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Desk chair
Plastic Rechargeabl
Lampos e battery
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Features on Image 1

It is a cosy chair. It has 6 wheels. This chair is

different from other chair as it back pixelated
support technology, simulating the human spine.
Office worker's well-being and health are
improved with positive blood flow,lower resting
heart rate, and improved comfort.
One chair size fits every body by automatically
adapting to the wide variation in people's size,
shape, posture, and spinal curve. Additionally, the
Why is the product

This chair is invented by Herman Miller, Inc. The

product is innovative because it reinvents the
reference for ergonomics by providing a chair
designed to actually enhance your health.
How Does it Works?

mbody restores balance to the human/computer

ationship by supporting both your mind and your
dy. This body support is comprised of the following
novative elements: Instinctive back:
spired by the human spine, Embody's back adapts to
ur unique spinal curvature. It you move freely and
turally to improve blood flow and eliminate discomfo
d distraction. The back is narrow, allowing your arm
ove back and forth naturally. This opens up the ches
vity, letting your lungs take in more air and send mo
oxygen to the brain. Pixelated seat. When
you move, the seat moves with you. Using a
matrix of pixels, the seat's unique, three
layered construction of materials and
technology conforms to micro-movements
and distributes weight evenly. Zoned
Support: The chair removes stresses on
your body at every contact point,
accommodating a diverse population.
Reduced pressure improves circulation and
facilitates the exchange of oxygen and
Working Recline: Embody's unique tilt
mechanism encourages working recline,
the most healthful working position. The
chair automatically stabilizes your pelvis in
the seat pocket in every position and
supports your thoracic back while correctly
aligning your eyes with the computer
screen. With no uncomfortable and
distracting physical constraints on the
body, the mind is freed to focus on ideas
and the tasks at hand.
Good Points
 Can release out
the person
 It can massage
us whenever
we in pain.
Features on Image 2

This is a lampost. This lampost have 4

wheels on it. Its colour is grey. The
of the lamp is covered by a plastic grey
How Does It Works?

It works as you plug in the wire. Before

that,the plastic cover is deflated. Once we
switched on,
the plastic grey cover,will inflated and make
the room/light nice.
Good Points
 Good Points: If we place it, in our
house it will attract visitors or
guest that came to your house.
Bad Points
 Bad Points: It's fragile. The lampost
may break if anyone accidentally
push it.
Features on Image 3

This is a rechargeable battery. It is small

and light. This rechargeable battery can
used for laptop, notebook.
How does it works?

1)Just connect the rechargeable battery at the

place. And it will automatically start up by

2) It can work when there’s a heat of sun.

Good Points
 Easy to carry anywhere we want.
 It's light.
 We didn't waste electricity as in
plug in wires. The rechargeable
battery can long for hours.
Bad Points
 Bad Point: It’s easy to spoil as
inside the rechargeable battery are
easy to break.

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