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ISO 9001-2008

Given by : Kumaravel
Date: 11.07.15

ISO 9001 - 2008

ISO = International Organization for Standardization
isos = Greek = equal
9001 = unique ID number
2008 = Year it was published.
ISO 9001 is being implemented in 175 countries around the world
Over 1.2 million certificates issued worldwide
ISO has 163 member countries.
Head office at Geneva.

What is ISO 9001?

Its a quality management system

(QMS) that can be adopted by any kind
of organization.

The system is focused towards the

meeting of customer requirements and
enhancing of customer satisfaction

1. Quality
2. Management system
3. Customer requirements
4. Customer satisfaction

ISO 9001?

To comply with internationally accepted

quality standards
To meet customer requirements
To increase customer satisfaction
To keep up with the competition
To improve quality management system
To reduce process variation and rework cost
To increase personal satisfaction

ISO 9001 - 2008


Marketing Tool
Sets benchmark
Acts as a set of discipline
Basis for TQM
Serves Export/domestic Customers requirement
Helps to revisit system
Helps document practices
Helps in manpower training
Brings clarity in roles and responsibilities
Reduces frustration
Helps tide over problems arising out of
manpower training.

ISO 9001 2008 certification

First year = Certification audit

2nd year = Surveillance audit
3rd year = Surveillance audit and/or
re-certification audit
If after 3 months, nonconformities
were not corrected (via the corrective
action procedure) by the client, the
ISO 9001 certificate will be revoked
by the certification body.

ISO 9001 2008 certification

Performed by independent
Certification Body, such as SIRIM
Client gets a renewable 3-year
Phase 1 audit = Adequacy audit =
Documentation audit
Phase 2 audit = Conformance audit =
Physical audit of personnel, records
and processes

ISO 9001- 2008

a) ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
Systems Requirements
b) ISO 9000:2005 Fundamentals and
c) ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing
management systems
) Only ISO 9001 is auditable. The rest
serves as references only

ISO 9001 - 2008


Define what should
be done?

Create an ISO( QMS ) document like

Manual, procedures and processes that
affect quality.

Do what you say?

Ensure that all processes adhere to those

written procedures.

Show what you

have done?

Documented evidence that the quality

standard is being implemented effectively.

Verify system

Periodic internal and external audits to

ensure continued suitability, compliance,
and effectiveness of the QMS.