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: O0242/Philosophy and Ethics

: November 2013


Session 1

I. Definition and history of philosophy

Philosophy comes from the Greek word from a
series filosofia filein word meaning love and Sofia
means wisdom
So, philosophy means love of wisdom
Philosopher means lover of wisdom
Definition: thinking by using a high-discipline of
consideration, systematically using the scheme
conception and thorough
Philosophy was known as a mother of science, so
every matter of science when it finds problem; it
must be back to philosophy as an art to solve the
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II. The essence of Philosophy

Philosophy begins and ends with a question
Philosophy is identical to the attitude of
asking itself
Philosophy does not accept the truth that
has been completed
Always appear critical / skeptical
People looking for the truth by continuing to

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III. Characteristics of Philosophy


Fundamentals: thinking with valid methods in search of

fundamental truth / deepest
Thinking speculative: a critical to separate the true from the
Overall: do not think shallow, but think an integral,
comprehensive and broad (section by section related to each
Other Characteristics (Sidi Gazalba, in Aang, 2013) :
1.Radical, comes from the word Radix, or thinking to the source
of problem
2.Universal, thinking the problem entirely of a particular

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IV. Benefits of Studying Philosophy

1. Criticize and accompany the use of science and
2. Philosophy talk about meaning
3. Directing the work ethic of humanity on the
principles of humanization, so the problems that
impede humanity can be eliminated

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V. Branch of Philosophy
1. Materialism; believe tha nature is a matter, and
denying spiritual fact
2. Idealism; the essence of the woorld is a spiritual
idea / intellegence
3. Realism; Spiritualism and materialism are native
4. Pragmatism; discipline in philosophy which does
not mandate something (ideas or materials only),
but is relatively dependent on the ability of human

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V. Field study of philosophy

Region of being: assess exist / not exist, the nature of the
substance, the nature of mind, as well as the link between
substance and are summarized in the metaphysics of mind
(examine the matter behind the empirical phenomena)
Knowledge Area: assess the nature of knowledge and
science as a methodology and philosophy of science
Regional of Value: review beauty (aesthetics), moral values
(ethics), the value of manners (etiquette), politeness,
The study of philosophy will be called the philosophy of
communication who studied communication science in
terms of characteristics, how the acquisition and utilization
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VI. Ethics as a Branch of Science

Ethics is derived from the Greek word ethos which
means the character of morality / custom
Ethics is the branch of philosophy that studies the
problem good / bad human actions (actions,
movements, words, attitudes, etc.)
Ethics of Communication: the branch of philosophy
that studies the praxis of communication (print
media / electronic) to indicate a fundamental
defense / radical on the value (goodness and truth)
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