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Safety Education

Project in Health
3rd Grading Period

Accidents/Acts of Violence Common

in Adolescents

Fighting- engaging in violence

Suicide- killing oneself intentionally
Bullying- using superior strength to
intimidate someone

Accidents/Acts of Violence Common

in Adolescents
Sexual Harassment- involves making
of unwanted sexual advances or
obscene remarks
Drowning- submersion in and
inhalation of water
Kidnapping- take
someone illegally by

Accidents/Acts of Violence Common

in Adolescents
Falling- move downward rapidly
without control
Hazing- the imposition of
often humiliating, tasks
as part of a program of
rigorous physical
training and initiation.

Accidents/Acts of Violence Common

in Adolescents
Cyberbullying- the use of electronic
communication to bully a person,
typically by sending messages of an
intimidating or threatening nature.
Slipping- slide unintentionally for a
short distance, typically losing
one's balance or footing.

Intentional Vs.


Done in purpose

Done without actual purpose

Intends harm

Causes harm accidentally

Self-inflicted and interpersonal Harmful acts that occurred

acts of violence
without any intention of
causing damage to oneself or
Bullying, fighting, rape

Drowning, fire, poisoning

When someone decides they

don't like you and walk up to
you and punch you in the

When you fall down the stairs

because something was on
them you did not see.

When you see stories about youth in the
news or read stories about them in the
newspapers, what stories come into your
When I read stories about youth, the thing
that comes into my mind is to be more
careful and aware of my surroundings
because harm is practically everywhere.

When you hear stories about teens
involved in violence/ crime in the news,
how does it make you feel?

It makes me feel disgusted in the society

Im in and on how people can make
nefarious things to youth, or basically
anyone, I mean whered all the humanity
go? It also makes me panic, like you cant
do anything or go anywhere without
thinking of the harm that may await you.


Do you ever see yourself and your friends

getting involved in any violence or crime?

Yes. First of all because some, if not all, of

us are oblivious and does not care on what
is happening in our surroundings, and also
because criminals or harm does not
exempt anyone.


What are the possible reasons why people

harm themselves and others?

People may harm themselves because of

depression, they think theyre not worth
the life theyre living. They may harm
others because of revenge, maybe they
have experienced it and wanted others to
experience it as well. Human nature,


The victims
name is Eric


He shoot
himself, and

Mentor High
Mentor, Ohio

He was constantly
bullied and once told
Why dont you go
home and shoot
yourself, no one will
miss you and so, he

Title of the News Article:

Teen Commits Suicide Due to
March 2009

What kind of intentional injury is

shown in the news?


How could the incident have been

The incident could have been prevented if the
school strictly implemented the Anti-Bullying
Campaign/Policy. Also, if every parent, not just in
their school, raises their child properly with
respect to everyone no matter how they look
like or how strong they are. Since Mohats case
wasnt the first, (yes, he was not the 1st victim)
the school should have not covered up the issue
because lives are more important than the
schools name.

What can you suggest to stop this

kind of incident or violence?
Parents should guide their children properly so
they grow with respect and we wont have to
stop violence since it shouldve never started.
But since were already in the situation, in order
to stop it, I suggest that every school takes
responsibility of taking care of whats
happening in the school vicinity. Also, they
should implement an Anti-Bullying Campaign
strictly and they should not cover up someone
because the issue is no joke to take or laugh at.
How can they reflect and know their wrong if
someones always cover everything up for

Statistical Data


Domestic Violence

Gang-related crimes

Kidnapping and Abduction

Terroristic acts

Sexual harassment and sexual


Violence to women

Child Abuse

Submitted to: Mr. Pat Yater Jr.

Submitted by: Gatus, Ann Christyn E.
Grade 9- Service