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Purism. A movement in French painting advocating an
art of clarity and objectivity in tune with the machine
Purism founders were Amede Ozenfant and Le
Corbusier, who met in Paris in 1918, and it flourished
from then until 1925.


Both protagonists seemed to realize that it represented something of a dead end
pictorially and moved on to much looser styles. Its main sequel is to be found in the
architectural theories and achievements of Le Corbusier
As George Heard Hamilton writes, Purism

did encourage a serious look

at the products and the methods of producing objects in
modern times Whenever we admire the simple contour or
refined shape of an article of daily use, we share in the Purist



Purism & Le Corbusier

In collaboration with the artist Amde Ozenfant, he developed a new theory
called Purism where architecture would be as efficient as a factory assembly
line. The code of purist rules would be to refine and simplify design, dispensing
with ornamentation. Many of his ideas were documented in his book "Towards
a New Architecture", his radical ideas at the time, still continues to be one of
the best-selling architecture books of all time.

He called his private homes machines to be lived in and their importance was
based on a balance of aesthetics, the mental and social well being of humans,
light, air and harmony.
Designed furniture that was lines are clean, straight and precise.

The golden ratio was the ideal shape, and that is

reflected in their work

Purism Examples
This is one of the best
examples of purist
architecture. It shows its
interest in solid form and
large simple compositional
elements. It aimed at
synthesis of pyramidal and
circular geometry of
cubism with the neoclassical sense for solid

Bedich Feuerstein: Crematorium in

Nymburk (1922-24)

Purism Examples

System of the

Josef Chochol: Project for Liberated Theatre in Brno (1926-27)


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