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What Is Discipline?
In simple terms, its

What Is Included In
Behaviour encompasses many topics,
but the main topics we will learn are:
Behaviour In Class
Behaviour On Road
Behaviour At Home

Behaviour In Class
Strive for ihsaan (i.e. excellence,
proficiency & perfection) in your studies:
The Prophet ( )said,

Verily, Allaah has prescribed ihsaan in
every thing. [Muslim (1955)]
Be silent & pay attention
Dont Disturb Others:
The Prophet ( )said,

should be neither harming nor reciprocating
harm. [Ibn Maajah (2341)]

Respect your teachers:

The Prophet ( )said,

Whoever fails to show
honor to our elders, mercy to our children, and
respect to our scholars is not one of us.
[Musnad Ahmad (21693); Saheeh al-Jaami]
Respect includes:
-Seeking their permission & greeting them first
-Obeying them
-Not to increase voice when talking to them
-Not to argue with them
-Not to mock them

Behaviour On Roads
Fulfill the rights of roads:
The Prophet ( )said,

of sitting in the street. They said, We have no
alternative; that is where we sit and talk. He said,
If you insist on sitting there, then give the street
its rights. They said, What are the rights of the
street? He said, (They are)
Lowering your gaze,

Refraining from harming others,
Returning greeting, and

Enjoining what is good,

and forbidding what is evil.
[al-Bukhari (6229) & Muslim (2121)]

Covering the mouth when yawning as

not covering it while yawning is
offensive to people:
The Prophet ( )said,

When one of you
yawns, he should keep his mouth shut
with the help of his hand... [Muslim
Also cover your mouth when sneezing
or coughing.
When you address someone, use

Behaviour At Home
Respect your parents:
Allaah ( )says in the Qur'aan, And your Lord
has decreed that you not worship except Him,
and BE THE BEST (iHsaan) to parents. Whether
one or both of them reach old age [while] with
you, say not to them [so much as], uff, and do
not repel them but speak to them a noble word.
* And lower unto them the wing of submission
and humility through mercy, and say: My Lord!
Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring
me up when I was small. [al-Israa', 23-24]

Being best to parents includes:

- Greeting them first
- Obeying them
- NOT preferring others over them
- Lowering voice in their presence
- Facing them when speaking to them
- Being quite when they speak
- Striving to serve them
- Consulting them
- Making du`aa for them

Being good to neighbours:

The Prophet ( )said,

Whoever believes in
Allaah and the Last Day, he should
honour his neighbour.
And in another narration,

He should not harm his neighbour. [alBukhari (6018, 6019) & Muslim (47)]


What Does Communication Mean?

Basically, it means

Today, we will see three things:

What to say
What not to say
How to speak

What To Say
A Muslim should use good language and say
only that which is good:
Allaah ( )says in the Qur'aan, And tell My
servants to say that which is best. Indeed,
Shaytaan sows disagreements among
them. [al-Israa', 53]

The Prophet ()

Whoever believes in Allaah and the Last

Day, he should speak good or remain silent.
[al-Bukhari (6018, 6019) & Muslim (47)]

What Not To Say

Leaving useless talk, evil talk & vulgar
`Abdullaah Ibn `Amr said, The Prophet
( )was neither a FaaHish nor MutafaHHish
(i.e. he did not curse or speak lewdly). [alBukhari (6035) & Muslim (2321)]
Do not abuse & insult anothers

The Prophet ( )said,


one's parents is one of

the major sins. They asked, O Messenger
of Allaah, does a man abuse his parents

too? He replied,

Yes, one

No backbiting (gheebah)
Allaah ( )says in the Qur'aan, And do not
backbite one another. Would one of you like to
eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would
hate it (so hate backbiting). [al-Hujuraat, 12]
-What is backbiting? The Prophet ( )defined

it as,

something about your brother that he dislikes.
It was said, What if what I say
about my

brother is true? He said,

what you say is true then you have backbitten
about him, and if it is not true then you have
slandered him. [Muslim (2589)]

How To Speak
`Aa'ishah said, The Prophet ( )used to talk
so clearly that if somebody wanted to count
the number of his words, he could do so
The Messenger of Allaah ( )never talked
quickly and vaguely [al-Bukhari (3567) &
Muslim (2493)]
From the above Hadeeth, we learn that one
Speak clearly
Be clear in our ideas
Speak neither too fast, nor too slow

Turn completely & face the one you are

speaking to:
Abu Hurayrah said, When he ( )faced
someone, he ( )faced him completely. When he
( )turned away, he ( )turned away
completely. [al-Adab al-Mufrad (255)]
Be cheerful & friendly:
When the companions used to meet the Prophet
(), they used to think that he loved them the
most; it is because of the way he used to treat
every individual. He used to treat everybody with
sensitivity and avoid something what the person
would not like. Every companion thought that
they were the most beloved.