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IHS: Term II 2014-15


Opening & Closing Dates

17-Nov: Reporting Date for Senior School Teachers- Classes X, XI and XII

22-Nov: Reporting Date for Classes X, XI & XII

25-Nov: Reporting Date for Junior & Middle School and remaining SS

1-Dec: Reporting Date for Classes IX, VIII & Middle School

2-Dec: Reporting Date for Junior School

04-Apr: Closing Day for All Students

05 - 10 Apr: Term Review for Teachers (Please book tickets after

5pm on the 10th)

Senior School: Examinations

Final Exams for VIII, IX & XI

15 - 28 Mar

Mid Term Tests in January before Republic Day

Preliminary Exams for X

Prelim I Nov 25 - Dec 5

Prelim II Dec 26 - Jan 6

Prelim III Jan 25 to Feb 4

Preliminary Exams for XII

Prelim I Dec 20 - 30

Prelim II Jan 20 - 30

Board Exams for X & XII

Feb 1st Week to March End

Events December 2014

2-4 Dec: Farm Stay Class IX

5-10 Dec: Quill Club Writers Classes VIII/IX/XI

5-20 Dec (3 days): Camp Mistea Class X

11-19 Dec: Art Workshop- Classes IX and XI

11-20 Dec: Samskrita Shibiram Class VIII (Sanskrit students)

18 Dec : Math Olympiad

? Dec: Cricket Tournament U 16

? Dec : MUN at Riverside Classes XI/XII & MS

25 Dec: Christmas Dinner

31 Dec: New Years Eve

Events January / February 2015

3-10 Jan (3 days) Camp Mistea Class XII

10 Jan: Thyagaraja Aradhana Day

14/15 Jan: Pongal

26 Jan: Republic Day

?Jan: Gopal Naidu Memorial Football Tournament

27 Jan 9 Feb: SS and MS Study Trips

VIII Hyderabad Aurangabad

IX Delhi Agra Jaipur Jaisalmer

XI Malaysia

MS Chidambaram Pondicherry Mahabalipuram- Chennai

Events February 2015

3 Feb: Thaipoosam

10 16 Feb: Yaksha

17 Feb: Mahashivaratri

? Feb : Farewell Party for X/XII

24-27 Feb: JS Trip to Nilgiris

Events March / April 2015

6 Mar : Holi

1st Week Mar : Art Trip for Class XI Art Students

29 Mar : ICC World Cup Cricket Finals

1 Apr : Class Wind Up / Periscope Prep

2 Apr : House Wind Up / Periscope Prep

3 Apr : Periscope Culmination

4 Apr : Check out

Senior School: Additional Events

Miscellaneous events to be on individual week schedule

1x/ month CMM Event for Classes XI & XII (to happen on Movie Nights)

Subject-based Field Trips

Student Initiatives Own a Village Programme One day in a month

Programme yet to be finalized

Senior School: Planning Details

VIII and IX Classes : Teaching weeks total 16 weeks including exam time

14 weeks of teaching time

10 days of examination

XI: Teaching Weeks Total 17 weeks including exam time

15 weeks of teaching time

10 days of examination including practical tests

Senior School: Meetings

Daily Mid-Morning Meeting

2x/ month Department Meetings

2x/ month - Task Group Meetings

1x/ month Teacher Development

1x/ month Grade-Level Meetings

1x/ month Class Teacher Meeting

3x/ term House Parent Meetings

2x/ term H.O.D. Meeting

CT-HP Meetings as and when needed

Subject-wise trainings to be determined by respective H.O.D.s

More Excitement for Teachers

Teacher Dinners: 2x/ term

Teacher Swap: 1x/ term (unannounced )

Teacher Sports Matches: 2x/ term

Teacher Drama Assemblies: 2x/ term