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14 EYFS(Early Years Foundation Stage) Blogs

Every Teacher Should Read

oAre you are a teacher outside the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum,
oWho wants to gift an EYFS-like learning environment to students?
o If you are, it is a great way to help children practice effective ideas, ensuring better
learning experience.
oBut, at times it can be a struggle to come up with fresh ideas in the classroom.
oThis is where internet comes to the rescue.

Some of the interesting EYFS blogs every teacher should read

1 . ABC Does
ABC Doesis a website managed by Alister Bryce-Clegg.

The blog consists of effective tips and techniques you

can work with children.

Teachers can depend on the creative ideas that will

make the children fall in love with classroom and learning.

This blog is regularly updated.

2. Coombe Mills
Offers farm experience for younger children.
They are allowed to explore farm animals and farmyard way of life.

3. Creative Star Learning

Creative Star Learningis a blog that

concentrates on outdoor activities.
The blog belongs to Juliet Robinson.
You get everything you need to
know about outdoor activities with
effective tips and techniques.

4. Forest Factor

Forest Factor allows young children to

learn through forest schools.
Their experience
forest environment.




Along with forest learning, the blog is

also packed with outdoor learning

5. Imagination Tree
Imagination Treemaintained
Anna Ranson is a simple blog that
explains ideas that are handy.
It focuses on learning through play
and is a treasure of great ideas.
Teachers can make use of this blog
as it is regularly updated with tips and

6. Inside the Secret Garden

A well designed blog with good resources,

Inside the Secret Garden explores many
policy decision affecting early years
It is managed by Juilan Grenier who is a
head teacher, author and researcher.

7. Interaction Imagination

Interaction Imagination is created

by Suzzane Axelsson in Sweden.
The blog highlights the early
Swedish setting.

8.Laura Henry

The blog of Laura Henry is every

inch informative for parents and
It is regularly updated and has
plenty of ideas for teachers.
Laura Henry is an Early Years
participant in social media.

9 .Learning and Exploring Through Play

Learning and Exploring Through Play

is a creative blog packed with
practical activities,
Stories and ideas, including an
ultimate guide to making playdough.
The blog is a treasure for teachers
encouragement and inspiration.

10.Nursery Nook

Nursery Nookis a blog managed

by James, a primary male school
teacher. It is stuffed with ideas, tips
and inspiration.
Nursery Nook offers guidance for
teachers on a daily basis.
fascinating with Nursery Nook.

11.Nurture Store

Nurture Storeis a delightful and

reliable site for teachers.
The blog is maintained by Cathy
Nurture Store offers effective
practical ideas as well as

12.Pirates and Princesses

Pirates and Princesses is

fantastic blog created by Michelle,
training to be a primary teacher.

It explores the planning, ideas and

challenges that can be faced
working in the early years..

13. Red Ted Art

Red Ted Artis a blog organized

by talented Maggy Woodley.

The site is full of art activities

which can be used by teachers.

Explore and get inspired with

the blog.

Along with picture the blog is

one among the treasures in
EYFS blog.

14.Right from the Start

Right from the Startis an exquisite

blog created by Rachel McClary

Which discusses about all the

aspects of early education, play
and similar topics.

Insightful posts are available in

the blog that throws light on issues


Thank You