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The inlet air to compressor may contain dirt,

dust, hydrocarbon fumes etc,.
A large portion of these things can be
removed by inlet air filtration.
The dry contaminates that pass through
filters as well as Wet contaminants such as
hydrocarbons cannot be removed effectively
so compressor must be washed with waterdetergent solution

online washing.
off line washing.
Compressor washing frequency
The frequency of compressor washing
depends up on the severity and type of
atmospheric contamination
The recommended method for establishing
the frequency is to monitor gas turbine

Restoration of lost performance

Reduced turbine operating costs
Reduction of gas turbine fuel consumption



The water tank is full

The detergent tank is full
The water temperature is at the required level
The valve on the main wash pump suction side open
The isolation value in the water supply line to the skid
is closed.
The differential temp b/w the water wash and the
interstage wheelspace temp must not be greater than
To reduce the difference the water wash may be
heated and the turbine kept on crank until wheel
space temp drop to acceptable level

Water temp set point switch to hot

Operation selector switch to manual
Water heated up to proper washing temp
Close flame detector values ,fuel mainfold
drains are to be closed
Select off line water wash on in water wash
control display
Make sure turbine is shut down

01. Raise wash water temp to the required

02. Ensure difference between the wheel
space and wash water temp. <48 C
03. Close bearing seal air valves and open seal
air drain valves.
04. Start GT on crank mode.
05. Do wetting of compressor for 5 minutes
with wash pump.

06. Do compressor detergent washing for 10

mts. by running detergent pump and wash
07. Do rinsing of compressor with plain water
for 10 mts.
08. Isolate washing skid
09. Stop GT and soak for 20 mts.
10. Do compressor-drying operating at crank
speed for 20 mts.

11. Open bearing seal air valves close drain

12. Divert false start drains & plenum drain to
sludge tank.
13. Start GT and operate at FSNL for at least 5
mts. With 24 hrs wash3. Divert false start
drains and exhaust plenum drain to effluent

press the off line water wash off softswitch

on the water wash contro display
Place the master operation switch 20TW in
auto or remote mode
In the control panel on the skid set water
temperature setpoint to cold and the
operation selector switch to auto
The gas turbine is now available for
commercial service and may be loaded

The inlet air containing dirt, dust,

hydrocarbon fumes etc.attached to
compressor blades can be removed by
compressor washing and increase gas
turbine performance.