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Guides to answer Paper 1
3 types of question
Word level
Phrase level
Sentence level
Read the questions and
understand them. Find the key
words. Underline them
Make your choice
Section B

Different social situations
Look at the picture and read the
dialogues in the speech bubbles
Understand the situation
Choose the best sentence that
fits the empty speech bubbles.

Section C
Grammar section
Read the questions and
understand the rules.
Find the keywords, underline

For punctuation and spelling

Read all options
Circle the errors
Compare all sentences
The sentence without error
is the answer

For the synonyms and antonyms
Understand the usage in the
For spelling test
Read the options given carefully
Compare the words with other
Choose the word with the correct

Section D
Test on grammar and
Read the text and determine
the tense
Look for clues in the text /
refer to the picture given

Section E

Comprehension section
Read the text at least twice
Get an idea of what the text is

For the second reading,
understand the whole text
especially the important points

Underline the difficult words
and read the sentence again a
few more times, guess the
meaning of the words.

Read the question and the
options given. Eliminate the
incorrect options
Refer to the text again for the

Paper 2 (Question 1)

1. Look at the picture carefully.
2. Note the people, animals, objects
and activities in the picture.
Example : How many people
(boys, girls, women, men) are

What are they doing?
Where are they?
What can you see on the wall,
on the floor, on the table, etc
(for indoor situation)

3. You MAY use the word given
in the boxes to help you. You
do not have to use all the 10

4. You may use simple present
tense, past tense, past
continuous tense or present
continuous tense. But using
present continuous tense is
much easier.

Example :
a. The living room is beautifully
decorated with balloons and

b. Grandfather and grandmother
are standing near the door.

5. Only write what you can see in the
picture. DO NOT write ideas about
the picture or activity.
We must not make noise when
we are in the library.
Mother cooks our meals in the
kitchen everyday

6. Construct a variety of sentences namely
Simple Sentence
The boys are playing football.
Compound sentence
The boys and their friends are playing
football in the field.
Complex sentence
Johan, who is wearing jersey number
seven, is playing football in the field.

7. Avoid using words such as, then,
after that, firstly.

8. Write five sentences only. If you
have so much idea and have a lot
to write, join the sentences with
the correct conjunctions.

9. Do not write a story.

10. Do not relate yourself to the
11. Write simple sentences if you
are not able to write compound
or complex sentences.
12.After you have completed all
the five sentences, check your
punctuations, capital letters,
commas and full stops.

1. There are some pupils at the
canteen and all of them want
to buy or eat some food.
2. The canteen man (Pak cik
Abu) and his helper (Makcik
Siti) are selling some food and
drinks at the counter.
3. A few boys queue up in front
of the counter because they
want to buy some food.
4. Two boys (Haziq and Naim)
are eating their food at the table
while another boy (Ehsan) is
carrying the food that he has

5. A girl (Akilah) is holding a
plate of rice and a glass of drink.
Low Achievers
1. There are some pupils at the
2. The man is selling some food.
3. Two boys eat their food at the
4. A boy walks to the table.
5. A girl is holding a plate of rice.

Guides on answering Questions 2
Question 2A
Look at the picture / graphic carefully.
Read all the information about each
picture thoroughly.
Complete the answer column; that is
the information about ONE TOPIC
FIRST. Then only you write answers
for the other two. One after the other.

Write with correct spelling and
punctuation. If possible, copy down
the answers from the information.
Do not omit or change anything
(apostrophe, hyphen).

Remember : There may be
information on the picture or

Question 2B
1. Choose only one choice. Do not
refer to the other two, to avoid you
from writing comparison.
2. Read the instruction for question
2B carefully. Understand the needs
of the question. You need to know
to whom you choose the choice
for. Make sure you are using the
correct pronouns.(He, his, she, her,
I, my)

3. Avoid using firstly, then, secondly,
thirdly, lastly. Use linkers
(furthermore, moreover, besides)
only when necessary and you are
sure of the spelling and the usage.

4. Add in your ideas or new words if
you can.

5. Give reasons for every points
that you write.

The price of the card is RM
5.90. It is quite high but it is
worth it as my mother really
deserves it. It has floral design
which is just nice since she
really loves flowers.

6. Do not write too many
reasons, long sentences to
avoid too many mistakes in a

7. After completing the
answers, check the
sentences, spelling and
punctuation errors.

I would like to choose the Scrabble
Club because it is one of the most
popular indoor games in Malaysia.

The fee is only RM 6 per month. I can
afford to pay since my mother gives
me RM 2.00 every day as my pocket
money. I can save some of it.
The meeting is every Monday after
school. I am free on the day and at
the time. I will learn to think of
words and know the spelling of
them. This will help me to enrich my
vocabulary. The venue will be in Year
6 Kemboja .
I like it because it is my classroom.
I just need to get a set of the board
game. I already have the set at
home and that will save some of
my money. I hope this game will
help me to improve my English.
Guides on answering Question 3

1. Read the instruction and study the
pictures carefully.

2. Try answering WH question
Who are the characters in the
Who is the main character?
Where are they?
What are they doing?
When did the story /
incident/ activity happen?
What happened at the
end of the story?

3. Get the idea so that your story will
have a good flow. Start your
answer with an interesting
introduction and end it with an
interesting closure. Introduction
need not to be too long. Two or
three sentences will be sufficient.
4. Use the words given to help
you to write about the
pictures. It is not compulsory
for you to use all the words

5. It is not necessary to follow
the order or sequence of
words. Feel free to write a
story/ activity/ process
needed as shown in the
6. If you are good, try to add
interesting expressions in your
7. Avoid repeating the ideas in
your writing.

8. Write your story in a
paragraph or a few
paragraphs. It is advisable to
write at least four sentences
for each picture.
9. You are not encouraged to
change the tense used in the
10. Write simple sentences if you
are not able to construct
compound or complex
sentences as long as the idea is

11.Use correct pronouns in your
writing to avoid repetition.

12. If you wish to use similes or
idioms in your writing, make
sure it is correctly used.
13. Write a good / interesting
closure for your writing.

14. Always go through your
writing. Check your spelling and

Picture 1
Cleanliness Campaign
Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Nanas is
a big school. Last week, the school
organized a cleanliness campaign. The
pupils, parents and teachers gathered in
the school for the project. They brought
along their brooms, axes, rakes, sickles
and old towel. All of them gathered at
the school hall for a short briefing. After
the briefing, they were divided into
Picture 2
Then, everybody went to the
places where they were supposed to do
their duties. Without wasting their
time, they started their work. The Year
6 pupils had to clean their own classes.
Some of the girls of Year 5 had to water
the plants in the garden. They used the
watering cans provided by the school.
All the girls of Year 6 Omega cleaned
their classroom. Aniza, the head girl,
wiped the window-
panes with a piece of old towel. Suhaila
dusted the windows and Aini swept the
floor. A few girls swept the corridor of
their classes.
Picture 3
Some teachers and parents
cleaned the school compound. Some
boys helped them to pick up the litter or
rubbish around the school compound
and put them into the plastic bags or
garbage bags.
Some parents cleaned the dirty, smelly
and clogged drains by collected the
rubbish and put them in a
wheelbarrow. Then, they put them at
one place. A few men swept the fallen
leaves from the big shady mango tree.
Picture 4
A group of boys cut the long
grass. Some of the teachers cut the
hedges not far from the school blocks.
A man mowed the long grass not far
from the canteen. Some ladies
planted the flowers and decorative
trees in the garden.
At about twelve noon, all of
them gathered at the canteen.
The headmaster, Tuan Haji Abdul
Rahman, was so pleased with the
good job that they had done. He
thanked the pupils and parents
for their cooperation.
Later, the canteen man served
tasty food and cold drinks for
them. They enjoyed
themselves eating the food. At
about one oclock in the
afternoon, all of them went
home, feeling tired but happy.
For Low Achievers
The pupils took part in a
cleanliness campaign. They gathered
at the school hall. They were divided
into groups.

The girls cleaned their
classrooms. Alia wiped and dusted
the windows. Suzana swept the floor.
Some boys cleaned the school
compound. They collected the
rubbish. They put them in plastic

The teachers cut the hedges and
mowed the grass. The headmaster
was very pleased. They served food
and drinks for all of them.