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The sky is the limit when we think

about our future technology

Our future life is a mistery for us but not for scientist.The predictions show
that our future would be quite different than now.Nowdays we are
enjoying great inventories such as
computers,tablets,smartphones,automobiles manufactured with
GPS,robots,internet etc.
Most of people had never imagined ,but, they would be surprised to learn that
,this is only the tip of the iceberg.We would be able to do so much more than
now. I am not talking about faster computers or more gadgets of course, but
for unbeliveable things.After a few years when we will look back on our life ,we
would be wondered how we could have lived in such a primitive technology.
The new technologies will change human civilization .
They will affect on our
lifestyle and human society. Th

The self driving cars

Autonomous cars will change

transportation much more than
we might expect.They are
tested in 5 different states
without any incident.So,very
soon it is announced by the
companies that those kind of
cars would start circulating in
USA streets in 2015. The
advantages of autonomous cars
are less stress and exhaustion,
fewer accidents, smoother
traffic etc. .
Robo-Taxis are coming soon
and could replace human taxi
drivers. All cars and trains will
be driven by computers.

Only by touching and 3D

That is an astonishing new technology
that converts any objects or surface into
a touch screen.The entire world
suddenly becomes clickable,so you san
order any item seen in any magazine
only by touching the photo.
3D printers are one of the biggest
invention.They can print objects in 3
dimensions in any kind of material
such as metal,plactic,concrete
,food.High-quality 3D printers can
copy electronics chips,cars even
houses in details.
We wont need to go shoping anymore
to buy products.We will just select them
online and print them at home.Thats a
good news because they would reduce
waste and we have not to wait for
months to take our ordered product.

By 2045 computers will be a billion
times more powerful than all of the
human brains on Earth.Artificial
intelligence soon would replace all
books,schools ,human interaction
by being the first source of
knowledge.Robots would be able to
answer any question and to explain
us in a perfect way on which we can
easily understand it.They would do
all jobs of humans such as building
roads,solving difficult
problems,taking care for eldery. The
best doctors, even surgeons, will be

A machine like human

After a few decades robots

will be like humans,working with
humans and also socialize with
them. Perhaps one day will be
considered individuals in their own
right. Intelligent machines will be
able to see, hear, smell, sense,
move, think and speak at least as
well as humans. They will feel
emotions of their own and
probably one day also become
self-aware.This is a huge advance
in artificial intelligence.Just
imagine, a machine that looks
and behave like us but with skills
of a supernatural human being.
This sounds very nice.


Microchips implanted into

the brain can restore vision
in blind people and hearing
in deaf people. Soon such
chips will allow bionic
humans to see and hear
better than humans in their
natural state. With one of
these, humans will be able to
see ultraviolets and
infrareds, hear ultrasounds
like dogs, bats, and perhaps
even eventually understand
animal languages. The
improvement is unlimited

Improve your health, looks and

intelligence thanks to gene therapy

The environment plays a big part in

modelling who we are.
Advances in genetics now permit to
edit one's genome very easily. Gene
therapy is now used to fix diseases,
but could soon be used for mental
faculties or improving one's physical
appearance,being more beautiful
and smarter.
In future, perents
will order the
appearance of their little
baby before pregnant.
Gene therapy also permits genetic
modifications for purely cosmetic
reasons, such as
changing one's skin, hair or eye


Regenerative medicine
offers even more promises
than artificial limbs and body
parts. What if instead of
having a robotic arm, you
could regrow completely
your original arm ? Sounds
impossible ? It isn't. Stem
cells can regrow any organ
as fresh as new through. In
the future it will be possible
to regrow limbs or organs
directly on a person, as if the
body was simply healing

Mobile phones
We are now able to be in contact with
everyone no matter where we are.In that way
we can be informed anytime.You would never
loose with them.Also you can find unlimited
information about everything.

But in future they will be more high

tech, smaller and faster.You can even
controll them by voice commands.
Smartphone-like device will test vitals
like cholesterol, blood pressure, heart
rate or allergies, analyse your DNA for
genetic risks, diagnose medical
conditions, and predict potential
diseases or the likelihood of a stroke. All
this without seeing a doctor. The device
could be used by you or your relatives
anywhere, anytime. All this is possible
thanks to highly sensitive electronic
sensors and powerful AI

Phones will be connected
through free mobile networks.
By 2035, humanity would
have achieved free electricity
for all the world, solar energy,
but also thanks to 4th
generation nuclear reactors and
later fusion power.
The Internet of Things will
connect all the electric and
electronic devices in the world
and optimally manage energy
supply through a smart-grid
known as the Enernet, expected
to become a reality around

Our life is going to change

faster than ever before

Human society and individual lives

are in a dramatic transformation
due to accelerating technologies.

The new technologies will change

human civilization. Hollywood won't
need to use real actors anymore, but
will be able to create movie stars that
don't exist - and the crazy thing is no
one will notice the difference !

But have we reached the end of the line ?

The technological singularity may not happen as

long as humans don't allow it to happen.



Worked by:

Enkelejda BANI
Xhesida Mafiqi
Xhorxhina Kanaj
Kristjana Tomani
Margarita Lilaj
Sonila Toska
Orsjola Toska
by:Vilson Shehu