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Respectful relationships

education project

Group agreement
Listen to each other
Respect each others comments and
Support each other and work together

What is consent?
Consent means free agreement of your
own free will, not because you're forced,
scared or threatened. Both people must
freely agree to engage in sexual activity for
there to be consent. Sex without the
consent is a crime (Victoria Legal Aid,

What is consent?
To give consent you must:
Be the right age. The law sets clear age limits for having
sex. The age limits are designed to protect young people
from being taken advantage of by older people
Be sober and awake. If someone is unconscious or
affected by alcohol or drugs, then they cannot freely
Be mentally and physically able. A person has to have
the mental ability to make decisions and the physical
ability to communicate their desires (Victoria Legal Aid,

Consent questions
Are the people in this scenario acting
appropriately regarding consent? Why or why
If you were a bystander in this scenario, what
are your rights and responsibilities?
If you saw your friend in this situation, what
would your responsibility be to act?
What is one way the people in the story could
communicate more effectively about sex?

Darren and Cho

Darren and Cho have been dating for 5 months. Cho
believes you should wait until after marriage to have sex
and she has discussed her beliefs with Darren. Cho loves
Darren and is very attracted to him. One afternoon,
Darren is at Chos house when her parents are away.
Darren asks Cho if she wants to have sex and Cho says
yes and that she has changed her mind about waiting for
marriage because she loves him. Darren asks Cho again
if she is really sure and she says yes again. They start to
kiss and touch each other and then Cho pulls away and
says actually she has changed her mind and doesnt want
to have sex anymore. Darren says its okay and he loves
her for her strong beliefs.

Anna and Joseph

Anna and Joseph are married and have five
children. Anna had her fifth child last week. One
night Anna is sleeping and Joseph comes home late
and wants to have sex with Anna. Anna says she
doesnt want to because she is tired and sore, but
Joseph gets angry and says that she must have sex
with him because she is his wife. Anna does not
want to, but has sex because she thinks she has no

Simon and Chelsea

Simon and Chelsea have been going out for two
months. Simon and Chelsea are at a beach party
with their friends. Simon has been encouraging
Chelsea to drink all night and now she is really
drunk and nearly falling over. Simon asks Chelsea
to go for a walk with him so they are alone. Simon
kisses Chelsea and puts his hand up her top,
Chelsea pushes him away. Simon keeps touching
her and tells her that if she really loved him she
would have sex with him.

Amy and Sarah

Amy and Sarah have been dating for three weeks. Sarah is
20 and has only recently come out and Amy is her first
girlfriend. Amy is 25 and has been in two previous samesex relationships. Sarah and Amy have just started a
sexual relationship. One night Sarah and Amy are alone at
Sarahs parents house. Amy starts to touch Sarah and
suggests they have sex while her parents are out. Sarah
pushes her away and says that she doesnt want to, its too
weird. Amy then sits on Sarahs lap and starts kissing her
and undoing her pants. Sarah feels uncomfortable and
pushes Amy off her and runs outside.

Tom and Lisa

Tom and Lisa have been dating for one month. They
started having sex two weeks ago. Tom brags to his
mates that he is going to have anal sex with Lisa. The
next time Lisa and Tom are having sex, Tom tries to
initiate anal sex with Lisa. Lisa does not want to and
does not like that Tom has not discussed this with her
before he tried. Lisa asks Tom to stop. Tom continues to
initiate anal sex with Lisa. Lisa does not ask Tom to stop
again as she thinks this must be what Tom really wants
and wants to please Tom, even though she is not
enjoying herself anymore.

Mythbusting attitudes
Violence against women is not common in Australia
Violence against women is extremely common in Australia. One in three
women have experienced violence at least once in their lives (ABS, 2012).
If a woman is wearing revealing clothes, she is asking for it or she
deserved it
Rape or sexual assault is not caused by a woman choosing to wear certain
clothes. It happens because the perpetrator chooses to commit a crime. No
one asks to be raped and no one deserves it.
Violence is caused by alcohol and substance abuse
Violence is a choice. Alcohol and drugs are often used by perpetrators as an
excuse for their behaviour. Almost equal numbers of perpetrators are drunk or

Mythbusting attitudes
Men are naturally violent and sometimes just lose their temper and cant
control it
Violence is a choice. Being angry is an emotion, but people choose whether or not to be
violent. Men are not naturally violent. They are conditioned by our society to believe that
violence is normal and acceptable. Often perpetrators are not violent towards other men or
people in positions of power. Perpetrators choose to use violence to gain power and control.

Sexual assault occurs because men cant control their need for sex
Violence is a choice. Men can make choices not to assault someone. Perpetrators use
sexual assault to gain power and control.

A woman is contributing to the problem if she doesnt leave the violent

relationship. It is her own fault if she stays. Things cant be that bad if she
hasnt left.
There are many reasons that women dont leave a violent relationship, such as lack of
finances, isolation and lack of support, social stigma, fear that violence will escalate,
commitment and concern for the children. Abusive partners often go to great lengths to
make it hard for a victim/survivor to leave a relationship, such as social isolation, economic
deprivation, threats of violence, controlling and demanding to know the persons
whereabouts at all times.

Mythbusting attitudes
It is a mans right to have sex within a marriage or relationship
Rape is rape. Sex in marriage and relationships should always be consensual and
never forced.
Violence against women only occurs in certain groups
Violence against women occurs in every community.
Violence against women is mostly committed by strangers
More than two-thirds of women who have experienced violence have known the
person who committed the violence.
Some people deserve to be beaten because they provoke the violence.
No one deserves to be assaulted. The responsibility rests solely with the
perpetrator. There is no excuse for violence. Some women will defend themselves
in an abusive relationship but there is a difference between abusing someone and
defending yourself from being abused further.

What is the difference between sex and
What are some examples of gender
Where do stereotypes come from?

Gender body map

What have you been told are

admirable masculine or
feminine traits?

What is a bystander?
A bystander is a person or persons, not directly
involved as a victim or perpetrator, who
observes an act of violence, discrimination or
other unacceptable behaviour (VicHealth, 2012).

Bystander action is taken by a bystander to

speak out about or engage others in responding
to specific incidents of sexism, discrimination or
violence against women (VicHealth, 2012).

Bystander scenarios
Party scene
You are at a party talking with your friend. You see a girl
you know being led upstairs by a guy. You know she has
had a lot to drink. What should you do?
Talking with mates in the change rooms at football
After football practice your friends say to you, That
Melissa chick is such a babe. I wouldnt mind banging her.
Ill probably get the chance because shes a bit of a slut.
How should you respond?

Bystander scenarios
A sexist comment on your friends Facebook page
You log onto your Facebook and notice that your friend has posted
a comment that reads, What do you say to a woman with two black
eyes? Nothing, youve already told her twice! How should you
A woman getting hassled on the train
You are on a crowded train and you see a man standing over a
woman. You hear him make sexually suggestive comments about
her breasts and body. The woman is trying to tell him to stop and
looks very uncomfortable but the man pays no attention to what she
is saying. Everyone else on the train is doing their best to ignore
what is happening. How should you respond?

Where can I go for help?

Victoria Police
Call 000

Womens Health West: Family Violence Intake Service

Specialist family violence service for the west of Melbourne, risk assessments, safety planning, case management and
childrens counselling
Phone: (03) 9689 9588

Womens Domestic Violence Crisis Service

Statewide service that provides support (24 hours, 7 days per week) for refuge and crisis accommodation
Phone: 1800 015 188

Victims assistance and counselling program
Phone: (03) 8398 4100
Counselling line
Phone: (03) 8398 4178

Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault

Counselling service and after hours crisis service for anyone 12 years and above who is a victim or survivor of sexual assault
Counselling line: (03) 9687 5811
Administration line: (03) 9687 8637
24 hour crisis line: 1800 806 292

MensLine Australia
Professional telephone and online support, information and referral service, helping men to deal with relationship problems in a
practical and effective way
Phone: 1300 78 99 78

Thank you!

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