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Magazine Case Study

Q Issue 298

Q Background Information
Q is a popular music magazine published monthly in the
United Kingdom.
Founders Mark Ellen and David Hepworth were dismayed by
the music press of the time, which they felt was ignoring a
generation of older music buyers who were buying CDs
then still a new technology.
Q was first published by the EMAP media group in October
1986, setting itself apart from much of the other music
press with monthly production and higher standards of
photography and printing.
In the early years, the magazine was sub-titled "The
modern guide to music and more". Originally it was to be
called Cue (as in the sense of cueing a record, ready to
play), but the name was changed so that it wouldn't be
mistaken for a snooker magazine.
Another reason, cited in Q's 200th edition, is that a singleletter. title would be more prominent on newsstands

Genre, Audience, Purpose

In terms


this text
screams out to
rock fans and
heavy metal
everywhere. For
this specific
issue, the target
audience is
mostly males,
ages 16-30,
whom are
probably the
bulk of the Foo
Fighters fans.

In terms of statistics , we
would assume the target
market of males are
lower/middle class, probably
with families and 9-5 jobs,
who are probably seeking
distraction through their
The secondary audience would be older
males, 30+
and onwards. This appeal can
be taken from both the age of the artist,
who is the lead singer. And from the
surrounding cover lines which feature
reference to Artic Monkeys and " sex drugs
and golf" this therefore can rule out
women. the majority of whom would not be
concerned into buying this magazine based
The genre is
on it's aggressive nature.

obviously a
music magazine.
sub genres can be
extracted from the
perception of the main
image and the text
written. This will kill me,
may be perceived as
having an emo/gothic
style genre. Where as
sex, drugs can be

The purpose is to
and entertain the
viewer and reader. The
image on the front cover
can be perceived as wild
and wacky, therefore
illustrating as more
entertaining and

The lists of band

names near may
also attract the
audience as they
are specific to the
main genre. Thus
being enticing to
the audience as
they may relate in
the context of a
The nameband
the magazine
is In the prime
fixed location
of the top left
hand corner.
The large scroll at
the bottom of the
page states Dave
Grohl saves rock.
Again. This shows
information which
the reader may
want to know.

Cover Analysis

The top right hand

corner showing a
preview of an
exclusive unheard
Foos album. This
attracts the
audience because
of the vibrant
colours and
layered puff effect.
The callout on
the side is
simplistic yet
with the variety
of colours
becomes more
inviting to the
eye. The font
and size also
accentuates the
typography on
the front cover.
The bar code,
issue number and
date are all used
to show more
information for
the audience and

The colour scheme of red,

white and black is
consistent with this page.
The main article doesnt
have a title, only the page
number is featured larger
than the others alongside
another image of Dave
Grohl. The audience will
automatically be drawn to
this since it stands out
quite vividly. The
background remains
white to keep with the
minimalistic image where
as if it was colours it
could make the page
appear messy and

Contents Page

The artists and articles

are shown within the
contents text to help the
reader pinpoint specific
articles/reviews or
information faster rather
then flicking through.

Q have used a separate

cover for nonsubscribers so the
subscribers can be seen
as having priority and
exclusive covers. This is
a way of encouraging
more people to

All the images

featured relate back to
the musical genre of

The masthead is
again featured in
the top left hand
corner. It may also
be repeated in the
bottom right hand
corner to keep the
masthead brand.

in the
spread is
creating a
fresh and

The layout of this

double page
spread is similar to
a typical magazine
article. With
images littering
empty space and

Review Page

There are a
variety of
images on this
double page
spread which
are enticing
and an
interesting use
of edits and
filters. This
grasps the
readers the
attention as
they have
more then one
standard image
to look at.

The article is a
minimalistic design
which can be perceived
as boring. However Q
may want the layout not
to distract the reader
from the importance of