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financial controller job

The financial controller job description includes elements such as: financial
controller responsibilities, financial controller skills, financial controller
qualities, financial controller abilities, financial controller experience, financial
controller job tools, financial controller working conditions
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Key duties/responsibilities for financial controller

1. Manages monthly close and year end audit of a Prime Brokerage and
Corresponding Clearing broker/dealer
2. Implement, maintain and strengthen control environment for all IFRS, U.S.
GAAP and internal reporting for the regulated broker/dealers
3. Coordinate the external audit, internal audits and key participate in all
regulatory audits
4. Preparation of U.S. GAAP audited financial statements for broker/dealers
5. Coordinate financial information with regulatory and head office reporting
team requirements
6. Review and validate all control reconciliations completed by the P&L and
Balance Sheet Control groups
7. Coordinate with Middle Office, Operations, IT, legal and compliance and
business management
8. Work with business to help develop and support new business, transactions
and/or projects
9. Work with Treasury, IT, Operations and other departments to develop STP
and strengthen the control environment

Key job qualifications for financial controller



5-7 years broker/dealer accounting, controller & auditing experience

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/ Finance
Candidates MUST have GAAP reporting experience- no exceptions
Knowledge of SEC Rule 15C3-1 and 15C3-3 and customer segregations
Experience working for a Prime Broker, Equity, Securities Lending, Margin
lending and Repo
Strong knowledge of controls and implementation of controls
SOX experience or other relevant control experience
Strong knowledge of US GAAP and IFRS
FINRA Series 27 or other industry license
Experience with the following operational systems: Broadridge
ICI/Impact and BPS; Sunguard LoaNet
Strong knowledge of Excel (v lookups, pivot tables, etc.)

Format for financial controller job description

A typical job description includes 4
main part as follows:
1. Job information
This part includes: job title, reporting
relationships, department, job
location, manager/supervisors title,
job code, purpose and objective of the
2. List of main task
3. Contents of Job Specifications
Skill requirements.
Abilities. Ability include physical
ability, metal ability, aptitudes.
4. Contents of working conditions
Environmental conditions
Job hazards / safety
Machine, tools and equipments

KSA model in setting up job description

1. What is KSA model?
KSA model is a competency model of individual. KSA is the same KSAO.
KSA include Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (also called KSAs model) that an
applicant must have to perform successfully in the position.

2. Components of KSA:
A body of information needed to perform a task.
For example, Human Resources Knowledge include knowledge of personnel
recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and
negotiation, and personnel information systems.
Skills are the proficiency to perform a certain task.
For example, skill in operating computer peripherals such as printers.
Abilities are an underlying, enduring trait useful for performing tasks.
For example, oral comprehension the ability to listen to and understand
information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.

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Fields related to financial controller:

The above job description can be used for fields as:
construction, manufacturing, healthcare, non profit, advertising, agile,
architecture, automotive, agency, banking, budget, building, business
development, consulting, communication, clinical research, design, software
development, product development, interior design, web development,
engineering, education, events, electrical, exhibition, energy, ngo, finance,
fashion, green card, oil gas, hospital, it, marketing, media, mining, nhs, non
technical, oil and gas, offshore, pharmaceutical, real estate, retail, research,
human resources, telecommunications, technology, technical, senior, digital,
software, web, clinical, hr, infrastructure, business, erp, creative, ict, hvac,
sales, quality management, uk, implementation, network, operations,
architectural, environmental, crm, website, interactive, security, supply chain,
logistics, training, project management, administrative management
The above job description also can be used for job title levels: entry level
financial controller, junior financial controller, senior financial controller