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Metabical case

PGEMP 49_Group 4
Alphin Paul
Bhupendra Rawat
Nirmal Paul
Sunil Anjana
Susobhan Panda

What is the decision making process for Metabical ?

Decision making process for Metabical:
Market survey: Research into the overweight problems
faced by people in US and their response to weight loss
Advantage of Metabical over other drugs: Recognizing
added advantage of FDA approval, with comparatively
lesser side effects.
Market segmentation: BMI between 25 to 30 and health
care providers.
Customer satisfaction as a priority: Easy weight loss
solutions for direct customers and addressing relapse of
Marketing strategy: By using promotions, public
relations, advertising and sales force.

Who is involved in the decision making process ?

Metabical marketing team: Headed by Barbara Printup.

Voice of customer-Overweight patients (BMI 25 to 30)
and Health care providers.
Senior Executives of CSP: They were against celebrity
spokes person ideas.
Health Insurance carriers: For inclusion of anti obesity
drugs in insurance coverage (future plan).
Sales team of CSP: For developing effective sales scripts
and presentations

How should printup think about the segmentation of

potential metabical consumers ? Who is the optimal
Printup can segment the market on various parameters Gender: Surveys showed that women were more interested
in losing weight than men.
BMI segment: BMI 25 to 30 is a well defined target group
for Metabical
Income level: Surveys showed obesity levels in various
income levels. Printup could segment the market basis
information available through surveys. Communication
strategy could be different for low income and high income
level group.
Female Psychographic segmentation: CSP conducted
psychographic survey and found various reasons as to why
people of different demographic want to lose weight.
Through this medium , market could be understood from the
benefit and attitude people have for losing weight.
Age group : People in various age brackets have different
reasons to reduce lose weight. Also separate communication
strategy might work for different age group. 20 years to 75
years age groups being primary targets as more than 50%
in each group have BMI >25.

How should CSP identify and employ different

advantages that Metabical offers to position itself in
the market place.?
CSP could use the following advantage to position
Metabical It could market Metabical as first prescription drug
approved by FDA specifically for overweight individuals
(those with a BMI of 25 to 30). It can also be positioned
as safer drug with least side effects. CSP may also
consider to market its comprehensive support program
along with the Metabical.
Together these three elements can position Metabical as
the only safe drug, specifically meant for BMI group 2530 along with comprehensive support program for 24
months. This positioning can be used for different market
segments with alternate communication strategies.

Communication strategy for target audience

CSP should clearly state in communication that Metabical is meant for BMI
group 25-30 as it is most effective for this group and hence this will help
maintain the credibility of the drug.
As CSP is already thinking of making separate communication strategy for
direct consumers and medical community, it is important that right message
is conveyed to both the target audience
CSP should stress on its comprehensive support program as it is very
important for success of Metabical and establishing its credibility in long run.
For DTC CSP should choose first concept losing weight is tough: you dont
have to do it alone. Let Metabical & your health care provider start you on the
road to healthy weight and better life. As this concept conveys very positive
communication to the core issue of weight loss it is more realistic than other
two. This concept can be supplemented by adding comprehensive support
program element, to bring more clarity.
For Medical community CSP may choose the following concept. Empower
your patients to lose excess weight, change their unhealthy eating habits and
achieve long-term success. Introducing metabical- short term drug therapy
and comprehensive support program for overweight patients. It get results.
This concept can also be supplemented by adding safety element of the
drug. That will make the concept complete, clearly indicating that drug is
safe and should be prescribed along with the comprehensive support
program to avoid relapse.

Communication strategy for target audienceContinued..

CSPs direct mail campaign was an existing and effective
communication strategy that was in usage.
The Metabical challenge: The online contest is a good way to
market Metabical.
Social and Viral Marketing: Since Printup has less knowledge
in this its better not to adopt this as it could backfire.
Public relations: Printup with her previous rich experience has
a expertise in timely public relationship events.
Mobilization of sales teams to detail health care providers
about Metabical in their territories and adding it to their
existing portfolios is a good promotion tactics as they have
an established networks for other CSP drugs.