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Business Research Analysis

Week 12 - Assignment Guidance

Part A - Overview
The word limit of 1,250 words refer to the
body of the assignment.
You are required to present a copy of the
questionnaire and its coding plan in an
appendix to your assignment.
The words in the body of the assignment
relate to the critical justification of the
questionnaire and coding plan presented,
as well as other supporting documents.

Part A Hints!
Write in applied terms by making reference to the case scenario,
avoid writing in a theoretical style.
Credit will be given to additional referencing to research
methods texts in support of the arguments you are making.
Think about issues relating to flow, structure, coding,
question types, presentation, instructions in your
Do NOT go out and collect data with your questionnaire!

Part B- Overview
The word limit of 1,750 words refers to the body of the assignment.
Any useful graphs and tables should be in the body of this report,
not hidden away in the appendices!
The assignment requires you to show how you have selected the
relevant graphs, tables, summary statistics and hypothesis tests,
so simply submitting Excel or SPSS output with no discussion will
result in few or no marks being awarded to this part of the
Part B is a practical application to a problem, so unlike your essay
type subjects and Part A, does not require additional referencing.

Part B Statistical Analysis

You are required to justify the selection of presentation
techniques, summary statistics and hypothesis tests
in terms of data types, sample sizes, assumptions
that can or cannot be made etc.
For your hypothesis tests, present fully and if
significance is found, do provide indication as to why!
Use graphs and tables sparingly within your
presentation, sometimes you may be asked
specifically, if so, present accordingly, otherwise use
your judgement.

Part B Statistical Analysis Hints!

Look for key words such as difference
(then consider numbers of samples,
the relationship between them,
sample size etc) or association
(consider data types involved).
Present all findings, significant or

Part B Managerial
These are not a repeat of your findings but applications
of these findings in the decision making process, this
is combined within the section containing the
analysis and findings.
Apply your analysis and the case scenario to any
findings and discussion, do not pluck ideas out of
thin air or make very general observations about the
All results can play a part in this process, significant or

General Points I
This is an individual piece of work.
Students are likely to discuss the
analytical aspects of the assignment
(OK this is a positive part of the
learning process), but any written
results and recommendations should
be undertaken without discussion
and without electronically sharing of

General Points II
Do not submit any disks, CDs or memory
sticks or large appendices of un-annotated
Excel/SPSS output, any meaningful output
will be used within the body of your answer.
Marking will involve writing on your
assignments to provide feedback. Any
student who puts individual sheets of paper
in their own plastic wallet will have an
assignment returned with little or no
specific feedback!