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Ramaiah College Of
Law Literary and Debate
Debate Workshop

What is the Debsoc

The Literary and Debating society of M.S. Ramaiah College

of Law is the official debating institution of the college.
All debating activities in relation to the college are routed
through the debating society.
We are an autonomous student run and administered
society functioning with guidance of the Principal Smt.
Manjushree Mishra as our chief patron.
We are additionally guided by our faculty in-charge, Mr. Om
Prakash and Mr. Asif.

How do we function?
We have democratically elected Office
Bearers to take care of all offical work of
the Debsoc.
Convener Vignesh Ram
Co- Convener Sandeep Christopher
Secretary Natasha Ponappa
Treasurer Bindiya Rao

When do we meet?
3 PM every Monday and Thursday
No meetings are held if college
declares a holiday
Meetings are suspended 2 weeks
before the start of the Preliminary
Exams before the Sem-End exams.

What are the the types of


Novice Member 1-2 Debates

Ordinary Members 3-7 Debates
Veteran Debates 8 and above Debates
Advisory Members Veteran members,
not OB and selected by the OB for
service rendered to the Debsoc.

60% - All members except Novice Members
70% - Novice members
Attendance is calculated only if the student has
attended college, not otherwise.
Absence from 3 consecutive meetings will lead to a
show cause and a vote which will result in removal or
Failure to appear on date of show cause notice without
reasonable cause will be deemed as consent to removal.

Benefits of the Debsoc

The only college institution to garner wins and
qualifications in the last 4 years
Wins on national level at open debates against
competition of students of Law,
Engineering, Commerce, Arts, Sciences, etc
and working professionals.
Cross-Soc Practice sessions with PESIT, Christ
University, RVCE, NLSIU and MSRIT.

A few of the accolades won by the


NUJS Kolkata 2011 Novice Break Win, Highest Novice

speaker on tabs
NLU Delhi Best Adjudicator
ILS Pune 2013 Best Adjudicator
NLSIU Bangalore 2013 Best Adjudicator
GNLU Ghandinagar 2014 Best Adjudicator
Breaks at IIT Bombay 2011, NALSAR Hyderabad, 2012,
MCCDT 2012, IIT Madras 2012, Christ University, Bangalore
2012,2013, LSR Delhi 2013, MSRIT 2011,2012,2013,2014

Before getting into Parliamentary


Make reading the newspaper a daily morning activity.

Follow trends on twitter, reddit etc.
Make Wikipedia your new best friend. Refer for all doubts on
current affairs.
Keep an open mind, tow the middle path and keep a
diplomatic mindset in order to understand the other side of
the case.
Avoid using profanity, complex words, un-parliamentary
statements, racist, sexist comments or anything of a
defamatory nature.

Asian Parliamentary Debate

An Introduction

Asian PD is a form of parliamentary
debate that features two houses,
Government (or Positive or Affirmative or
Proposition) and Opposition (or Negative)
Modeled off a two party system prevalent
in most Asian countries and USA (eg.
Democratic and Republican Parties)

Team Compositions
- Prime Minister
- Deputy Prime Minister
- Government Whip

- Leader of the Opposition
- Deputy Leader of the Opposition
- Opposition Whip

Order of Speeches and Timings


Prime Minister (7 minutes)

Leader of the Opposition (7 minutes)
Deputy Prime Minister (7 minutes)
Deputy Leader of the Opposition (7 minutes)
Government Whip (7 minutes)
Opposition Whip (7 minutes)
Opposition Reply (4 minutes)
Government Reply (4 minutes)

. Government has the first and law word of the Debate

Time requirements and Points of Information