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Mystery of

Explained with parallel
examples from Shakta Tantra ,
Naqshabandi Sufi , Evangelical
Christians & Kriya Yoga

Shaktipat Induces following

Automatic movements of Hand ,legs & neck

Vibration of Body
Involuntary singing, animal bird sounds
Subtle visions of deities, Gurus & sacred
Tongue movements, ejaculation of bodily

Lets See Similarity . Pictures

carry more than thousand

Baraqat or Grace given by Sufi Master of

Naqshabandi Order, from Pakistan

Toronto Blessing is event by Toronto

Airport Christian Fellowship, evangelist
Christian church movement also called
Catch the Fire

This is Mass Shaktipat Deeksha given by Swami Muktananda , modern Guru

of Shakta Tantra, Siddha yoga. He was disciple of Nityananda . Same
deekshas are given in tradition of Sri Gulawani Maharaj , Sri Narayan Kaka
Dhekane Maharaj & Sri Shivoham Tirth Maharaj

So do we observe
Similarity ?

It is the combination of Magnetism joint with

force of Prana(Static electricity ) applied to
change Electromagnetic consciousness field or
Astral body of the receiver . It results in change
in firing of neurons in brain , which results in
new motor & sensual signals . It cumulates into
new Kriyas & new visions

Secret Spots / Chakras as per the Naqshabandi Sufi

system & Kundalini as Snake always pictured in Shakta

Perhaps we should not try to

seek roots of Shaktipat into
thousand year lost systems of
Kashmir Shavism, But should
seek the connections between
Kabala Magic tradition , Sufi
way of Dhikra & concept of
Astral Light

So what is Astral Light, what is

Electromagnetic Consciousness Field &
what is Magnetized Electricity , we will
see in next presentation .
And also why Sai Baba of Shirdi is
center of all these traditions