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Market share

We started with the lowest

market share in SONITE
market but later in year 4, we
introduced 2 more products
which helped us to gain more
chunk of the market

Year 4 in VODITE market,

REPO brand was introduced
which gave a smooth start
Later through investment in
R&D and introduction of one
more brand in Year 6 helped to
gain more market share.

Financial performance
Till year 5 we witnessed a
smooth upsurge in SPI which
went further on upside after
passing hurdles in Year 6

ROI was increased

continuously through
frequent price change &
control on expenditures

To increase the awareness of
new products, we spent money
on advertising & media.

R & D Expenditure

To position the new

product better in
the targeted
segment, we spent
petty healthy
amount both the
This helped us to
gain the initial
momentum and
thus we had the
upper hand to our

Profit & Loss

As we introduced the products
in SONITE & VODITE market
intermittently ,we achieved a
good amount in revenue
account every year.
Not so good performing brands
share was filled by other brands
of the firm which generated the

Estimation of production was

done wisely & the expenditure
gave the fruitful result over the
This helped to maintain the net
contribution in the range of 40
to 50% of total revenue.