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Meaning, Advantages &

What Is Globalisation

– An economic phenomenon?
– A social phenomenon?
– A cultural phenomenon?
• The movement towards the expansion of
economic and social ties between countries
through the spread of corporate institutions and
the capitalist philosophy that leads to the
shrinking of the world in economic terms
Advantages disadvantages of
1. Easier to communicate throughout 1. Delocalization creates unemployment
the boundaries in developed countries
2. Easier to travel 2. Non-controlled circulation of money
3. Cultural interchange (free market) – no ethics
4. International Trade 3. The businessmen and the big
5. Better and cheaper products companies are the only winners in
6. Improvement of new technologies
4. Exploitation of the workers in the
7. The cheaper products increases the developing countries – incl. children
purchase power
5. Money problems can easily be spread
8. The transport of the products is
easier and faster 6. The mix of cultures can lead to racism,
xenophobia, intolerance and loss of
9. Globalization creates a political and national identity
an economical union, which
facilitates the agreement between 7. Small companies have to go out of
the countries business because they cant compete
with the multinationals
8. As a result the gap between the poor
and the rich people increases
In which world you will live
in 15 years?
Positive opinions Negative opinions
• No more borders. We can pass freely • There will be more discriminations,
• Cheaper, faster and easier transport. because the mix of cultures will
The communication there will be faster increase and people are afraid of what
and cheaper too they don’t know
• People will know more about others – • Every country could lose own cultural
their languages, culture and habits identity, habits and traditions
• Thanks to European Parliament
guaranteed common laws and human
rights for each country
• Europe will have created their common
social system with common
guaranteed minimal wage, so that we
can mitigate a part of the injustice
created the different live standards in
every european country
GLOBALIZATION: What can we do as
citizens to make the world a better
• Buy guaranteed organic products • Making sure people get
• Try to buy fair trade products informed also in alternative
whenever possible ways and taking this
• Recycle everything possible information critical
• Use cleaner fuels • The EU have to make sure
• Help the third world as much as there are clean water supplies
possible for everybody
• Don’t hesitate to take every • The EU can try to donate not
opportunity possible to meet new only money, but also tools
people from different cultures which should be directly given
• Don’t overuse natural resources to the countries in need
• Improve education
• Reduce emission of co2
• Promote integration of