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Managerial Process Skills

Prof M.R.Koshti
Session 7
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Entrepreneurship Project

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Ideas generated in the class (MMS B)

Food joints
Paper plate making
Medium sized restaurant / Bar
Music School
Sports store
Ad / Travel agency
Cosmetics shop
Designer boutique
Fruits with chocolette
Hall on rent for exhibition
Car pool company
Transport and logistics
Recycle wedding cards
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Security service
Computer AMCs
Gaming zone / water sports
Courier service
Dairy farm / dairy products
Packers and movers
Real estate developer
Internet caffe
Website development business
Night hours auto service
Placement agency

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Broking firm
Apparels / bridal - ware
A/C bus for locations near the railway stations
Dormitary facility near railway stations
Customized cake shop
Computer class in rural area
Club house / Spa
Washing machine service
Moped renting
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Fast food joint, on highway

Mineral water
Hoalsale vegetables and fruits
Website for people going abroad
Online food order / restaurant, 11 pm 8 am restaurant
Printing cards
Custom shoes sale from website
Financial investment advice for middle income group
Contract farming
Campus to Corporate
Security firm
Cab service, for students going from stations to colleges
Sports club
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Test health meters

Plastic models for apparels shops
Stationary shop in TIMSR
Cloth retail outlet
Aroma shop
To study logistics in FMCG firms
Selling Kashmir shawls in Mumbai
Study of MBA entrepreneurs
Study of how entrepreneurs organize fund for expansion
Research on problems faced by the start ups
Study of govt support to entrepreneurs
Study the motivational factors to start ones own business
Restaurant in Mahabaleshwar taking on line food orders
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On line marketing for small scale units and NGOs

Artwork boutique
Corporate gifts
Web portal fro generic pharmacy
Fund raising / Venture capital
Study of patent laws
Education portal
Car service station with genuein parts and skilled laabor
Cold storage warehouse
KPO in financial services
Plastic containers
Official Raddiwala
5 students coming together with Rs 1000 each and do a profit generating venture

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Direct Selling

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What Is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling means the marketing of
consumer products/services directly to the
consumers generally in their homes or the
homes of others, at their workplace and other
places away from permanent retail locations,
usually through explanation or demonstration
of the products by a direct seller___

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The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) is
an autonomous, self-regulatory body for the
direct selling industry in India.
The Association acts as an interface between
the industry and policy-making bodies of the
Government facilitating the cause of Direct
Selling Industry in India___

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www.indiandsa.co.in (Indian Direct

Sellers Association members)
1. Tupperware India Pvt. Ltd.,
2. Tianjin Tianshi India Pvt. Ltd
3. Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd.,
4. Modicare Ltd.,
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5. Max New York Life Insurance

Co. Ltd., Gurgaon
6. Hindustan Unilever Network,
7. Mary Kay Cosmetics Pvt Ltd.
8. K-Link Healthcare (India) Pvt.
Ltd., Chennai
9. Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics India Pvt. Ltd.

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10. Herbalife International India

P. Ltd., Bangalore
11. Elken International India Pvt. Ltd.,
12. Daehsan Trading (India) P.
Ltd., Delhi
13. CNI Enterprise (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
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14. Avon Beauty Products India

Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
15. Amway India Enterprises,
Noida, UP
16. AMC Cookware (India) Pvt.
Ltd., Bangalore
17. Altos Enterprises Ltd.
18. 4Life Trading India Ltd___

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1. Tupperware India Pvt. Ltd.

For over 60 years, Tupperware has made an unwavering
commitment to Enlighten, Educate and Empower women
and their families
No link opened from the home page.
New releases
EZY Bowls set of 4
Girlz day out lunch set
Cool square
Opportunity Be a Tupperware woman
Locate find a distributor
Product Gallery
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1. Tupperware India Pvt. Ltd.

Host a party
What started as innovation in 1942 is now an
inseparable part of our life
Lifetime warranty
Enlightening, educating, and empowering
women across the globe.know more ..link
didnt open
Attend unique Tupperware parties and
experience the real Tupperware lifestyle___
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2. Tianjin Tianshi India Pvt. Ltd

Within 16 years development our business has
covered 190 countries and regions in the
Tiens Group Co. Ltd (hereby shortened as
Tiens Group), founded in 1995 by Mr. Li
Jinyuan in Tianjin China, began its march into
the international market in 1997. ___

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2. Tianjin Tianshi India Pvt. Ltd

The diversified products developed by Tiens
Group, such as health food, health care
appliances, skincare applications and household
products, are creating a high quality life for more
than 20 million families around the world and
have helped them to enjoy health, happiness,
beauty and affluence.
The cost of business kit is Rs 1200 only.
Based on 5,000-years profound Chinese culture
of healthy therapy___
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3. Oriflame
Founded in 1967 by two brothers and their
friend, Oriflame is now an international beauty
company selling direct in more than 60 countries
worldwide. Its wide portfolio of Swedish, natural,
innovative beauty products..
1.5 billion Euros in annual sales
Low entrance fee
The starter kit includes presentational material
about our company and products as well as
guides and catalogues__
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3. Oriflame
Oriflame Courier Delivery: Available from all
Oriflame branches to all towns and cities
within the same state and outside state served
by respective branches. FREE delivery for
Individual order above Rs. 3000. FREE delivery
for Team order above Rs. 6000. (A single fee of
Rs. 70 shall be charged on order(s) below this
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4. Modi group companiess

EGO Italian
Ego Thai
Ego - 33
Godfray Philips India Ltd
Fashion TV India
Modi Healthcare Placement
Indofil Industries Ltd
Tea City
Color Bar USA
Pan Vilas Pan Masala
The Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores___
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4. Modicare
Joining fess Rs 434
Modicare's current product range comprises high
quality products in Laundry Care, Home Care,
Auto Care, Personal Care, Color Cosmetics and
Skin Care, Agriculture, Nutrition, Health &
Wellness, Food & Beverage and TriActiv Products.
Modicare was established by the K.K. Modi group
of Companies in 1996.___

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5. Max New York Life Insurance Co.

Ltd., Gurgaon
Max New York Life Insurance Company Ltd. is
a joint venture between New York Life, a
Fortune 100 company and Max India Limited,
one of India's leading multi-business
The flagship company Max India Limited is
widely held, with the owner sponsors, led by
Analjit Singh hold more than 35% share.___
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5. Max New York Life Insurance Co.

Ltd., Gurgaon
Joining FEE NOT GIVEN, On line reg ends
with our rep will contact you.
We follow a structured and a systematic
selection process to hire deserving individuals.
This consists of a couple of interviews and
completion of projects. The process is
designed to help the candidate answer the
question, Is this right for me?___
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6. Hindustan Unilever Network,

The link from IDAS does not give info on network, it
goes to general HUL site where it was found very
difficult to get link to HUL-NET
Google search was done for HUL-NET
Zero registration fees
2003 started
How to order Simply select the products you want
from this website, subject to minimum order value
applicable for your town.
For more order details view pdf the site does not go
further ___
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7. Mary Kay Cosmetics Pvt Ltd.

Mary Kay is one of the largest direct selling cosmetics companies in
the world. With its Mission of Enriching Womens Lives
Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Inc.
After 25 years in the direct selling business, Mary Kay Ash resigned
her position as a national training director when yet another man
she had trained was promoted above her at twice her salary.
So in 1963, with her past experience, her plan and $5,000 in
savings, Mary Kay Ash enlisted the help of her 20-year-old son,
Richard, and created Beauty by Mary Kay. It was a first a company
dedicated to making life more beautiful for women.___

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7. Mary Kay Cosmetics Pvt Ltd.

Skin care and colour cosmetics
In 2006, sales of Mary Kay products exceeded
$2.25 billion in wholesale sales.
Mary Kay develops, tests, manufactures and
packages the majority of its own products at
its state-of-the-art plants in Dallas and China.
Sign your Independent Beauty Consultant
Agreement and purchase the Starter Kit to
help you begin selling products right away.___
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8. K-Link Healthcare (India) Pvt.

Ltd., Chennai

Agro products
Personal care
Beauty care
Health care
Health drink
Health food___
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8. K-Link Healthcare (India) Pvt.

Ltd., Chennai
Started in 2000
Rs 650/3000 joining fees
HQ- Malaysia.___

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9. Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics India Pvt. Ltd.

JAFRA, a leading global direct selling cosmetics
company, in partnership with Ruchi, one of
Indias Top 5 FMCG companies,
The legend of JAFRA goes back to 1956, to
Malibu, California, USA, when, a young
couple, Jan and Franks passion & support for
each other led to the birth of a unique skin
care product - Royal Jelly.___
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9. Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics India Pvt. Ltd.

Over time, a full line of innovative skin care
products, cosmetics and fragrances have been
developed & dedicated to women, to make
them look and feel their best.
Today JAFRA belongs to the prestigious
Vorwerk Group, a German family owned
turnover of USD 3 Billion (2010).___
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9. Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics India Pvt. Ltd.

To enable women
Download pay in slip___

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10. Herbalife International India

P. Ltd., Bangalore
Herbalife is a premier nutrition and weightmanagement company.
Loose weight now, ask me how.
since 1980
Our Products
Herbalife protein shakes and snacks,
vitamins and dietary supplements,
energy and fitness drinks, skin and hair
care products, combined with healthy
eating and exercise, can help you lead a
healthy, active life. ___
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10. Herbalife International India

P. Ltd., Bangalore
Registration fees not mentioned but is there,
comes with standard product kit.

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11. Elken International India Pvt. Ltd.,

HQ Malaysia
15 years
With just minimum start-up investment - a little
more than the price of a buffet dinner you will
be able to run your own Elken business.
Elken's award-winning health products.
1. Health care
2. Body and beauty
3. Personal care
4. For the home___
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12. Daehsan Trading (India) P.

Ltd., Delhi DXN India
Dr. Lim Siow Jin, Founder of DXN, has a keen
interest in mushrooms and its relationship
with human health since his younger days.
After graduation from the Indian Institute of
Technology in India, he started researching on
Ganoderma and human health at home and
abroad for more than ten years. In 1997, Dr.
Lim was conferred Ph.D in Holistic Medicine
by the Indian Board of Alternative
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12. Daehsan Trading (India) P.

Ltd., Delhi DXN India
Established in 1993, DXN Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
is a local direct sales company producing
Ganoderma Lucidum and Ganoderma
Mycelium with local expertise and technology
without relying upon any foreign assistance.
DXN farm located at Bukit wang, kedah
produceS Ganoderma of superlative quality
Ganoderma is a kind of mushroom which has
high ranking in the world of fungi.___
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12. Daehsan Trading (India) P.

Ltd., Delhi DXN India
Member and Sponsor Signature compulsary

PAN COPY (If Furnished in Form)
BANK DETAILS (If Furnished in Form___
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13. CNI Enterprise (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

1. Nutrition
2. Food n beverages
3. Skin care
4. Home care
5. Personal care
22 years of operations,
group annual turnover of US $ 200 million.___
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14. Avon Beauty Products India

Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
Avon for over 120 years has empowered women
professionally and through financial earning
The company for women
1. Colour
2. Skin care
3. Fragrances
4. Personal care
5. Hair care___
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14. Avon Beauty Products India

Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon

125 yrs
10 bln $
Avon is empowering women since 1886.
World's leading direct seller of beauty and related
products, with over Rs.48000 crores in annual
No joining fee / credit / no discount bellow 1000,
bigger discount for bigger orders / First minimum
order ___
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15. AMC Cookware (India) Pvt.

Ltd., Bangalore
Since 1963, we have been committed to a new
culinary culture, true to our motto "Eat better.
Live better."
Headquarters in Switzerland
Pioneer and trend-setter
AMC revolutionised cooking in 1963 with its
gentle method of cooking without additional
water and frying and roasting without additional
fat and since then has been the pioneer and
trend-setter in the field ___
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16. Altos Enterprises Ltd.

Altos Enterprises Ltd. is Indias leading
internationally recognized Indian Direct Selling
Yours Business Plan has been set up through
Altos Enterprises Ltd. Ludhiana, Punjab by its
Director Dr.A.K.Gupta who is in pharma &
herbal cosmetics business since 1981.___

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16. Altos Enterprises Ltd.

Altos Enterprises Ltd. started in April 2000
with just 7 products and today we have in
Yours Business the products range exceeding
125, they treat a variety of skin conditions and
disorders ranging from Pigmentation, Acne,
specialized treatments for mature, wrinkled
skin, to hair care treatments for hair fall and
dandruff, health & beauty.
Fmcg Haldi, chilly___
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17. 4Life Trading India Ltd.

4Life got its start in the early 1990s when
David Lisonbee, CEO and Founder, unearthed
an obscure reference to a patent for
something called Transfer Factors. Transfer
Factors arent vitamins, minerals, herbs, or
fruit. Theyre messenger molecules that teach
immune cells what they ought to be doing.___

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17. 4Life Trading India Ltd.

Transfer Factors can be found within the bodies
of mammals and birds. 4Life extracts Transfer
Factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg
yolks. Cow colostrum, for example, contains
many immune building blocks, but most of these
cant be transferred from a cow to a human.
However, the power of Transfer Factors can. 4Life
Transfer Factor uses a highly-specialized
filtration process, so you get all of that
concentrated Transfer Factor goodness and none
of the fillers your body cant use.____
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17. 4Life Trading India Ltd.

Place a first order of 400 LP.
50 LP Monthly Order.___

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18. Amway India Enterprises,

Noida, UP (from IDSA site)
is the country's leading direct selling FMCGcompany. Its products are covered by 100%
Money Back Guarantee.
wholly owned subsidiary of Amway
Corporation, USA
Joining fee Zero ___

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At present, Amway India offers over 115
products in five categories.
1. Personal care
2. Home Care
3. Nutrition & Wellness category
4. Cosmetics
5. Great Value Products___
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Amway distributors follow a Code of Ethics and Rules of
Conduct consistent with the World Federation of Direct
Selling Associations (WFDSA), which defines the goals,
principles and responsibilities in building and operating an
Amway business.
Inspiring people to live better lives.
To provide the best business opportunity. To deliver
exceptional quality products to urban and semi urban
homes in the areas of nutrition and wellness, cosmetics,
personal care, home care, home tech and insurance___

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Assignment (Any one)

Write research based paper on
Prepare a case study of an entrepreneur whose
current turnover is more than Rs 10 cr PA.
Prepare a feasibility report of any one traditional
business (ideas generated in the class) Break
even, Demand, Profitability, etc.
Prepare a feasibility report on any one direct
selling company
Your choice to be given in the session on
29/1/2012(B), 30/1/2013 (A)*****
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