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Pharmacotherapy for

Diabetes and Weight

Management: Update 2014
Nicole M. Quiles Alves PharmD,
M.P.H., RPh
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy

Kyle Melin, PharmD, BCPS, AE-C

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy

University of Puerto Rico School of Pharmacy

Dr. Quiles Alves is a contracted speaker for
Merck & Sharp Co.
Dr. Melin has nothing to disclose

Learning Objectives
Review existing pharmacotherapy options for diabetes
mellitus and how they benefit the patient
Discuss new therapy options for the diabetes
Review existing pharmacotherapy options for weight
loss and determine which agents may be used safely
Discuss the data regarding the use of these agents in the
diabetic patient population

Diabetes Management
Updates on New Drugs: 2014

Updates 2014: New Drugs

Abrezza (insulin human) inhalation powder

rapid inhale insulin

use in adult patients for glycemic control
MOA: stimulates peripheral glucose uptake by
skeletal muscle and fats
Not a substitute for long-acting insulin
Must be used in combination with long-acting
insulin in diabetes type 1 patients
SE: hypoglycemia, cough,throat pain, irritation

Farxiga (dapagliflozin)
Sodium glucose cotransporter type 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitor
o MOA: modulates reabsorption of glucose in the kidney, resulting in
glucose excretion in the urine

Indicated as adjunct to diet and exercise

o Oral administration, starting dose 5mg

Not to use with eGFR < 60ml/min

Take AM with or without food
SE: female genital mycotic infections, urinary tract
infections, nasopharingitis

Jardiance (empagliflozacin)
SGLP-2 inhibitor
Indicated as adjuvant with diet and exercise
Recommended dose 10mg daily with or
without food
SE: urinary tract infections, mycotic
inections in female

Tanzeum (albiglutide)
MOA: is a GLP-1 receptor agonist

Augments glucose-dependant insulin secretion and

slows gastric emptying

Indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise

to improve glycemic control in DM Type 2
SQ injection - 30mg weekly
SE: Upper respiratory tract infection,
diarrhea, nausea, injection site reaction

Trulicity (dulaglutide)
MOA: GLP-1 receptor agonist

Increases intracellular cyclic AMP (cAMP)in beta

cells leading to glucose-dependant insulin release.
Decrease glucagon secretion and slows gastric

SQ injection, initiating dose 0.75mg weekly

SE: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal

Xigduo XR
(dapagliflozin +metformin HCL)
MOA: SGLT-2 + metformin ER
Adjunct Tx with diet and exercise to control
glycemic control when appropriate with each
Oral tablet, 10/2,000mg recommended dose
once daily with food and titrate dose
SE: hypoglycemia, GIs symptoms

Weight Loss
2014 Update

What is significant weight loss?

Sustained loss of 5% or more generally
considered to be clinically meaningful
Initial responders tend to continue to

Initial nonresponders less likely to ever respond

If 2kg (4.4 lbs) not lost in the first 4 weeks, unlikely

to respond at all

Pharmacologic Classes
Pharmacologic strategies for weight reduction

Noradrenergic agents
GI lipase inhibition
Serotonin receptor agonists
Combination therapy
ONLY used as adjunct to comprehensive
lifestyle intervention

Noradrenergic agents
For short-term use only (12 weeks)





Schedule 2 controlled substances should

never be used for weight loss

GI lipase inhibition

Administered 3 times per day at meals

Leads to excretion of of 30% of ingested fat

Prescription strength - Xenical 120mg

OTC product - Alli 60mg
XENDOS trial

Clinical trial data for up to 4 years of use

Significant decrease in risk of developing DM-II

Serotonin receptor agonists

Lorcaserin (Belviq)

Selective serotonin 2C (5-HT2c) receptor agonist

Similar mechanism of action to fenfluramine
Data in up to 2 years of use
Significant decrease in BP, TC, LDL, and TG
Valvulopathy not statistically higher in lorcaserin
treatment group, but numerically higher
FDA requested post-approval trial
D/C at week 12 if 5% weight loss has not achieved


Combination therapy
Phentermine/Topiramate extended release
Requires titration to target doses
REMS program

MedGuide and registered provider/pharmacy

Risk of fetal malformations

D/C if 3-5% wt loss not reached in 12 weeks

Combination therapy
Naltrexone/Bupropion extended release
Requires titration to target doses
D/C if 5% decrease in weight not achieved
after 12 weeks at maintenance dosage
Pt should be opioid free for minimum of 7-10
days (14 days for buprenorphine/methadone)

Weight Loss in DM
Orlistat: XENDOS

Decreased risk of progression to DM-II

Lorcaserin: BLOOM-DM

37% achieved 5% weight loss (vs 16% for placebo)

Improved HgbA1C

Phentermine/topiramate: CONQUER trial


62% to 70% achieved 5% weight loss (vs 21% for placebo)

Decreased risk of progression to DM-II for high dose

Herbal Supplements
Look out!

High likelihood of interaction with prescription

weight loss medications

Potential for very serious adverse effects

When possible, herbal supplements should be

avoided completely while taking Rx weight loss meds

If not, provider should review individual bottles

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