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Participants name: Nadia Deana

Noriko Chew


Petroleum is one of the main fuel used to generate

cars all around the world.However,petroleum is nonrenewable and will soon be used up. Hence,the
purpose of this project is to create a new way to
generates which is by using solar energy.

Innovation of the car design

We have designed such a car which would fulfill all

our requirements needed which is being
aerodynamic,light-weighted and can obtain the
maximum speed.

Maximum speed at certain brightness

A solar-powered car would need to have the

best surface area in order to obtain more
sunlight.Thus,our car has reached the
maximum speed at certain brightness as we
have designed it to at the most optimum
solar car by increasing the surface of the solar
cells and by using parallel and series circuit in
wiring our solar cells.

The objective of this project is to find an
alternative source to replace petroleum,a nonrenewable energy.Next is to save the
environment . By using a solar powered
car,we can reduce air pollution as one of the
main polutants is the smoke exfumed by cars.
Moreover,by using solar powered cars,we can
save cost. This is important as the cost of
petroleum is increasing rapidly thus raising
the cost of living.

Scientific Theory
The direct conversion of light energy into
electricity is known as photovoltaic.
Some materials exhibit a property known as the
photoelectric effect. Photons of light will convert
to electrons at the atomic level.
Solar cells are one of the main materials which
exhibit this property.
Multiple solar cells are joined together to create an
array. Generally, the larger the surface area of
the array the more electricity will be generated.

In simpler words,take a person as the solar

cell,solar energy as food and a company as
the car.
The food consumed by a person,the more
energy will the person obtain. So,in order for a
company to work efficiently more workers are
needed and if more food is consumed by each
and one of the workers,more work would be
done by them.

Compilation pictorial
explanation of the solar cell

Pictorial explanation of
aerodynamic shape

Explanation of gear ratio


We choose the ratio of gear of 1:2 because

it can balance the weight of the car. This is to
prevent our car from overturning or
collapsing. It is also to ensure the tyres can
rotate the gear easily.

Explanation of material

We use corrugated board as the chasis and

top of the car because its light weighted and
We also use poly foam as the body of the
car because it is light,stiff, and manageable. It
is also fairly easy to shape out our design.
We use the colour papers for our
decorations because it is light and wont effect
the weight of the car. It is also very attractive.

Explanation of tyre
We used tyres of the same size because if we
used tyres of different sizes,it would affect our
weight thus making it slower to use. We also
used tyres of the same size to increase its
power hence making it move faster.

Wiring the solar cells.

Pictorial Explanation of
making Solar Car

Making the chasis and body of the car using poly foam
and corrugated board.

Designing the body of the car andfiixing the wires of solar panel

Specific explanation of car

- The height of our car is 7.2 cm
-the wide of the car is 6cm
- The weight of our car is 90 grams.
The diameter of tyres
-the diameters of our tyre is 2.5 cm

Test Drive





12.OO noon

Very bright



2 .00 pm




5.00 pm



The solar car was a success as the motor and
the solar cells worked perfectly as the car
reached its maximum speed. While making
this car,we face many problems but we
managed to overcome it as well as we could
have. We learnt many things alongside
gaining more experience.

Thank You For Viewing