gr sachet to 80 gram tubes
Place - Rural and Urban India
Promotion - Advertisement instigates negative emotion in
order to magnify the victory or positive emotion as an
outcome of using the product even more

Solution Fairever

Culture Value - Self esteem, Confidence, Individualism
Segmentation - Middle class in rural and urban
Target Young women
Positioning How beauty induces confidence in a women
Product Base variant, Fruit variant
Price -
Place Predominantly in South India
Promotion - Advertisement communicating women's
confidence to do things without dwelling on the negative
elements of being dark complexioned unlike it competitors

Solution Parachute

Culture Value - Self esteem, Individualism , Utilitarianism,
Segmentation All income segment in Rural and Urban
Target Youth predominantly women
Positioning Nourishment , Purity
Product Advanced coconut and jasmine ; Shampoo & Gel
Price Rs 1 pouch pack , Rs 5 20 ml
Place Both urban and rural market
Promotion - Advertisement communicating functional
element like nourishment and emotional element real

Solution Dabur Amla

Culture Value - Self esteem, Individualism, Utilitarianism,
Segmentation All income segments in Rural and Urban
Target Predominantly women
Positioning Nourishment, enriching & strengthening of
Product Dabur Amla, Vakita for higher income group
Price Rs 1 sachets to bottle
Place Both urban and rural
Promotion - Advertisement communicating benefits of
Amla for nourishing and strengthening of hair and hence
insisting they should not be settling for anything less