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Design and

Manufacturing Process
Ifeanyichukwu Azogu
Jerin Thomas
Kevin Niamkey

To design something Simple yet, useful.
Cost Effectiveness.

Toggle Clamp


Efficiency:-Installation of toggles is easy and fast. The clamps have a high operating
reliability. The highly efficient setup of toggles enables you to work quickly and accurately.
Due to the high clamping ability the fixtures needed for an application are significantly
reduced. This reduces work time significantly.
Adaptability:-Toggles can adapt to work pieces of varying heights. This is especially true
of the Cam-action model which is often used on rough castings and forgings. Strap clamps
and T-slot camps have adjustable screws which enables you to apply the desired clamping
force. These models have an extremely high exerting force. They also have high
adjustability which is helpful when working with materials of varying thicknesses.
Versatility:-Various types of adjustable toggles are available on the market. Of all
commercial clamps on the market, the toggle clamp has the most varieties. Aspects such
as handle design, handle placement and pressure ratings distinguish one clamp from
another. The clamps are available both in manual and automatic models. This allows for
an extensive range of clamp action. Squeeze action clamps have a release lever which
makes it easier to open the clamp. The clamps are available in various finishes which
enhances visual appeal. It also enhances corrosion resistance. Some common varieties
are zinc plated, stainless steel, chrome finish or nickel plated.

Improved Safety:-The design of toggles assures you of a high safety level when
working. The positive locking action keeps both the tool and work piece securely in
place. This helps to prevent accidents due to loose grip or slipping. Most toggles
allow you to exert a high level of force onto the work piece. The superior holding
power is a boost to overall safety while working. Fasteners or strap clamps are used
in many devices to activate the power clamps. These often require repeated
actions. It increases muscle fatigue and strains. It also subjects the equipment to
increased wear and tear. However, toggles are designed to enable a safer way of
operating the equipment. This is because of the lever mechanism which requires
just a single pull to activate all the power clamps through the same circuit of power.
Ergonomics:-Toggle clamp handles are designed to minimize strain while
working. This allows you to maximize on work efficiency. Most models have
contoured handle grips which fit better into the hands. You can manipulate the
handles according to your level of comfort. The handle can easily be modified into
a bent position which allows you to keep the wrist straight. This helps you avoid
fatigue, strain injuries and related problems as you work.

How It Works

Final design

Front and Side View

Isometric and side View

Design/Manufacture & Cost

PLA plastic

Clamp Holder needs to be bigger
Bigger holes for the screws
More materials need to be used in order to provide