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Market Positioning of Detergent Brands

Presented By:
Rinky Sachdeva
Keshav Rustagi
Parshant Gupta
Shobhit Saxena
Shashank Kapoor
Aditya Goel

Indian Detergent Industry

Indian detergent market is estimated at over
13000 crore rupees and growing at about 8%

Indias per capital consumption of detergent

stands at 2.7kg the lowest in the world

The organized players in the industry comprise

60% of the total market, remaining 40% is
saturated with regional and small unorganized

Market leader among organized players is
HUL 37% followed by Nirma 30% and
Procter and Gamble 12%
Other brands in the running are Henko from
Henkel, Jyothi Laboratories' Techno Bright,
Ghari and innumerable ones in the
unorganized sector
Any Detergent with the basic ingredients in
place will do an equally good a job of
cleaning. So the major component of cost is
the cost of marketing.

Market Segmentation
Frame of reference

Geographical Split

Active Wheel

Worlds largest selling detergent by volume

Largest brand in HUL portfolio
10th largest FMCG brand in India


Market Positioning

Belongs to Popular segment

Price range: Rs. 40 Rs. 50 per kg
Targets Rural and Lower middle class
TVC analysis:
Emphasis on fragrance of flowers and cleaning
power of lemons
Competing with local players
Targets housewives who use traditional
methods of washing clothes

Competitive Environment : 3 Cs
The lower-most socio-economic segment: B2 to E2

Ghari, Nirma, Fena and local players

HUL : Hindustan Unilever Limited

Points of differences
Celebrity Brand Ambassador: Salman Khan
More emphasis on fragrances of flowers and less
on functionality unlike other detergent brands
that highlight stain removing and whitening
Competes with local detergent players
Innovative campaigning in rural and semi-urban
areas of India
TVC and radio campaigns revolve around
husband-wife conversation

Surf excel

Launched in 1948 under the brand name Surf in

Pakistan & in 1959, launched in India as the first
detergent powder
Company: Unilever
Availability: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India
Message: Dirt is good. When children go out to play and
get dirty, they don't just collect stains. They experience
life, make friends, share with each other & learn from
each other

Brands heritage

Surf Excel is the product of Unilever and is

the oldest detergent brand (1959).
Initially, the brand was positioned on the
clean proposition of washes whitest.

Market positioning

Showcasing dirt as valuable: Daag achchhe hain

Positioned as Stain Remover
Price range: Rs. 100 Rs. 250
For high and middle income groups
Targets mainly washing-machine users and has
different variants for top and front opening
TVC emphasizes on fast stain removal, color care,
safe for hands and superior fragrance

Socio-economic class A1 to B1
Mainly washing machine users
Financially well-off as many innovative
campaigns make use of internet like stainremoving games on surf-excel website and
twitter contests

Potential Target



Middle and High Income groups


Washing Machine Users


Low and Middle Income Group


Middle and High Income Groups

(Hard water/ Scarce)


Stain Removal.
Powerful cleaning.
Good fragrance.
Keeps the colors of clothes bright
Attractive packaging.
Daag tu acha hota hain.
Daag nai to seikhna nai.

Points of differences
First FMCG for detergent

Psychological advantage over any of its competitors as Surf has

become a generic name for detergent category.

Surf Excel has been taking a different route by seeking to occupy

the emotional space amongst consumers.

Many BTL campaigns of Surf-Excel revolve around
making lives better for children

Slogans of Surf Excel always have some continuity (Daag)

and attractiveness to appeal its customers

Strong presence on Twitter and other social media

platforms. #DaagAchheHain is very popular.


Launched in India in mid-2000, Tide provides

Outstanding Whiteness on white clothes &
excellent cleaning on coloured clothes as well.
The Tide range in India includes Tide (Detergent)
and Tide (Bar with Whitens).
Tide Naturals was launched in India in December
2009. Packed with the benefits of lemon and

Potential Target : Women ages 18 to 54 years
old, middle classes.
Frame Of Reference : Detergents Giving Shiner
Points of Differences: Whiter Clothes, Variants
like Tide Naturals (lemon and chandan)

Tide was really successful in positioning itself as
a brand which can give you better results than
your expectations.
Tide showed people the extra shade of
brightness in White, when people used to get
satisfy with the Normal White.

Brands Heritage
Tide is a brand of Procter and Gamble.
Being under the umbrella of P&G, it enjoys high
position in market and It is easier for the brand
to penetrate into the consumer minds and win
the trust.

Tide successfully positioned itself as a brand
which gives Whiter Clothes than any other
So, the people who wears uniforms (specially
white or light colored) were readily attracted
towards the brand.
Housewives were also concerned about the
clothes of their husbands. Tide successfully
targeted them also by showing similar things in

Competitive Environment
Tide made an entry at the perfect time when
advertisement industry was booming and
consumer was becoming more aware about their
choices due to increase in information inflows.
There were many brands who were focusing on
the dirt removing properties of their detergents
and going into the technicalities of their

Points of Differences
Tide showed people that you can actually get
whiter and shiner clothes by using tide
Brand did not focus on composition of product
too much and kept it simple

People needed a good branded product at lower


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