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Anshul Sharma

Ethics are the principle of conduct

governing an individual or a group.

Ethics relates to what is good or bad,
and having to do with moral duty
and obligation.

Business Ethics
Ethics in business refers to the application of

day-to- day moral or ethical norms to

business. Business Ethics are the principles
and standards that determine acceptable
conduct in business organizations.

Business ethics is a set of principles or

reasons which should govern the conduct of
business at the individual firm Level or at the
collective Industry Level, by the application of
ethical reasoning to specific business
situations and activities.

Diff B/W Moral and Ethics

Moral is defined as

Ethics relates to what is

good or bad, and having to

do with oral duty and

relating to principles of
right and wrong.
Morals are accepted from

an authority. (cultural,
religious, etc.)

Moral Norms can usually

be expressed as general
rules, and statement, e.g.
always tell the truth.

Morals are typically first

absorbed as a child from

family, friends, school,
religious teachings and
other associations.

Ethics are personally

accepted principles.

Ethical Norms are

comparatively abstract and
cannot be described in
general rules and

Ethics are adopted/

absorbed by an individual
gradually by taking
reasonable actions /
decisions in appropriate

12 Basis Business Ethics

Integrity earn truest, admit ur fault
keeping your promise
Fair and Justified equal treatment
Law Abiding
Being a leader- principle for everyone
Morale pride and morale for employees

Workplace Ethics
Workplace Ethics relates to how one

applies values to work in actual decision

making a set of right and wrong actions
that directly impact the workplace.
Eg- A person have been working at a place for
seven years on shift. Four years ago, another
supervisor was hired who does personal training
on the side. Suddenly boss needed to work on
some important project and a Less experienced
trainee got, the opportunity were as the person
was passed over becoz trainee was in good
personal relations with the manager.

Problems Due to Unethical

Behavior at Workplace
Risk of employees making unethical decisions.
Tendency of employees to report violations to

outside regulatory authorities because they lack

an adequate internal forum.
Inability to recruit and retain efficient people.
Loss of competitive advantage in the
Loss of reputation and goodwill in the industry
and the community.
Higher exposure to legal battles in Courts of

discrimination (By
The discriminate means to distinguish
one object from another. In the
context of Workplace Ethics,
Employment Discrimination refers toTreating one person better than another
because of their age, gender, race,
religion or
other protected class status, which is not
relevant to the job that they perform.

Commonly recognized Employment

practices are : Recruitment Practices- word of mouth,racial

pref, sexual pref.

Screening Practices- qualification,sex
dominant area, personal relations
Conditions of Employment- equal
wages_equal work, fair wages_fair work
Promotion Practices- keeping tracks correctly
Dismissals- not based on

Guidelines For Managing

at Workplace
Integrated Ethics Management :- Value

statement include ethics management principles

Pro- active Role :- Managers endorse strict
rules, tolerate complains and Report wrong
Open Communication :- Hierarchy
Atmosphere Of Trust :- employees reporting,
open box complains
Grievance Policy :- A Grievance policy should be

included for employees to resolve disagreements

with supervisors and staff.

Walmart Employee
Discrimination Case

BETTY DUKES Faced Gender Discrimination On

Didnt Get The Right Promotion , She Went to
Complained About Her Problem to Her District
Then She Was Demoted Back To Cashier And Her
Salary Was Decreased.
All Open Positions Were Filled By Men Without
Decide To Go Court With 5 More Women Worker n
This Court Covered All Female Employees Of Walmart.
Despite Holding TWO-THRD Of All Hourly Jobs ,
Women Filled Only ONE-THRD Of Salaried Managerial
Positions During 1996-2001.

Unethical Behaviour
Walmart did not give promotion to

women because of their gender

Payments were less than men
Women lagged behind men

Cost of Unethical
Until Wal-Mart was found not guilty by

SUPREME COURT, they tried to express

their selves that they didn`t act
This could be done by TV, newspaper adv
which had high cost.
Also during court, there were some
strikes not to buy products from Wal-Mart.
All those things caused to Wal-Mart in
terms of its financial situation

Possible Actions
Because this case's base is a Wal-Mart market in
California, it can be understood that manager of
stores can act how they want without caring about
agreement between them and Wal-Mart headquarter.
So first action add more rules to prevent unethical,
biased actions of managers, employees.

Other action can be a evaluation of managers

actions interns of motivation, efficiency, behavior by
workers. With this way, it can be provided that
managers can be more careful about their decisions.
Dukes and other 5 women employee can quit. But
because they acted against to their company, other
firms could hesitate to hire them. Because if they act
in the same way, their firm could go to court, also.

Best Action
Wal-Mart should increasee the control

of each store in different states by

monitoring, evaluating.
With this way headquarter can have
the all control by putting pressure to
store managers.
To change the mind set about women.
To put light on women injustice at their
work place.

This case is still under going

proceedings under court..