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Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is a small fringed country located in the East
of Africa. Officially known as the Republic of Mozambique, the country appears extremely
inviting with its stunning tropical beaches, its traditions, its culture and the friendly people
of Mozambique. History says that after the central authority for the Republic of
Mozambique was transferred to the Delago Bay, also known as the Lourzeno Marques, the
city got eventually established as trade and industry centre for the country.
It also served as a major port for
businessmen who traded gold
from the South African continent.
"LM", also known as Lourenco
Marques, was a major tourist hub
from the beginning. Driven by a
Cosmo polis Continental
ambience, owing mainly due to
the Portuguese influence, the
Civil war changed all of them. Yet
today, the country attracts tourists
and enthusiasts from all over the
world. It is no doubt that with
breath taking beauty, flora and
fauna and historic heritage,
Mozambique attracts tourists.
And a lot of them. The coastline of
Mozambique encompasses about
2500 km with two sun drenched
archipelagos within its ambit.
So if you are planning for a Mozambique travel anytime soon, you ought to know the right
places to visit. Long sandy dune beaches, peacock blue waters from the sea, abundant
shoals and coral reefs, Portuguese influenced architecture, rich and exotic cuisine and a
pulsating nightlife are a few introductory lines for your Mozambique travel.
The port city of Pemba is a major
destination for diving enthusiasts and
water sport lovers. You will find coral
reefs close to the shore. You can witness
some of the most beautiful pieces of
Portuguese architecture in the city of
Pemba as well. The Quirimbas Islands
consists of a total of 32 islands all lined
up till the Tanzanian border. It is on the
probationary list for being declared as an
UNESCO World Heritage Site. Niassa
Reserve is the largest protected and
guarded area in the country, and you
should pay a visit to this majestic reserve
as well. These are some places up north
that you should include in your list
during Mozambique travel.
Bazaruto Archipelago consists of five glittering islands, set in the continents biggest marine
reserve. Life takes a break here and you get abundant opportunities for fishing and surfing.
Other tourist attractions include long sandy beaches, exquisite coral reefs, reef fishes, Giant
turtles, Devil rays, Butterfly fish, and the Santa Carolina, popularly known as the Paradise
Island. Located in the Inhumane Province, the Bazaruto National Park boasts of endemic
terrestrial gastropods, lizards, humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and Palaeartic
migrant water birds.
With such diverse flora and fauna,
your Mozambique travel trip will
definitely be worth travelling. Other
eminent places to visit in the south
are the Gorongosa National Park,
Quirimbas National Park, Tofo
beach, coastal town of Vilankulo
and the Zinave National Park. The
infamous capital city of
Mozambique, Maputo is best
known for its vibrant markets and
energetic nightlife. It is an absolute
treat for your Mozambique travel.
You should definitely check out the
Maputo Protection Area and the
Maputo Protection Area. The
Inhaca Island is another tourist hub
for ecological researchers due to its
wide array of natural habitat.
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