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. (RA. 8369, SECTION 6)
The family courts shall have jurisdictions
to hear and decide the following cases
1. Criminal cases where 1 or more of the
accused is below 18 years of age but
not less than nine 9 or where one or
more of the victims is a minor at the
time of the commission of the offense

. (RA. 8369, SACTION 6)
2. Petition for Guardianship, custody of
children, habeas corpus in relation to
the latter
3. Petition for adoption of children and
the revocation thereof:
4. Petition for annulment of marriage and
those relating to marital status and
property relation of husband and wife.
5. Petition for support
6. summary of judicial proceeding

( R.A 8369, SECTION 6 )
7. Petition for declaration of status of
children as abandoned, dependent or
neglected children, petition for voluntary
or involuntary commitment of children,
the suspension, the termination, or
restoration of parental authority
8. Petition for the constitution of family the
9.Cases against minors cognizable under
the dangerous act, as amended
10. Violation against R.A 7610
11. Cases of domestic violence against
women and children

(RA. 7691 )
Except in cases falling within the Exclusive
jurisdiction of the RTC and of the Sandigan Bayan.
The MeTC/MTC/MCTC shall exercise exclusive
original jurisdiction
a. violations of city or municipal ordinances
committed within their respective territorial
b. All offenses punishable with imprisonment of not
exceeding six years irrespective of the amount of
fine and regardless of other imposable accessory
or other penalties, including the civil liability
arising from such offenses.

c. Offenses under (b) above including those not

including within the exclusive original
jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan where none
of the accused are occupying positions
corresponding to salary grade of 27 and
d. Offenses involving damage to property
through criminal negligence.
e. In cases where the penalty provided by law is
a fine of nor more than P4,000 ( ADM. CIR 0994 )
F. Cases covered by the Rule on Small Claims
g. Cases covered by the Rules on Summary

H. Action involving personal property whose value does

not exceed P300,000 or does not exceed P400,000
outside Metro Manila
I. Probate proceedings, both testate and intestate, where
the gross value of the estate does not exceed P300,000
or does not exceed P400,000 in Metro Manila.
J. Action involving title or possession of real property or
any interest therein where the assessed value or
interest does not exceed P 20,000 or does not exceed
50,000 in metro manila
k. Admiralty and maritime cases where the demand or
claim does not exceed 300,000 or does not exceed
400,000 in Metro Manila
l. Inclusion or exclusion of voters ( BP 881 Sec. 138 )

m. Provisional remedies in principal

actions with in their jurisdiction.
n. All demand for money not exceeding
400,000 in Metro Manila
o. Small claims cases where the value
of the demand does not exceed


( section 20(b) BP Blg. 129 )
a. Where the penalty provided by law exceeds
6 years imprisonment irrespective of the fine.
b. Under (a) above not falling under the original
jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan
c. Where the only penalty provided by law is a
fine exceeding 4,000
d. Libel
Cases decided by the M.T.C,Metc,MCTC in their
respective territorial jurisdiction of the

Court of Appeals exercise exclusive original
a. Over the annulment of judgment of
Regional Trial Court.
b. Appeals from the judgment of Regional
trial Court in the exercise of its Original
jurisdiction, except where only question of
law are involved, which are appealable to
the SC by Petition for review on certiorari
under rule 45 of the rules of court.

C. Appeals from the RTC on

constitutional, tax and jurisdictional
question which involve question of
d. Appeal from decisions and final
appeal maybe
the court ofcourts
appeals by filing a petition for
of taken
review whether it involves question of fact, mixed question of fact
and law in the ff: cases

Rule 42
Appeals in cases decided by the RTC in the exercise of its appellate
Rule 43