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Argumentative Questions

Do management welcome LGBT employee to work in their


Do the heterosexuality co-worker willing to work with LGBT individual?

Do the LGBT individuals outperform their heterosexuality co-workers?


Anthropologist and historian has justified that the homosexuality and

bisexuality exist throughout the history (Bicmen et al. 2014).

Heterosexism is an ideology that condemns the people that are

opposite heterosexual attitude (Misra 2009).

Homophobia hatred or fear to homosexual individual (Ozeren 2014)

Homophobic individual cannot supress the feeling of hatred towards

LGBT and harass them verbally or physically (Cunningham 2011)

LGBT In the Context of Malaysia

Malaysian are divided into 3 categories anti-LGBT, ignorance and proLGBT (few NGOs)

According to the International NGO Human Right Watch (HRW) Malaysia

is one of the worst places for transgender among Muslims Countries.
(Malaysiakini, 25 Sept 2014)

The issue of LGBT has become a hot topic in Malaysia when the Court of
Appeal has ruled that Section 66 of the Syariah Criminal Enactment is
contradicting with the Federal Constitutions.

Justice Datuk Mohd. Hishamudin Mohd Yunus has nullified Section 66 and
recognise the rights of transgender who suffer from gender dysphoria, ,
where they dress and pose as women.

LGBT In the Context of Malaysia

Following the decision from the Court of Appeal, there are uproar within
certain Malaysian that are anti-LGBT.

Boycott Ambank for ties with LGBT-Friendly Firm Jaringan Melayu

Malaysia (Metlife International Holding Incorporated) (MalaysiaKini, 12
November 2014)

Ambank denies promoting LGBT practises (Malaysiakini, 13 Nov 2014)

Dump your Iphone, KJ tells anti-LGBT NGO (Tim Cook Chief Executive
Officer of Iphone)(MalaysiaKini, 13 Nov 2014)

This phenomenon has shown that majority of Malaysian especially the

Muslims does support LGBT as Islam interprets homosexuality as a sin

LGBT in Context of Islam (Bicmen et

al. 2014)

Islam regards LGBT as forbidden.

In Islam there are verses about the destruction of Luuts people

And [We had sent] Lot when he said to his people, "Do you commit
such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the
worlds? Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women.
Rather, you are a transgressing people. But the answer of his people
was only that they said, "Evict them from your city! Indeed, they are
men who keep themselves pure. So We saved him and his family,
except for his wife; she was of those who remained [with the evildoers].
And We rained upon them a rain [of stones]. Then see how was the end
of the criminals. (Araf Surah, 80-84)

Do management welcome LGBT

employee to work in their organisation?

In a study on HR of an organisation, there are several findings that

highlighted that LGBT worker has been discriminated during hiring,
career advancement and in access to training. (Botti et al. 2014)

In US LGBT individuals tend to be paid 30% less than their heterosexual


A study In Italy shows that there is a very low probability of a gay men
of being called back for interview but there is no significant effect were
found in lesbian (Botti et al. 2014)

Do management welcome LGBT

employee to work in their organisation?

Ineson et al. 2011 report that the gay men unwilling to report sexual
harassment as 40% British hospitality manager do not regard sexual
harassment as a serious management issues.

Dicrimination (hiring, promotion and low salary paid) has caused the
LGBT individuals abstain themselves from applying jobs in certain
sectors (Denton 2009).

Do management welcome LGBT

employee to work in their organisation?

UK and EC has come up with law that against the discrimination of

LGBT at workplace (Mander et al. 2012).

There are NGOs that allows the LGBT individuals to voice out their
discrimination problems.

Companies that implements certain policies to prevent discrimination

against the sexual orientation develops a better working environment
among sexual diversity individuals (Ozeren 2014).

Do the heterosexuality co-worker

willing to work with LGBT individual?

LGBT person continually face prejudice and discrimination in the workplace.

LGBT individuals are vulnerable to two types of harassment (Ineson et al. 2011)


Social Discrimination


Sexual Harassment

The person who are homophobic and heterosexists tend to discriminate the
LGBT individuals by ignorance, misunderstanding, fear, ego, defensive and

Meanwhile LGBT individuals becomes the victim and undergoes job

dissatisfaction, low work performance, depression, low self-esteem, negative
physical outcome (Law et al. 2011).

Do the heterosexuality co-worker

willing to work with LGBT individual?

The social discrimination and sexual harassment of LGBT individuals

can be overcome by company policies.

Several author has agreed that company that protects the LGBT
individual possessed higher affective organizational commitment and
greater job satisfaction (Bicmen et al. 2014).

Managers can allow the LGBT employees to speak up their

dissatisfaction and discrimination.

Diversity training

Do the LGBT individuals outperform

their heterosexuality co-workers?

Several literature have highlighted that LGBT individual can perform

well if they are not discriminate and out in the workplace.

A study carried out by Cunningham (2011) argues that sexual

orientation can improve the work performance using several


Life experience


Travel more


Target LGBT consumer

Yet, the finding does not support his Hypothesis or argument and
suggest for further study.


Research and data on LGBT is very scarce.

The answer for the argumentative questions are rather subjective and
no absolute answer. It depends on the firm to make policies and law
that protects LGBT.

Few other question raised upon preparing this presentation in the

context of Malaysian:


Are we Malaysian willing to employ LGBT individual in their firm?


Are Malaysian willing to work with LGBT individuals?