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15 Tips How to Avoid Spouse



There are many ways to avoid a possible refusal of spouse visa for
the UK, grounds might have different from the others or likely similar
too, but how can you battle to present the application that would
have a better chance of the approval than a refusal? Here are some
tips of information on which you may use to prepare on to your
1. Check which route would best apply to you i.e. Family permit
(Surinder Singh) or Spouse/Partner of a person settled in the
2. If you choose to apply for an Entry Clearance as Spouse or Partner
for a route such as 2.5 years, one must have a valid application,
make sure all the necessary documents as to evidence your genuine
relationship is genuine and subsisting, the case officer will scrutinize
as a whole if the relationship is genuine or not

3. The more evidence of documents the better, but the

consistency, accuracy and credibility of the documents are the
primary concern, that is material for your application. Avoid
presenting documents or evidence that is not relevant to your
claim to evidence a particular requirement which might bring
confusion to the officer
4. Provide a submission letter to your application as possible
and arrange your documents depending on how you would
like to see it by the case officer for example you put Annexure
of it
5. Never withhold any relevant information from your previous
and current circumstances. Recheck all the information you
have provided online on your visa application page and review
them all together prior to the submission

6. There should not be a record of the offense or conviction of the

applicant (unless the penalty or punishment of that office has
rendered and served, and a period of 5 or 10 years have passed
since the end of the sentence (depending on the weight of the
7. Do not fail to provide additional information if there is a request of
the case officer to provide additional information or to provide
medical report
Provide evidence as that of the English requirement is met
(unless you are exempt)
9. Dont try to provide or declare false information or documents
submitted, or fabricate the documents in relation to your
application for the purpose to enter and remain in the UK, it is
better to declare the information or documents are unobtainable,
lost, in nature rather than providing a fabricated one

10. The financial requirement must be met E-ECP.3.1, E.LTRP.3.1 and

therefore the applicant should not recourse to the public funds
11. There is strong documentation that the applicant will live permanently
with his/her sponsor in the UK
12. If your sponsor declared that the financial requirement is met,
through a combination of certain category such as;
Category A salaried and non salaried for a person in the UK for a
period of 6 months or more. With the combination of your Category CSource of income from non employment, e.g., Rental income, interest
from the bank, stocks or bands and etc. Or with the combination of
Category D- Cash savings in the bank
These combinations may apply depending on the situation of the
sources of your sponsor in the UK, as to meet the financial requirement,
however a clear sources and valid requisites of documents should
support the sources of the upper mentioned income or savings

13. Recheck the bank statements if they are in a valid format as required by the
guidance of the financial requirement for a family member, bank statements should
cover the period for which the income is relied upon
14. The applicant/sponsor must not submit the sources of funds/income derived from:
third party, loans or credit, income from related benefits, job seekers allowance,
incapacity allowance, child benefit, working tax credit, employment support
allowance (or equivalent), universal credit, unemployment allowance because these
are not permitted as sources to meet the financial requirement
15. Provide the original and photocopy of each of the documents as required and
check them again if the information listed is clear and readable enough to
understand in English
One may choose to appeal the application if you are being told to do so, as usually
the refusal letter comes with the appeal form (which may take some time to get the
decision) Or the same goes, by with the request for the administrative review within
the 28 days of the issuance of refusal (in case you are permitted), wherein you can
point out the viable points were the reasons of refusal is due to some error, or
overlooking of the documents by the case officer. Contact Visa Online Assistance at
info@visaonlineassistance.com or visit ww.visaonlineassistance.com for more