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Speech Writing

Likely occasions for speech

To Compel
To Persuade
To Appeal
To Congratulate
To Inform
Format of Speech Writing



Pay tribute to key participants
Formulating a series of points
The points should be organized so that related
points follow one another
Introduce yourself
Introduce your topic
Give a impressing start
Summarize the main points of your speech
Provide some further food for thought for
your listeners
Leave your audience with positive memories of
your speech
Assess how much time your speech should
Let your perception of the audience shape the
tone of your speech.
Organize your information into three to
seven main points and prioritize them
Start with your most important point, then
go to your least important point and move
slowly back toward the most important.
For example, if you have five points with No. 5 being
the most important and No. 1 being the least
important, your presentation order would be 5-1-2-
Add support to each point using statistics, facts,
examples, anecdotes, quotations or other supporting
Write a conclusion that summarizes each of your
points, restates your main purpose and leaves the
audience with a lasting impression
Tell them
what you
will tell them;

Tell them;

Tell them
what you
have told them.
Six Cardinal Questions

What do I wish to communicate?
Have I thought about the content of my
What facts and figures should I put forth?

Have I taken care of the timing of my
When are the listeners most likely to be
At what point of time should I say what they
really would be interested in?

Why should the audience listen to me?
Why have I chosen to speak to them?

Where have I to speak? Or, in other words,
what is the physical context of my
Will the audience be comfortable at the
venue announced? Is the hall/room well
lighted and fitted with adequate sound

Who am I going to speak to?
Do I have to speak to an individual or several
persons, or a large audience?
What are the interests and expectations of
the audience?

How can I best convey my message?
Have I taken care to couch my message in the
most persuasive language?
Have I planned the beginning, middle and
end of my speech?
Do I need any audio visual aids to make my
speech effective?

Tips n Warning
The introduction should make up about 10 to
15 percent of the total speech.
Make your notes easy to read by writing or
printing them in large, clear letters.
Use short sentences.
Spice it up: Include humor and inspirational
You don't have to follow all the rules of
written English grammar. Try to write like
people talk.
Always read your speech aloud while you're
writing it
Rehearse and time your speech before delivering
it. Prune it if necessary.
Use contractions and don't use big words
Be Simple
Furnish concrete details
Be Brief
Share you significant experiences with the
Remember facts and figures are not enough