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Product 1 : FrogPAD
About the FrogPAD

¤ FrogPad is a small  corded keyboard about the size of a numeric

pad that can be used with one hand.
The keyboard is optimized by character frequency. 85% of average
keystrokes in English text can by typed without chording, and chords
are limited to 2 fingers (opposable thumb and one finger). As a result,
the FrogPad has many more keys than a GKOS or Microwriter
or Baudot keyboard but many fewer than a conventionalcomputer

¤FrogPad is a portable one-handed keyboard. It's practical, simple, and

intuitive, 20-key text/numeric data entry design uses patented
algorithms and ergonomic optimization providing all of the
functionality of a standard keyboard. The full-size keys ensure
accuracy, ease of use, and speed for all desktop and mobile computing

¤FrogPad is available in left-hand and right-hand configurations for

optimal efficiency. USB models can replace any standard USB keyboard.
Bluetooth models use standard HID drivers and work with Windows,
Macintosh, Linux, and all PDA's running Windows Mobile 5 or 6.
Positive facts

¤Small, light weight and easy is easy to

carry around .

¤Designed for both left and right handed

users .

¤FrogPad is easy to use than a standard

keyboard as it was designed with 15 most
frequently used letters in the Roman
(A , B , C , D , E , F , Z , H , IK , L , M , N , O , P , Q , R , S , T , V , X )
Negative facts

¤It is hard to use at first since

everyone is familiar with the
QWERTY keyboard , so it’s a major
curve of adaptation to the new
typing format .

¤Person has to get familiar with

the FrogPad keyboard fast to make
sure that they have a pleasant day
using it
Resizable dining table

¤ An amazing dining table that

changes its size when opened so
that more people can join in and
eat and do other stuffs like
playing poker with friends .

¤The area of the table expands by

73% allowing two sizes with
seating capacities of six and

¤Using a dining table that extends

is easy. So easy in fact that one
person by themselves can do it.
There is no complicated procedure,
you just slide back the top of the
table and pop out the extension
Having people round for meals and get together’s is great fun. You
have a chance to let your hair down with the people you love
spending time with and catch up with each other. Even if you are
quite short of space it is possible to have a sit down meal with 8
or more people. This is with the help of an expandable dining table.

If you have never seen a dining table like this you are in for a
treat. Expandable dining table look just like a regular dining table,
but with a difference. They hide extra panels that can be pulled out
to seat even more people. When they are ‘un-extended’ they will seat
around 4 people. This is perfect if you only have limited space. So
what are the other benefits of such a table?

Dining tables that can be expanded look and act just like a normal
dining table. They can be bought in a variety of shades and styles
and you will be able to find one that fits into your dining room and
looks great.

Using a dining table that extends is easy. So easy in fact that one
person by themselves can do it. There is no complicated procedure,
you just slide back the top of the table and pop out the extension.
They can be used at a moments notice and put away just as easily. You
will not find yourself having to set aside more than a couple of minutes
to extend your table. This is perfect if you need to seat extra people
in a hurry.

This is why the expandable dining table is needed by all houses.

Transparent Toaster

You love toast, but you always burn

it? Than, this invention us for you.
This transparent toaster allows you to
see the bread while it is toasting so
you just have to take it out when the
colour is right. This idea is based on
a transparent heating glass
 Po sitive  N e g a tive
• With a transparent toaster in • A sintered glass and an
the kitchen we can watch external, infra red laser
the bread turn a perfect might do the trick. The
golden brown colour and hit laser’s not a bad idea
the button when it’s ready. because you can scan the
• laser across the toast to get
the perfectly uniformly
toasted bread. A rastering,
infra red laser might be
• You will be toasted at the
same time if you stay close